PlayGalaxy Link Now Available to Stream Windows Games to Galaxy Note 10


Game streaming is a hot topic among gamers, but the most unlikely contender is taking a different but not-so-new path towards this goal. Samsung doesn’t have much of an interest in this nascent industry, but it does have a vested interest in making its Galaxy phones the portal to this PC-to-mobile gaming experience. That’s why it’s partnered with Parsec to deliver that game streaming experience without having to put your games in the cloud and in someone else’s hands.

To a certain extent, PlayGalaxy Link, which uses technology from Parsec, is like a mix of Valve’s Steam Link and typical cloud gaming systems pushed by NVIDIA, Google and, soon, Microsoft. Rather than having the games installed on a remote cloud, they run on the user’s own PC which can be accessed on the same Wi-Fi network or remotely via 4G or even 5G.

That’s why PlayGalaxy Link is completely free. All costs are the responsibility of the user, from the purchase of the game to the internet connection required to access it remotely. This means that the user is at the mercy of their own hardware and their own bandwidth, but at the same time the ownership is theirs as well.

Two software programs are required to establish a PlayGalaxy link connect. On the PC side is a Windows 10 app, which limits the experience to a single operating system. The other is an Android app that you will need to download from Samsung’s mobile Galaxy Store.

At the moment, the apps are only available in the United States and South Korea. Even more restrictive is the fact that the mobile app is currently only compatible with the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. PlayGalaxy Link supports both onscreen controllers and Bluetooth controllers, but Samsung recommends the new glap controller specifically for this purpose.

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