SteamOS may soon support Windows games


Rumors are circulating that Valve may soon add support for Windows games to its Linux-based SteamOS operating system, which launched a few years ago and used to create Steam Machine computers capable of running the Steam client.

Since its launch, SteamOS has failed to woo gamers, and unfortunately Linux still doesn’t support a wide variety of games available on the Steam Store, which makes it a bit restrictive. To recap, SteamOS is a public version of our Linux-based operating system and the base system is inspired by Debian 8, named Debian Jessie. The SteamOS code builds on the strong Debian kernel and optimizes the code for a living room experience and, thanks to the open Linux platform, users have full control and can install new software or content as they see fit.

This week, Redditors identified code in Steam’s GUI files indicating that Valve is currently developing a new feature called “Steam Play” which will be equipped with “compatibility tools” capable of allowing the system to play games created for it. other operating systems directly from your Steam Library. Ars Technica and the Liliputing website explained in more detail the currently outstanding issues.

– Valve has not officially confirmed that it is working on the feature, so we don’t know when it will launch… or if it ever will.
– It’s unclear whether Valve is building their own Windows Compatibility Tools or just integrating WINE, an existing open source compatibility layer that already allows you to play some Windows games on Linux (or Android). If I had to bet I would say the latter option is more likely.
– Games tend to run slower on SteamOS than on Windows.

For more information on SteamOS, visit the official Valve website by following the link below. As soon as more information is officially announced by Valve or leaked regarding SteamOS support for Windows games, we’ll keep you updated as always.

Source: Reddit : SOS : Ars Technica : Liliputer

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