Qualcomm Open-Source Vulkan Driver Aims to Run More Windows Games Through Wine/Proton


At last weekend’s FOSDEM 2022 virtual event, a status update was provided on Mesa’s Vulkan “TURNIP” open source driver which provides accelerated support for Qualcomm Adreno graphics.

TURNIP, which began as a Vulkan driver project along the same lines (and for the most part, the same developers) as the reverse-engineered “Freedreno” Gallium3D driver for Adreno graphics, is maturing well. Hyunjun Ko from Igalia covered the progress of TURNIP over the past year. Many Vulkan extensions have been implemented with this reverse engineered and open source Qualcomm Vulkan driver. In addition to the many important extensions added, there were also important fixes that finally made TURNIP a compliant Vulkan 1.1 driver for Adreno 618 class GPUs.

When paired with FEX-Emu and Box86, this Mesa Vulkan driver started last year running Windows games using DXVK/VKD3D for Direct3D mapping to Vulkan, then FEX/Box86 handling x86/x86_64 translation to Arm.

This year, TURNIP developers intend to focus on running more Windows games on the driver via Proton/Wine. Plus, endless performance optimization work in general.

The TURNIP developers are also looking forward to the Adreno 700 series GPUs with new features such as ray tracing and mesh shaders.

The slideshow and video recording of the FOSDEM 2022 NAVET presentation are available at FOSDEM.org.

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