Miley Cyrus & The Social Distancers Perform “Gimme More” | Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions
Miley Cyrus and The Social Distancers perform a cover of “Gimme More” by Britney Spears, unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions. More at
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  • liban ris14
    liban ris14


  • aaacid _ic
    aaacid _ic

    The way she makes every song sound like it’s hers! She’s so talented wow

  • Tom Crossley_
    Tom Crossley_

    I like her clothes.

  • Karoline Juffinger
    Karoline Juffinger

    I‘m living for these mtv untplugged videos😭😍

  • Fabrícia Ramos
    Fabrícia Ramos

    omg I LOVED this version, i'm a huge britney fan and i can't be more satisfied with miley singing her!!!!! So good

  • Sonia Sosa
    Sonia Sosa

    I love her!!!!!

  • Randy Lobato
    Randy Lobato

    Eu poderia ouvir essa versão o dia todo!

  • Cicero Freitas
    Cicero Freitas


  • Cicero Freitas
    Cicero Freitas

    MY QUEEN 💛💛💛💛

  • Fabrícia Feitosa Barreto
    Fabrícia Feitosa Barreto

    I loved this version, for me it's so fresh and cool than the original version performed by Britney.

  • karen curtis
    karen curtis

    I like her version much better than the original sung by Britney Spears. She's putting out some great music

  • Eduardo Bambirra
    Eduardo Bambirra

    great cover

  • Terry Buchman
    Terry Buchman

    Brains, talent and beauty....❤️. Thankyou

  • soyauby

    this is the best thing that has ever happened to me :)

  • leo lucky
    leo lucky

    A voice like gun powder

  • johnn romerr
    johnn romerr

    It`s Miley B!tch!

  • leo lucky
    leo lucky

    Omg Mileyyyyyyy wow

  • Paul Mendoza
    Paul Mendoza

    learn shitney, This is how a song is reinvented

  • Babi Barby
    Babi Barby

    Maravilhosa ❤️♥️😉😸

  • chyc and me
    chyc and me

    Omg I can't stop listening 😍 I totally love this👏...One of my fave britney song👌 repeat after repeat ❤

  • josue sibrey
    josue sibrey


  • Jhonny Haynes
    Jhonny Haynes

    Very nice Miley!!! #FreeBritney

  • Elver Fernando
    Elver Fernando


  • Jonathan Albuquerque
    Jonathan Albuquerque

    Por que tão perfeita?

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M

    Her voice has developed into such a classic rock like... aged like a fine wine type of thing if you know what I mean :) her voice is tasty fruit leather lol. I swear I'm not on mushrooms.

  • facundo auci
    facundo auci

    gay rights

  • Scottilicious McFabulous
    Scottilicious McFabulous

    So everyone but her had to wear a mask... gotchya..

  • ferb brd
    ferb brd


  • Linda Reyes
    Linda Reyes

    I like this kind of concerts of her ♥️♥️♥️

  • Freddy Ralte
    Freddy Ralte


  • rapairu

    oh ym god

  • Eduardo Salcedo
    Eduardo Salcedo

    Free Britney!!

  • Joel Monsalve
    Joel Monsalve

    Gimme More Lyrics are Iconic and Miley Knows it


    Need this on spotify 😭


    Better than the original 😭🙏🏻



  • Francesca L.
    Francesca L.

    I love this version almost more than the original, Miley made it deeper and darker. Her voice is truly incredible.

  • jude valentine
    jude valentine

    Wow this is a masterpiece!!!! Miley Backyard Sessions are work of art ✨

  • Francesca L.
    Francesca L.

    Miley is amazing! 💯

  • Chanel C.
    Chanel C.

    i need all of her covers on spotify/apple music asap

  • Francine Ferraço
    Francine Ferraço

    nossa ficou muito bom ...drama drama drama love it

  • Krisztina Molnár
    Krisztina Molnár

    She is a Legend.

  • Rodrigo Batista
    Rodrigo Batista

    Oh my GOD! Wonderful.

  • by.rualia

    I love when singer enjoy their stage. And Miley always did that in every her performance

  • tuttar0bbadilim0ni

    This slaps hard 🙌🏻

  • Mr X
    Mr X

    Am I the only one who finds this awkward?

  • Josué Vizárraga Martín
    Josué Vizárraga Martín

    We love Miley because she's being to most authentic in this industry. Also she loves our queen BRITNEY! #FREEBRITNEY

  • Danita Jaundoo
    Danita Jaundoo

    Wow!!! I'm impressed 😍😍. I never liked the original one, but I'm in love with this!!

  • Sherilyn Giordano
    Sherilyn Giordano 🔥

  • Iritiana Maoate
    Iritiana Maoate

    She needs to do a Rock version of this please!

  • Hugo Damián Pastor
    Hugo Damián Pastor

    Did Miley Cyrus just out-gagaed Lady Gaga?

  • Elucina Sanalika
    Elucina Sanalika

    please add spotify

  • mnika voli
    mnika voli

    Miley, this version is FIREEEEEEE xoxo not much to say except that.

