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If you need to work from home for an extended period of time, it is advisable to prepare your team to use a set of tools for accessible communication. If you have a stable internet connection, these Windows software will work fine. In this article, we share a set of Windows software for working from home with your team.

Free Windows software for working from home

I have classified Windows software into three main groups. The former will help you with video and audio calls; the second is for task management, while the last is for remote assistance, which can come in handy if one of your teammates or clients needs help.

  1. Group video call software
    • Zoom
    • Skype
    • WhatsApp
    • Google Duo
  2. Task management and team discussion
    • FAQ for choosing an application
    • List of popular apps
  3. Remote Support

1]Group video and audio call software

a) Zoom

Zoom a group video conferencing software that allows around 40 people to join video conferences without paying anything. If you are leading a small team for projects or planning to plan virtual lessons for kids, this can be one of the achievable tools.

Configure zoom


  • Performs well in low bandwidth if you are willing to compromise on quality.

  • Can record audio meetings for future reference.
  • Share office documents, whiteboards and more

  • Ease of scheduling meetings with a waiting room
  • Hand lifting function useful for meetings
  • It can include people via phone calls
  • The host can record the session and share with those who missed the meeting or want to review it

The inconvenients

  • As the number of people increases in a video or audio meeting, the quality can take a hit on the free plan.
  • No option to mute muted parts of a call recording
  • While this makes sense, there is no way to record Zoom meetings and calls unless the administrator has enabled this feature.

Be aware, however, that it is currently facing many privacy and security issues.

b) Skype

Microsoft’s video calling platform, Skype, supports calling, chatting, and file transfers. The service is not integrated with Microsoft products, including Microsoft Teams. If you are only looking for a simple video calling app that uses a Microsoft product, you can choose this one.


  • Blurred background to keep your privacy
  • Make international and local calls in some countries
  • Share screen during calls
  • Live call recording and captioning

The inconvenients

  • People have often complained about its connectivity

Incidentally, Skype Meet allows you to host free video conference calls; No download or registration required!

c) WhatsApp

WhatsApp video call

WhatsApp is the popular messaging app around the world, and in addition to regular video calling, it supports group video calling. While not meant for meetings, if you want to make a quick call to 2-3 people, it works best.


  • Make low bandwidth audio and video calls
  • Supports file transfer but with limited support for file types
  • High availability

The inconvenients

  • No option to create a calendar or meeting invitations
  • Only suitable for video calls on the go for quick conversations

2]Task management and team discussion

It is not easy to choose one in this section. Many applications provide these features. Microsoft Teams, Slack, Asana, Timecamp, etc. What depends here is your requirement. For example, if I compare Microsoft Team and Slack, the former is better if you are already using Microsoft 365 and need something robust for large businesses. On the contrary, Slack is better suited for those looking for minimal setup and integration with third-party apps. So instead of listing tons of apps with pros and cons, better rate these questions

  • How much will you have to pay per user?
  • Does it keep all messages forever? Do you need it after a year or two?
  • Are audio and video calls supported? Can users reach by phone?
  • Do you need integration with third-party applications? If yes how much ?
  • Is there a file storage limit?
  • Does it have task management features, multi-user support, and notifications on all devices?
  • Do you need it over the phone? Is it compatible with all devices?

Finally, make sure you sit down with the team, get their feedback and requirements, find all of the use cases, and then choose the service. That said, here is the list of some simplified task management and team chat applications:

  1. Microsoft teams
  2. Proofhub
  3. Chanty
  4. Troop Messenger
  5. Soft
  6. Asana
  7. Facebook workplace
  8. To flow
  9. To do

3]Remote assistance

These remote assistance software do not need to be presented. While TeamViewer is very popular, AnyDesk has stepped up in recent years. I have used both, and they work great for any kind of remote assistance.

a) Team viewer

Team Viewer 10

If you are looking for something substantial and for business, TeamViewer should be your choice, not only does it offer full connection security, but also allows you to add devices to your list for regular support.


  • Two-factor authentication, whitelist / blacklist
  • Remote file transfer and printing
  • Secure unattended access

The inconvenients:

  • This can be tedious for some computers, and attention to setup is important
  • There is a learning curve for novice users

b) AnyDesk

If you are looking for portable, lightweight, remote support that works quickly, AnyDesk should be your choice at all times.


  • Lightweight and easy to remember access codes
  • Portable option allows you to use it without installing it on your computer
  • Chat support

The inconvenients:

  • Lacking mainly on the security front, as two-factor authentication has not yet been implemented
  • No whitelist / blacklist support

We hope you find this list useful if you plan to work from home and your team needs to stay in constant contact with you. It is always a good idea to use good security software as well as VPN software to stay safe,

I’m sure there are a lot more tools compared to what we’ve put together in the list. Make sure to share your tool and why you are using it in the comments section.

Free Windows software for working from home

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