Which mac would run bootcamp windows games best?

I had a similar situation to you, my solution was to buy a 2019 Macbook Pro 16″ with a 2.3GHz i9, 5500M 8GB, 32GB RAM and a 2TB SSD. From my research , it looks like even the base model with i7 and 5300M 4GB would be pretty decent at gaming IMO it’s the obvious choice because it’s portable, supports Bootcamp, has a big screen and speakers, a decent battery life and most importantly doesn’t have the divine butterfly keyboard.Especially now that prices are dropping a good example can be had for ~$1500 on ebay maybe less.I’d try to get one with 32GB of RAM as it is not upgradable and it seems to benefit some games quite well (ex Escape From Tarkov), the 8GB of VRAM on the 5500M is just to be on the safe side as more and more games need 4GB or more of VRAM for smooth gaming. There is a 5600M option, although even with current prices these are around $3000 which is too expensive to justify IMO. remember that whichever option you choose, the 16″ is NOT a dedicated gaming laptop, so don’t expect 4k6 0 ultra settings by any means. It seems to be mostly 1080p60, maybe 1440p60 in some games. Think of it as a macbook that can play games just fine too.

Just be sure to use MacsFanControl or TGPro to handle thermals, and for best gaming performance try using bootcamp drivers. I haven’t received and tested mine yet, but as long as you’re playing with headphones, fan noise isn’t much of an issue.

Personally, I had a Windows laptop with an i7 and a 2GB GTX 1650Ti, which was fine for gaming, and a Mac Pro bin with Xeon 6 core and two D300s, which sucked in most games because both GPU drivers don’t play nice anymore. From what I’ve seen online, the 2019 16in has more power than both and consolidates all my systems into one. Hope this was helpful!

edit: there is definitely a better desktop option, as maccheetah suggests in the post below, though obviously it’s a desktop computer and not portable like a laptop. if you don’t need a laptop form factor, this is probably a better option. also apple silicon m1 pro/max isn’t really a viable option IMO because the crossover gives very mixed results from what I’ve heard, and the general lack of expectation of optimization for AS not worth it right now for me

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