Minecraft Manhunt, But Every Time You Jump You Drop Items!

12 feb 2021
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Minecraft, But Eggs Explode Like TNT...
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Minecraft Manhunt But I Can Use Creative Mode..
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  • Scratch sounds like Chandler 😂😂

  • Y you laughing at lets go champ the little girl is dieing by cancer and you laughing

    Elise FitzyElise FitzyHace 2 días
  • He makes my day

    Cristo GutierrezCristo GutierrezHace 6 días
  • Anyone else notice they dropped barrier blocks. Scratch could have put the crystal down and surrounded it in barrier blocks. Then paul could never win.

    Kyle SanvidoKyle SanvidoHace 6 días
  • and a repeating one

    It’sthecat 1It’sthecat 1Hace 8 días

    It’sthecat 1It’sthecat 1Hace 8 días
  • Thank you for actually putting the download in the description.

    Luka AnimatesLuka AnimatesHace 9 días
  • Luv da vidios

    Jennifer ThistleJennifer ThistleHace 11 días
  • Speedrun mining a complete chunk

    Kolbe SpencerKolbe SpencerHace 12 días
  • I love this video because it is so op

    John LightfritzJohn LightfritzHace 12 días

    HandyPythonHandyPythonHace 15 días
  • he is like a miniature annoying kind of Seinfeld

    Vishwajeet SinghaVishwajeet SinghaHace 15 días
  • Same

    Your mom Is fatYour mom Is fatHace 16 días
  • Dudes so OP he left a diamond block on the ground...

    KeenCraftingKeenCraftingHace 18 días
  • I got more bread than you

    Arturo TrujilloArturo TrujilloHace 21 un día
  • manhunt but i hunt my hunter

    Anna MoraisAnna MoraisHace 22 días
  • Lmao I use to watch Paul in GG Gaming like 4 years ago and it feels nostalgic seeing this video

    Jim KimmelJim KimmelHace 23 días
  • skratches horse ☹️☹️😂😂😂😂

    HDOG1235HDOG1235Hace 24 días
  • Big brain: Jump as long so you will have spawner and blaze spawn egg So you can spawn blazes

    NOOB ÍKNOOB ÍKHace 24 días
  • 14:54 who eles saw that command block he could of won if he picked it up for the win

    Hailey HansenHailey HansenHace 25 días
  • 3:30 command block in minecart lol

    Cassandra BibeauCassandra BibeauHace 25 días
    • It happens at 3:34

      Cassandra BibeauCassandra BibeauHace 25 días
  • Why is paul never the hunter🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Hannah HutsonHannah HutsonHace 26 días
  • Dream in manhunt's: kills everyone on his path. PaulGG in manhunt's: negotiates with the enemy.

    Míng chēngMíng chēngHace 26 días
  • at 11:28 there's a command block on the ground

    MangoeOnAStickMangoeOnAStickHace 27 días
  • i saw a beier block

    Carson O'HaraCarson O'HaraHace 29 días
  • Why does scratch sound genuinely distressed sometimes

    yenny_artsyenny_artsHace 29 días
  • 11:28 HOW DID YOU MISS THAT COMAND BLOCK?!!??!?!?!?!?!

    Karman ChhatwalKarman ChhatwalHace 29 días
  • Why did you not get the barier paul

    RJ BGRJ BGHace un mes
  • @ 11:28 1/2 there is a command block or 11:27 or 11:29

  • Is anyone gonna notice that he got multiple command blocks

    Riley WrightRiley WrightHace un mes
  • wait... Paul jumped and got a command block!?!? 4:36

    Gamer Boy GavinGamer Boy GavinHace un mes
  • At 4. 38 he got a command block

    Antonio PachecoAntonio PachecoHace un mes
  • The icy crocodile spectacularly stare because william psychologically thaw lest a secretive tablecloth. spiffy, shut anime

    rafa diazrafa diazHace un mes
  • paul do a uhc

    Shazia AamerShazia AamerHace un mes
  • I'll be uploading this video too.

    SanitySanityHace un mes
  • I'll be uploading this video too.

    SanitySanityHace un mes
  • you missed a camand block

    L WaltmanL WaltmanHace un mes
  • When the hunter becomes the hunted:

    RexSlayerGaming _YTRexSlayerGaming _YTHace un mes
  • I love this chanel

    Frenkli HidriFrenkli HidriHace un mes

    MrNuggetMrNuggetHace un mes
  • Before he entered nether he had spawner and blaze spawn egg so he can do his odn blaze spawner

    Daniel CakoDaniel CakoHace un mes
  • What does the fox say

    Herk RushHerk RushHace un mes
  • did any one elce see that comand block

    Ronan ChesterRonan ChesterHace un mes
  • Who else seen the command block?

    TTV—SoulZ5529YTシTTV—SoulZ5529YTシHace un mes
  • He left the command block

    Ethan ThrowerEthan ThrowerHace un mes
  • There was a command block wtf

    AddyAddyHace un mes
  • 6:41 oh that is Diamond block you don't care 😂

    Rei WibuRei WibuHace un mes
  • 3:33 NANI a command block minecart

    SevSevHace un mes
  • I see a command block on minecart

    roeljamesoronganroeljamesoronganHace un mes
  • i remember when you didnt even have 100k and now you have 630k sending so much love from Ireland

    J C Agri & moreJ C Agri & moreHace un mes
  • 5:01 is that a apex legends reference?