  • Etta James
    Etta James

    I was hoping this would be musically wilder. This could be strummed in a barn or a coffee shop.

  • RDL

    as someone who knows Miley Cyrus Britney Spears and Miley have always been friends for years it’s beautiful Miley covered this.

  • shannon wilson
    shannon wilson

    Yes!!! Mileyyyy omg

    • mnika voli
      mnika voli

      I hope GTA V gets an update and now this version is gonna play in Vanilla unicorn and on non-stop pop lol

  • John Steve
    John Steve

    Since day one, she is a fan of Spears.

  • Roxette Federici
    Roxette Federici

    Wish this was available on Spotify or Apple Music

  • Kelvin HPR
    Kelvin HPR

    Why is she making everything sounds better ...?

  • Marz D
    Marz D

    Holy SHITE

  • xxx x
    xxx x


  • Sang Le phước
    Sang Le phước

    Britney spears

  • Logologie Logie
    Logologie Logie

    Her voice got even cooler somehow. She'll be the one of her generation that we listen to forever.

  • Samuel Benicio
    Samuel Benicio

    Come for us rock miley! We all want it!

  • Antoine Hdr
    Antoine Hdr

    I'm so in love with that cover and with Miley's powerful and beautiful voice 😘❤️

  • Emily

    My favorite artist covering a song so perfectly by one of my other favorite artists, it's insane we get to experience this!

  • Thiago Oscar
    Thiago Oscar


  • Dandapat Sushmitha
    Dandapat Sushmitha

    In love with this song❤️❤️❤️

  • Amanda Tears
    Amanda Tears

    Gimme more BY BRITNEY SPEARS. Thanks😐.

  • Unicorns And Doggos
    Unicorns And Doggos

    Britney's version: *awakes our inner strippers* Miley's version: *awakes our inner 80s teenagers sitting on roofs with guitars*

  • Silke

    I hope GTA V gets an update and now this version is gonna play in Vanilla unicorn and on non-stop pop lol

  • JustPassNbye

    The POWER! In that voice🔥

  • Chanel Williams
    Chanel Williams

    I feel like she’s the Pokemon I didn’t pay much attention to but now it’s evolved into this awesome creature and I don’t feel worthy because I just hadn’t expected it 😂👏🏾

  • NoNcenc3 Scribbles
    NoNcenc3 Scribbles

    Those eyes mine are this 👀 size lol

  • Hien Nguyen Hieu
    Hien Nguyen Hieu

    Does anyone know where I can download, buy or stream this song? Spotify? Apple Music??

  • Maria Lima
    Maria Lima

    I'm never listening to the original version again

  • Ignacy Stefańczyk
    Ignacy Stefańczyk

    It's not even iconic, its iconiqué

  • Jakob Whale
    Jakob Whale

    It doesn't even feel like Miley is promoting *Midnight Sky* 'cause you can see *she's having the time of her live performing!*

  • Jakob Whale
    Jakob Whale

    Miley makes me believe *I'm a lesbian...* as a gay guy.

  • Mia Phasay
    Mia Phasay

    Only Miley

  • K C
    K C

    I had no idea at first this was a Brittney Spears song. Amazing. I love these re-inventions.

  • Christopher P Creation
    Christopher P Creation


  • Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones

    What is this now different persona/character #42 in the past 10 years for Miley? she's so fake. When she starts becoming irrelevant she changes her style completely

    • Mvtty

      Her "style" is everything, literally. She's covered almost every genre of music. And her next album is genreless which means it'll have something for everyone. Her look and her music changes overtime because people change overtime as well. She's always been about growth and evolving. & btw she makes music because she genuinely loves music, not necessarily for the numbers/success.



  • fioré


  • Vincent Quiroz
    Vincent Quiroz

    Dude I'm so in love with Miley C. So hot and talented ❤💥🔥

  • Alekine Nepomuceno
    Alekine Nepomuceno

    Toma meu like kerelhoum! bom de maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaais

  • Daniel Mglee
    Daniel Mglee


  • LeleRose

    This needs more views....

  • McGregory Gil
    McGregory Gil

    I love't so much beautiful Miley Cyrus 😍😍😍😍😍

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher

    I didn't realize this was a Britney song till about halfway through lol. I like this version better!

  • German Loredo
    German Loredo


  • Amayrani López
    Amayrani López

    I need it in spotify right now

  • Agência MindSet
    Agência MindSet

    Ficou perfeito assim!

  • LQ TY
    LQ TY


  • Dani Love
    Dani Love

    She has a strong voice

  • Stefan Padron
    Stefan Padron

    She’s one of the most vocally dynamic artists that there is ❤️❤️❤️

  • Daisy Salcedo
    Daisy Salcedo

    Wow so good!❤❤

  • Prezumida Sandoval
    Prezumida Sandoval

    Yassss! Miley love it!

  • Mohd Umar
    Mohd Umar

    0:00 leaving this replay for myself

eduardo 🥖
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