Windows App SDK to revolutionize the creation of applications on Windows 11


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  • If you spend your time developing all kinds of desktop apps, check out this.
  • Windows App SDK does not replace Windows SDK, .NET, Win32 with C ++.
  • This package is for Windows 11 but can be downgraded to Windows 10 v1809.
  • Windows App SDK is now available on the Stable, Preview and Experimental channels.

Windows Application SDK

Are you an app developer? Next, you’ll want to take a look at the Windows Application SDK, a collection of development tools and components that symbolizes the progress of the Windows Application Development Program.

This set of tools will provide you with unified APIs and tools designed to be used consistently by applications on Windows 11 and up to Windows 10 v1809.

If you are really passionate about software development this is what you need then you might just want to stick around for this one.

Windows App SDK is now available on all channels

Windows Application SDK is not intended to replace Windows SDK, .NET, Win32 with C ++ and others.

Rather, the plan here is for the Windows App SDK platform to complement existing tools with a common set of APIs that developers can use at any time.

If you are wondering how to get started using this new platform, then you’ve come to the right place. You see, Windows App SDK provides extensions for Visual Studio 2019 with the newer version, Visual Studio 22.

The project templates included in these templates are configured to take advantage of Windows App SDK components in newly created projects.

Thus, it is possible to access the Windows App SDK libraries via the NuGet package which is installable in the current projects.

Here is a list of some of the features developers can use in the Windows App SDK platform:

At this time, Windows App SDK is available through the Stable, Preview, and Experimental release channels. So go ahead and download the platform to your developer computer and test it out to see how well it works.

To learn more about Windows App SDK, please read the official announcement page.

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