Microsoft formalizes the Windows App Preview program


Recently we saw the photos app first and then a number of other apps give insiders the ability to access the apps pre-release features for testing purposes. In today’s blog post, Microsoft made the program official and also announced some related details.

Called the new Windows App Preview program, that would mean insiders wouldn’t need to be on the Skip Ahead ring to get access to the very latest versions of the apps.

With the new Windows App Preview program, insiders can opt for previews of the following first wave of apps:

  • Feedback Center
  • Microsoft Pictures
  • Microsoft Sticky Notes
  • Microsoft Tips
  • 3d painting
  • Windows alarms and clock
  • Windows Calculator
  • Windows Camera
  • Windows Mixed Reality Viewer
  • Windows voice recorder

To opt in to preview an app, Insiders can go to the Settings or About the App page and click the “Join Preview” button. If the limit has been reached for this app preview for the app, you will receive a notification by clicking the button and as more slots open you can join the preview. Additionally, if you need to leave a preview of the app, you can also do so by going to the Settings or About page and clicking the “Preview” button.

Insiders on Skip Ahead do not need to request access as they will already receive the latest versions of the apps.

Currently, the Windows App Preview program is only available to Windows Insiders, but that may change in the future.

Apps offering the Preview option will be rolled out in the coming days. Those interested should therefore continue to consult the Settings / About the application page.

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