Microsoft Open To Steam is part of the Windows App Store

When Microsoft announced Windows 11, one of the main changes they would introduce would be the ability to run Android apps. This is through a partnership with Amazon in which Android apps available through the Amazon Appstore would also be available through the Windows App Store.

It’s a pretty big change for Windows users, but it looks like Microsoft isn’t stopping there, or at least they don’t want to stop there. It looks like Microsoft is also interested in potentially integrating other stores into the Windows App Store, like Valve’s Steam or Epic Games Store.

Speaking to The Verge, Windows and device chief Panos Panay reportedly said: “Windows already hosts these stores in many ways, and if we can host it through the Microsoft Store, of course. Of course, that means that as others want to come to the store, they are welcome. In fact, encouraged , and that’s sort of why we’re developing some of these policies.

That wouldn’t be such a bad idea because it does indeed create a unified storefront that makes it easier for users to discover apps and games, but at the same time, we’re sure other companies might not be so eager to share their income. with Microsoft.

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