Snag extremely useful Windows software on the cheap in the Best of Stardock Humble Bundle


Now is the perfect time to be a Stardock fan. The legendary software and games developer has his own Humble Bundle available now which means you can get great utilities at an incredible price. All told, if you pay the full price of at least $ 15, you get almost $ 90 from Stardock programs (we’ve noted the regular prices below) and you’re doing a good deed in the process: a share of profits from sales of the Humble Bundle are automatically donated to charity. This is what we call a win-win, especially since Stardock offers some of the highest paid Windows software on the market.

The price of the Humble Bundle can fluctuate as more and more people pay for the package, but here’s how the prices break down as of this writing:

Stardock Humble Bundle Levels

If you pay at least $ 1, you get Iconpackager (normally $ 10) and Start8 ($ 5), although the latter doesn’t matter much if you don’t have Windows 8. It inserts a Start menu into it. the most hated operating system, which is a lifeline for those who still struggle with the clunky dual interface. Iconpackager, on the other hand, customizes the icons on your Windows desktop.

Rising through the ranks, paying more than average – currently $ 13.92 – adds Start10 ($ 5), which brings a Windows 7-style Start menu to Windows 10, however you can do an approximation yourself for free. This level also has Blinds ($ 10) and SpaceMonger ($ 15). The former lets you customize the look of the taskbar, window frames, and other accents, while SpaceMonger helps free up storage space on your local drives and shared network drives.

If you upgrade to the last level and pay $ 15 or more, you also get Fences ($ 10), Groupy ($ 5), Deskscapes ($ 8) and Multiplicity ($ 20). Fences is an incredibly popular utility that groups and organizes desktop icons into separate virtual boxes. This is a great tool if the Windows desktop is your primary workspace for depositing files. Groupy is an add-on to Fences that groups applications into a single window with browser-like tabs. It’s incredible. Deskscapes allows you to add live wallpaper to your desktop, and Multiplicity is similar to Logitech feed, allowing you to control multiple PCs with a single mouse and keyboard, as well as move files and copy and paste between them.

Whichever level you choose, it means a lot of Windows tweaks for very little money. Don’t miss out.

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