The Windows iCloud Passwords app is finally here


For a very long time, Apple has snubbed rival platforms and locked its users in its own walled gardens. However, times have changed and Apple has had no choice but to support its customers who are sometimes forced to use Windows or Android devices every day. It has gradually expanded the availability of its exclusive apps and features, and the latest to arrive is a more stable and reliable version of iCloud passwords that finally allows Mac and iOS users to manage their key fobs even on Windows.

It’s a whole different beast than the iCloud Passwords Chrome extension which was launched and then dropped and relaunched earlier this year. It had a very specific use case of being able to access passwords stored in the user’s iCloud account from the web browser. It relied on the iCloud app for Windows, but that was about all it could do.

iCloud for Windows version 12.5 now provides a more complete experience for managing these passwords. It comes with a separate iCloud Passwords app that you can access like any standard Windows app and launch from the Start menu. The features are pretty basic compared to dedicated password managers, but it’s still a lot better than having nothing for iCloud passwords at all.

With iCloud Passwords, you can find, view, add, delete, and update credentials in your iCloud Keychain. The iCloud update for Windows also adds a browser extension compatible with Microsoft Edge. The Chrome extension is, of course, still there.

However, password syncing between Mac and Windows won’t happen by magic and you will need to configure it in iCloud settings first. You’ll also need to have an Apple account with two-factor authentication enabled first, and at least Windows 10 version 18362.145 and macOS 11 or higher.

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