Microsoft’s Windows software bundling practices spark complaint from business coalition


Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

A coalition of 30 companies has formed to take a stand against “Big Tech” and the danger it poses to EU businesses and consumers. Specifically, although the coalition name is ditching Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, it is most directly targeting the maker of Windows 11 in its actual complaints and requests.

You can see the multitude of statements from the coalition about the situation there at his landing page, in which the companies involved in the group reiterate their dissatisfaction with Microsoft’s practices. Here is the coalition’s opening statement on this:

Microsoft is increasingly integrating 365 into its portfolio of services and software, including Windows. OneDrive is being pushed wherever users manage file storage, and Teams is a default part of Windows 11. This makes it almost impossible to compete with their SaaS services. In a larger context, you see that in recent years Microsoft, Google and Amazon have increased their market share to 66% of the total European market, with local suppliers dropping from 26% to 16%. Such behavior is at the heart of this growth of tech giants and must be stopped.

As for what the group demands, they don’t want an “access guard,” which they define as the bundling or pre-installation of Microsoft services on Windows or the associated efforts to “push” services that disrupt a field of business. otherwise equal game. He also wants “open standards and interoperability” so that migrations are easy for consumers. While there is a lack of clarity on this latest request, one can imagine that it is aligned with common complaints made to Microsoft in the past, such as Slack arguing that Teams and Office integrations have. made it harder for Slack to have a chance to attract consumers. just like Microsoft’s services.

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