Microsoft launches Windows game diagnostics and correction software


Back when Windows 95 was king, I remember many different issues with games on the OS. It was a nightmare to run some games, let alone play them over LAN with friends, as you had to make manual adjustments so often to get everything sorted. Today, gaming on Windows has improved, and while I still experience occasional issues, these are most often a game-related issue and not a problem with the Windows OS himself.

Still, you can still run into problems when trying to play games on Windows, from games that just won’t start at all to performance issues with outdated video card drivers and DirectX. It’s often best to check the internet if other users who want to play the game are having the same problem or if the developer has released a patch that fixes the problem.

Sometimes even if you arrive empty. That’s where a new Microsoft Fix-It can help. Diagnosing and fixing problems with Windows games Fix-It automatically repairs problems with games that you may encounter on Windows. As with any other Fix-It, all you have to do is run it on your system to get started. Before you do that, you might want to know what problems it fixes. According to the official Microsoft support page, the Fix-It fixes the following issues:

  • Add-ons that slow down Internet Explorer (IE).
  • Video card driver issues such as not running the latest video driver.
  • DirectX 9.0 issues.

When you start the Fix-It, you’ll notice that you can let the program diagnose and repair automatically, or you can use it manually instead. If you select the manual option, it asks you to choose one or more of the following issues.

  • Online game does not launch or displays a blank screen
  • The game crashes or the graphics do not display correctly
  • Logitech Controller not working properly
  • System is slow or games won’t install

You can select one or more issues and then click the next button. You can download a web installer or a portable version of the Fix-It to your local computer. The latter does not require an active internet connection when you run the program on the PC.

Windows Users Experiencing Gaming Issues find the fix it on the official Microsoft support website.


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