Xbox One to get universal support for Windows apps this year: report


Microsoft would open its Xbox One app platform to everyone this summer, allowing them to develop universal Windows apps for the game console. The Redmond-based tech company plans to allow the influx of more. applications by the end of this year, especially in November for the general public. Details of the entire plan would be revealed at the Microsoft Build developer conference in April.

Sources told The Verge that Microsoft may also release an SDK for developers that would allow them to convert a commercial Xbox One into a developer kit. The SDK preview is expected to be released in May this year, followed by a summer launch. The SDK will also allow playing apps in the background while performing other console tasks.

It should be noted that Microsoft is currently restricting Xbox One app development to certain groups of app developers. However, after the proposed program, the platform will be open to everyone. Microsoft is also planning to allow developers to use beta apps to test in the community before putting it online.

The sources didn’t mention anything about Kinect’s app development for Xbox One, however. Microsoft recently allowed app developers to access Kinect. Some developers have reported that the performance is disappointing. How Microsoft will use Universal Apps with Kinect remains to be clarified.

The company began improving the social aspects of the game last week in preparation for the upcoming cross-platform, multiplayer game on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Players can now find and make more friends with the addition of a “Suggested Friends” section, view their activity feed, and a “people to watch” section for video creators and live streamers popular and more.

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