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Game streaming has gone from something that could only be imagined as a wacky futuristic concept to something that is in fact a thing and has even gained momentum among users (although some companies do. not really good). And everyone wants a piece of the streaming game, from companies like Nvidia to even Microsoft, which also has its own game streaming service called Xbox Cloud Gaming and formerly called xCloud (we’ll always call it xCloud for the sake of simplicity. ). Since you can’t buy an Xbox Series X right now (or maybe you can), that’s probably the next best thing, but it does have some limitations. The good news is that most of these limitations are disappearing with new features and improvements being made.

The first of these improvements is that Microsoft is creating a Windows app called Xbox Game Streaming. This Windows app will not only allow you to stream your games from the cloud and deliver the xCloud experience to devices and computers running Windows 10, but it will also allow you to stream games from your own consoles if you have either a Xbox Series S or an Xbox Series X. However, this last feature is not yet functional in this new (very approximate) version of the application which The edge got hold of it.

This app is nothing new as it was first discovered last year in a much more rough state, which means Microsoft is actively working on it. Not only will it deliver the xCloud experience to Windows PCs, but it will also be compatible with ARM devices, which means that you will also be able to play your games on your always connected laptop or tablet. This app will also contain features like touch support (which will let you play without a controller) and gyro support (although this one also looks broken).

The second of these improvements is support for 1080p streaming, as noted by Windows Central. Right now, xCloud streaming is capped at 720p, which is probably good for small screens and smartphones, and is actually better in terms of bandwidth and responsiveness as it’s easier to move a 720p stream over. a network but can get quite muddy quite quickly on a larger display. 1080p streaming provides better quality for your games as long as your internet connection allows.

Other competitors such as Google Stadia already support 1080p streaming, so Microsoft is catching up in this regard. At the same time, most of Microsoft’s server infrastructure is based on the Xbox One architecture. Microsoft is set to transition to the Xbox Series X architecture later this year, so 1080p streaming could be one of the first results of those changes.

Are you an xCloud user? How do you like these changes?

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