6 may 2021
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👨🏻‍🔬 Carlos science here to show you which buttons to press (and not to press) at more than 300kph

🏎️Scuderia Ferrari:




  • 1:56 that oil button has a bit of a different connotation on a Ferrari... 👀

    LofesLofesHace 12 días
  • Excelente Carlos Gracias!!

    MarwanMarwanHace 16 días
  • Feels like me using my Razer Naga with 40+ keybinds.

    emu natoremu natorHace 16 días
  • por favor pa el proximo puedes poner subtilos o por lo menos hablita los sustitulos del yutube pq no me enterao de na

    Juan cabelloJuan cabelloHace 17 días
  • Jajajaja only to engineers be happy

    paula moreno gutierrezpaula moreno gutierrezHace 17 días
  • Thx for taking us to your home,madrid,carlos

    Σωτηρης Τρομπουκης gaming 2020Σωτηρης Τρομπουκης gaming 2020Hace 18 días
  • Do you think the way he explained it, he was a SMOOOOOTH OPERATOOOOOOR

    LQPrimeTimeLQPrimeTimeHace 18 días
  • It's the "Never the driver's fault. Never." for me...

    Özüm Ece ÖzcanÖzüm Ece ÖzcanHace 22 días
  • Good job in monaco carlos

    Ramroum MastouriRamroum MastouriHace 26 días
  • Te quiero😘❤️

    f1love erif1love eriHace un mes

    Mauricio CoronadoMauricio CoronadoHace un mes
  • Deed you mees me over the weenter

    [KPG][KPG]Hace un mes
  • yeah, cool, but where's the Volume Up/Down button for the stereo?

    Justin PharandJustin PharandHace un mes
  • That's a thrustmaster lolz

    Skippy 4077Skippy 4077Hace un mes
  • The voiceless pillow singly peel because maple consistently promise above a unsuitable decrease. milky, bad quiet

    Ward KlinglerWard KlinglerHace un mes
  • Ferrari wheels looks like it has a low rpm

    SlimySkirtSlimySkirtHace un mes
  • Thanks Chili for the explanation. In the McLaren steering wheel I thought C stood for Chat with Carlos and L for Lando out of the way😂

    Adhikari MAdhikari MHace un mes
  • Enjin

    Jiri MalyJiri MalyHace un mes
  • 😂 👍

    Thịnh xinh traiThịnh xinh traiHace un mes
  • Carlos the watch though

    Reotshepile MorweReotshepile MorweHace un mes
  • Alas, the Slow Button isn't a myth after all.

    Gasket GasketGasket GasketHace un mes
  • Carlos, you should do a collaboration with Lando's ESwindow channel

    JumpierBookJumpierBookHace un mes
  • That was great. Nicely explained, a lot of the in depth interesting details like brake shaping. Plus explaining why was very useful too.

    Olivia LambertOlivia LambertHace un mes
  • Who is here to learn how to use their thrustmaster sf1000 wheel 1:1?

    :/:/:/:/Hace un mes
  • The enyine 🤣😂

    Rayan HaqRayan HaqHace un mes
  • Enyine power 3:17 oh and dont forget about the enyineer 3:21

    TristyTristyHace un mes
  • Carlos is a born entertainer.

    Old JimOld JimHace un mes
  • For me as an ameteur i've always wonder where the DRS button?

    Stanley AlfaStanley AlfaHace un mes
  • Why they dont use Google voice assitant or Alexa? it should be easier lol

  • Read the description.... Made my day

    I'm JaredI'm JaredHace un mes
  • Más teclas que un piano

    Garriknows_fpvGarriknows_fpvHace un mes
  • Nice video, Good luck this season

    Radim PauerRadim PauerHace un mes
  • Carlos, te amamos, pero mandalo en español !

    Adriana OrioloAdriana OrioloHace un mes
  • no drink button? *kimi flashbacks*

    CriticallolCriticallolHace un mes
  • where is DRS and ERS buttons?

    Евгений АлександровичЕвгений АлександровичHace un mes
  • I love his accent

    Gábor Majnik (Gaben)Gábor Majnik (Gaben)Hace un mes
  • Okay Carlos. Slow button on.

    mukund mishramukund mishraHace un mes
  • out of topic but what watch is he wearing?

    Bruno BedeschiBruno BedeschiHace un mes
  • This video was very smoooooooooooth

    lolo darkikouloldu 48lolo darkikouloldu 48Hace un mes
  • Hellooo Carlos Sainz, can you explain what is Mission Winnow? lol

    TeKilaTeKilaHace un mes
  • his watch is more expensive that the steering wheel

    Mr MuskMr MuskHace un mes
  • Where is the s🅱️in button?

    Ahmed TauseefAhmed TauseefHace un mes
  • I feel like an F1 steering wheel would be the ultimate fidget toy. I would spend hours flipping switches and turning knobs.

    billygowhoopbillygowhoopHace un mes
  • They haven't told Carlos that FIA won't let them use the oil button anymore! 🤣😂😅

    hdtwinhdtwinHace un mes
  • “you go full beans”

    Rolo NievesRolo NievesHace un mes
  • We have a smooth going button in this steering - Smooth operator

    UNIA LTDUNIA LTDHace un mes
  • Como chofer de Ferrari son un buen hablador Don Sancho

    diego laubediego laubeHace un mes
  • Habla en español coño

    mate uriartemate uriarteHace un mes
  • Si puedes agregale subtitulos

    Agustin StoccoAgustin StoccoHace un mes
  • Carlos wheel Buttons ↩️⤵️↘️🔃↪️⤵️↖️➡️↕️↪️⤵️↩️🔃↪️⤵️↪️🔃↘️ Hamilton : 🔉getting there lewis 🔊GeTtInG THeRe LeWiS

    WALKOUT BossWALKOUT BossHace un mes
  • Every time I see a Ferrari steering wheel I look for Slow button and Drink button.