    LoomfooLoomfooHace un mes
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    Claire ElphickClaire ElphickHace un mes
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    bobi chungbobi chungHace un mes
  • I think Paul should be nerfed

    Mausami DhavaleMausami DhavaleHace un mes
  • The oval nickel startlingly dry because shingle consequently gaze above a impossible energy. terrific, sneaky betty

    bobi chungbobi chungHace un mes
  • Wait a minute 🤔 why is the title different then the main idea of the game

    Justin Van HoughtonJustin Van HoughtonHace un mes
  • 3:37 you coulda used that command block to get some eyes of ENDER and end portal frames and use /kill @e to kill the ENDER dragon

    Pinky Winky RBLXPinky Winky RBLXHace un mes
  • no one saw the command block minecart?

    Andrew KinzieAndrew KinzieHace un mes
  • Anyone else notice that command block that dropped after Paul murdered the horse😮

    Sxnflower StxxciSxnflower StxxciHace un mes
  • 9:00 keep inventory on and cover it with zoomed in face cam very sus

    lightstone 3GDlightstone 3GDHace un mes
  • You missed a command block you had the abilities of gid at your fingertips

    River RhodenRiver RhodenHace un mes
  • 3:33 command block

    FumbleKinFumbleKinHace un mes
  • Dude at 4 44 0n the videao i saw a comand block drop

    Bentley TitsworthBentley TitsworthHace un mes
  • *spams space aggressively* Oh yeah😏

    Lil_Hectic 69Lil_Hectic 69Hace un mes
  • The abandoned education overwhelmingly ban because gorilla unsurprisingly argue astride a ripe bathtub. fine, best health

    Briana7eb Quinn698loBriana7eb Quinn698loHace un mes
  • You got a commend block

    little Godlittle GodHace un mes
  • You're evil

    Thesilent_killerThesilent_killerHace un mes

    Time For ClashTime For ClashHace un mes
  • You got a command block at the strong hold

    Minh PhuocMinh PhuocHace un mes
  • You called scratch toxic after you killed his pets

    PS yHOPPS yHOPHace un mes
  • 00:48 He ate an apple even though he had a honey bottle...

    Ryan GilbertRyan GilbertHace un mes
  • Hi paul

    Jorge JoseJorge JoseHace un mes
  • 12:28 I see a command block beside boots.

    Nolan LeeNolan LeeHace un mes
  • Paul: "Bara Bing" Scratch: "Bara Bong" Python: *"Bara Bing Bara Bong"*

    Dream TeamDream TeamHace un mes
  • The shy hill syntactically thaw because crowd regularly earn since a smelly decade. little, super united kingdom

    Gasper EnglemannGasper EnglemannHace un mes
  • One day I clicked on his ocean 100 days video, but I remembered that he was on team edge and know he is one of my favorite Minecraft youtubers

    Ryan GallagherRyan GallagherHace un mes
  • I cried when paul killed the horse :')

    Kimmy YukiKimmy YukiHace un mes
  • What seed is this

    Mr ToastYMr ToastYHace un mes
  • I saw a barier block and command block

    Megan OkoMegan OkoHace un mes
  • Your mean that your killed his hourse

    I love Fish8590I love Fish8590Hace un mes
  • I discovered this channel not so long ago and I can’t stop laughing. Love your content

    RodrigoRodrigoHace un mes
  • He's so mean to Scratch #JusticeforScratch

    SlightlymadnxSlightlymadnxHace un mes
  • hii im trash at beating the ender dragon could u give me some tips pls

    Tom CarslakeTom CarslakeHace un mes
  • Many shaulkers were left behind

    Razvan ArdeleanRazvan ArdeleanHace un mes
  • Skratch is hilarious

    Robert RaymondRobert RaymondHace un mes
  • Do you Paul?

    Isaac PongIsaac PongHace un mes
  • Why dose scratch use lunar client

    Isaac PongIsaac PongHace un mes
  • wait there was a minecart command block you couldve used that to go to creative lol i kno technically cheating but hey 3:33 holy heck 10:15 too but its the actual command block 11:28 im honestly suprised neither of them even joked about using one

    CoolDoominatorCoolDoominatorHace un mes
  • The most peaceful manhunt yet the funniest manhunt I've ever seen😂

    ArzumazelArzumazelHace 2 meses
  • Manhunt but the hunter is the hunted ....

  • Spawn a item every time you jump? The title says drop...

    SharkacySharkacyHace 2 meses
  • Hi 👋

    BlizzBlizzHace 2 meses
  • i like you cool tuber gg

    LunoticcLunoticcHace 2 meses
  • Anybody triggered when he didn’t see that gold block and burned it

    A Bizarre GamerA Bizarre GamerHace 2 meses
  • Did anyone see the command block 4:36

    ksi pualksi pualHace 2 meses
  • Lunar client

    ivo9990 YTivo9990 YTHace 2 meses
  • Meanwhile in a parallel universe: *Minecraft player gets the advancement "Cover Me In Debris" earlier than "Stone Age"*

    ZchuylerYTZchuylerYTHace 2 meses
  • 9:07 y-you good dude

    PlayingMinecraftPlayingMinecraftHace 2 meses
  • Hi Paul ifound u a few days ago

    Alex HoldingAlex HoldingHace 2 meses
    • Ur vids r amazing

      Alex HoldingAlex HoldingHace 2 meses
  • The last time i think I saw you was on GG gaming, then you just vanished from my ESwindow home...

    TheRiftFlowTheRiftFlowHace 2 meses