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17 abr 2021
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Japanese Cheesecake with 3 Ingredients - Today I bake a Cake, airy as a Cloud, a heavenly Japanese Cheesecake. You just have to try this Cake, it is one of my absolute 😍😍😍 favorite Cakes. And not only that - EVERYONE loves this Cheesecake because it is so wonderfully airy and light that you just can't stop eating it! The Cake is flour-free and therefore gluten-free! The Recipe is so incredibly easy and delicious! So, go to the Oven and start baking!

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💖 The main ingredient: lots of love 💖
Ingredients for the Japanese cheesecake:
4 eggs (L)
250 g cream cheese
400 g condensed milk (1 small can, sweetened)
Baking: 45-50 min at 180 ° C
Good Appetite!

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    ka_ chammemka_ chammemHace un día
  • watch out for the cholesterol - I make Vegan cheese cakes that are delicious and healthily .

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  • Are there English translations for this cake? It looks yummy.

    cherelle1952cherelle1952Hace 5 días
    • bottom right hand corner, settings icon, click on auto-translate then click on english.

      Jennifer HargenseJennifer HargenseHace 4 días
  • Accetto.!

    Isa BozziniIsa BozziniHace 5 días

    Isa BozziniIsa BozziniHace 5 días
    • buona giornata anche a te!🌞

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  • Delicious and so easy. Served with fresh raspberries and a raspberry drizzle. Thank you for sharing! 😍

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  • Τι. Δεν κατάλαβε έτσι την σινταγι του κέικ θέλω ευχαριστώ περιμενω

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  • Θελωα αυτόν την σινταγι κέικ παρακαλώ να μου τη δωσεται γραυτοσ ευχαριστώ πόλο

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  • Amazing!!! will make one for my hubby. He loves cheesecake. Its very simple one. Thank you for sharing.

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  • Don’t know about them eggs, they looked funky

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  • I did the recipe today and it was light and smooth. It melts in the mouth. Very delicious and easy to make!

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  • I tried this just now. It's yummy but it's a bit too sweet for my liking. Next time I'll lessen the condensed milk. 😊😊😊

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  • what about the condensed milk, is it mixed with a mixer before adding it to the eggs and cream cheese?

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  • what about the cream cheese, is it mixed with a mixer before adding it to the eggs?

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    • Didn't look like it.

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  • Falta el último ingrediente en castellano

    Martha BrizuelaMartha BrizuelaHace 13 días
    • 💖 L’ingredient principal: molt d’amor 💖 Ingredients per al pastís de formatge japonès: 4 ous (L) 250 g de formatge crema 400 g de llet condensada (1 llauna petita, endolcida) Cocció: 45-50 min a 180 ° C Bon apetit!

      Last Minute KitchenLast Minute KitchenHace 13 días
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