    Chong Jiun KitChong Jiun KitHace un mes
  • Do you miss Lando? Just a question

    Nathaniel KosbabNathaniel KosbabHace un mes
  • wheres the spaghetti button?

    Cecilio NavarroCecilio NavarroHace un mes
  • Ferrari couldn’t put a new screen into the wheel for you tho? Damn the budget is struggling this year with the new budget caps hahaha. Much love Carlos

    blueydsniperblueydsniperHace un mes
  • This is a great video. Love informative videos like these

    MikulitsiMikulitsiHace un mes
  • To be a spanish, he speak english very well...but imho they should have let him speak in his native language, and put the subtitles in English. It would have made the video much smoother, more interesting and entertaining. In any case it is a nice video.

    Davide PadoanDavide PadoanHace un mes

    DexbuildDexbuildHace un mes
  • Where is the seat-ejection button?

    CatatoxicRunCatatoxicRunHace un mes
  • Yep. I enjoyed it. Thanks pal

    Carl SaganCarl SaganHace un mes
  • Puedes hacer uno en español porfavor 🙏🙏

    Ana FrutosAna FrutosHace un mes
  • Like si pensaste q hablaría en español!

    Mario Vera DíazMario Vera DíazHace un mes
  • Where’s Kimmi’s water button?

    Faz AyoFaz AyoHace un mes
  • Nice watch

    Montero MediaMontero MediaHace un mes
  • carnal habla en español

    Sebas RuizSebas RuizHace un mes
  • "Full beans" Carlos must have picked up that saying at McLaren lol

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  • An alle deutschen die es haben wollen es ist...Carlos Sainz

    lukasbierlukasbierHace un mes

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  • I appreciate how carlos pronounces engine 👍👍👍

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  • Is it just me or is it weird to see Carlos in ferrari clothes. I wish him the best of luck.😂

    Gabriel KasterGabriel KasterHace un mes
  • " eneryee"

    Leroy DavaraLeroy DavaraHace un mes
  • EL boton de ganar, diles que te pongan el boton de ganar !!

    Sagital OficialSagital OficialHace un mes
  • noticed he didnt do the drink button... guess its 'still' broken :P

    Icecream IncIcecream IncHace un mes
  • “enjin”

    KulynekKulynekHace un mes
  • that's a RM on his hand🔥

    Archis Anupam MohapatraArchis Anupam MohapatraHace un mes
  • Where was the DRS button?

    chris kekchris kekHace un mes
  • Is that just me or does that build quality look low as. Is it an old old wheel?

    Kido MarkKido MarkHace un mes
  • You are too quick guy, aren't you?

    Aniket RaoAniket RaoHace un mes
  • Bro en español

    tomi 131313 protomi 131313 proHace un mes
  • PC button filters out all words that aren’t politically correct when communicating with team, as per Formula 1/FIA woke standards.

    Christian DuqueChristian DuqueHace un mes
  • Enery and Enyin 🥺

    Ege C.Ege C.Hace un mes
  • soy lago

    Story HunterStory HunterHace un mes
  • Kimi:**** give me back mah steering wheel

    Mars WongMars WongHace un mes
  • How can you open the DRS ?

    Ádám FajthÁdám FajthHace un mes
  • And here’s the button that makes it go right if you turn left and goes left if you turn right. Advanced technology.

    Fra AFra AHace un mes
  • Did anyone notice that he said enyin instead of engine

    UltraNinja07UltraNinja07Hace un mes
  • I love when he says: eñine

    DurantBurnerDurantBurnerHace un mes
  • Ah yes the oil button, used it a little too much in 2019

    ChimpChimpHace un mes
  • I thought it was the new Thrustmaster wheel 🤣🤣

    Jose JulioJose JulioHace un mes
  • so vettel was in SLO mode all the time?

    dave_pilotdave_pilotHace un mes
  • Literally no one Sainz: *Bowx* , *enyin*

    Mc NuggetsMc NuggetsHace un mes
  • smooth operator carlos *science*

    Sally WangSally WangHace un mes
  • I can't beleive how accurate the replica by Thrustmaster is compared to this actual Ferrari F1 wheel.

    Amrut A DeshmukhAmrut A DeshmukhHace un mes
  • Compared when Alonso showed to us back when he was on the Ferrari F10 it changed a bit

    Albert 97Albert 97Hace un mes
  • Ma Carols.... poi dovete anche guidare o c'é un altro che lo fa 😨😨?

    FlowersFlowersHace un mes
  • Does it have Ferrari mode

    CIC MANCIC MANHace un mes
  • I bet Mercedes and RedBull are watching

    CIC MANCIC MANHace un mes
  • Tq mucho ads❤️

    Luis Gonzalez PerezLuis Gonzalez PerezHace un mes
  • Hola Carlos,yo soy un maquina en los kartings y estoy a punto de hacer el récord de todo el circuito,pero lo q me pasa es q como hace mucho tiempo q no voy y tengo miedo a bajar de mi tiempo casual me podrías ayudar con alguna frase motivadora o alguna experiencia,gracias

    Luis Gonzalez PerezLuis Gonzalez PerezHace un mes
  • Just realised Carlos cannot pronounce "g"

    NippyMotoNippyMotoHace un mes
  • Hey Carlos, no se trabaja en F1 para configurar los coches con comandos de voz? Sería más facil para el piloto no? Tantos controles en una espacio tan pequeño es una locura. Bastante difícil es ya mantener el coche en pista y a máxima velocidad.

    Pablo SánchezPablo SánchezHace un mes