Can You Beat Minecraft Hardcore In An Ice Spikes Only World?

20 ene 2021
821 685 Vistas

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I Broke A Giant Hole In Bedrock On Minecraft Hardcore!
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  • "Planted seeds require a light level of 9 or greater to continue growing. If the light level is 7 or below, the crops un-plant themselves ("pop off")" by Minecraft Wiki

    Bunkership Sverige 2018Bunkership Sverige 2018Hace 3 horas
  • HEY! stop hating on my skelly bois✋🏽😔

    Jai WilliamsJai WilliamsHace 5 horas
  • i like how in every video he finds a minshaft even tho there is a 1 in 59 chance to find one or for 1 too generate

    Itz_EzItz_EzHace 8 horas
  • This just shows that paul can do anything

    Teagan LausengTeagan LausengHace 9 horas
  • Only regular ice terns into ice that is blue ice

  • There tree in

    Anotado JohnAnotado JohnHace 4 días
  • Make series

    black stripesblack stripesHace 4 días
  • Paul: **says boys after every sentence** Me A teenage girl: **F boy face 🥶** iykyk

    Summer VlogsSummer VlogsHace 5 días
  • is fishing not an opportunity?

    Maja KnakkergaardMaja KnakkergaardHace 5 días
  • It's the og original gamer paul

    Terry BerryTerry BerryHace 7 días
  • you can farm in an ice spike biome you just had a low light level

    Liz PoulosLiz PoulosHace 7 días
  • do jungle biome!

    Kids DeMottKids DeMottHace 7 días
  • BastiGHG did this 1.5 years ago!

    Luis HundhammerLuis HundhammerHace 8 días
  • Plants need to see the sun

    FiwayFiwayHace 8 días
  • for seeds to grow they need to be in the light

    dragon killa 101dragon killa 101Hace 9 días
  • imagine miscrafting with wood lol

    dragon killa 101dragon killa 101Hace 9 días
  • Are

    Navarro LopezjonesNavarro LopezjonesHace 9 días
  • I may be late and get no replies but the basic logic is that the plants can’t grow because there is no light source from the sun as you/ he’s underground :)

    Yasmin ChikopaYasmin ChikopaHace 10 días
  • you need a light scource to plant plants like torches, apparently furnace don't work

    The First SaltyThe First SaltyHace 13 días
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    Miguel AlbarranMiguel AlbarranHace 15 días
  • Bro my ice spikes has a full netherite beacon and diamond and the rest and I spawned infront of a tree!

  • Yeet Something

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  • Eat something

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    mario yumario yuHace 16 días
  • do you watch dragon ball?

    Sunesh KrishnaSunesh KrishnaHace 16 días
  • Paul: "Because there is no passive mobs in the ice spikes biome." Fish: "Am I a joke to you?"

    KismoKismoHace 17 días
  • Anyone know the song at 9:57

    EG MusicEG MusicHace 17 días
  • You can go to nether for wood

    Muhammad KashifMuhammad KashifHace 17 días
  • him: eats rotten flesh me: WhY u HaVe ThE pOrKcHoP

    Moni O.Moni O.Hace 17 días
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    Ebony HamiltonEbony HamiltonHace 18 días
  • you need light for farming

    מאיה נגרמאיה נגרHace 19 días
  • how do you do one biome only seed?

    Fidget TradingFidget TradingHace 20 días
  • Do another hardcore thingi in like normal world

    Bob SteinsBob SteinsHace 20 días
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    Ca CaCa CaHace 21 un día

    MielannMielannHace 22 días
  • They are called strays

    Brandi HarrisBrandi HarrisHace 23 días
  • For farming underground use torch

    Hamid MehmoodHamid MehmoodHace 24 días
  • Great video man

    Play Time MeyersPlay Time MeyersHace 25 días
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    Ca CaCa CaHace 26 días
  • paul im exited to see you hit 1m I joined you at 90k!!!

    ManuelManuelHace 26 días
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    jon lowejon loweHace 26 días
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    Joey AstorinoJoey AstorinoHace 27 días
  • Its packed ice that drops water

    Fox YFox YHace 27 días
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    darek klichdarek klichHace 27 días
  • Your lack of knowledge about light levels is painful. Your farming here, the mushrooms on the 200 days...

    It'sLucyAgainIt'sLucyAgainHace 27 días
  • POV: youre here after nifty smith

    PrintEshaan BadkasPrintEshaan BadkasHace 27 días
  • Ya has to be seen by sky

    Jay SlimJay SlimHace 28 días
  • This is just Minecraft: Canada Simulator

    Frostee FyreFrostee FyreHace 28 días
    • It isn’t even that cold in Canada lol don’t call me out I live there

      BirbBirbHace 3 días
  • Why did that creeper scare me?

    IllegalPizzaIllegalPizzaHace 28 días
  • Alternative Title: Minecraft but its 2021 Texas

    sub to 6969 and Mr beast for free measub to 6969 and Mr beast for free meaHace 28 días
  • Cause your boy Connor needs the gold Me: Bruh ur not Connor stop

    Cherry MaCherry MaHace 28 días
  • Crafting tables don´t burn Paul.

    Layla HammackLayla HammackHace 28 días
  • uhhh...... NiftySmith?

    getrektgetrektHace 28 días
  • when he said "good bye dragoon" i thought for a sec he said good bye macaroons

    Tameeka Brielle ConsunjiTameeka Brielle ConsunjiHace 29 días
  • bruh i played for hours to get blocks and he gets it by accsiden

    Niki TsaggariNiki TsaggariHace 29 días
  • wwwwouwwww

    kubra aticikubra aticiHace 29 días

    PaperFoxcraft 27PaperFoxcraft 27Hace 29 días
  • can you beat minecraft without playing minecraft 🤔

    notARJAVnotARJAVHace 29 días
  • You need light to grow stuff. If you placed a tourch it would have worked.

    Artrix 57Artrix 57Hace un mes
  • In the nether

    WaveAfterWave TVWaveAfterWave TVHace un mes
  • Bro try doing a video then try surviving 100 day hardcore

    WaveAfterWave TVWaveAfterWave TVHace un mes
  • iTS a sEt sEEd

    Sergeant Pikachu ,Sergeant Pikachu ,Hace un mes
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    Dennis ScottDennis ScottHace un mes
  • Dude, your light level was too low to plant that wheat!

    KeenCraftingKeenCraftingHace un mes
  • Me in bedrock edition only Me:I want to have like a java Java:nope

    Dekuuchilld gamingDekuuchilld gamingHace un mes
  • Paul playing hardcore minecraft ice spikes also Paul Why is minecraft so hard

    Ibe NuytsIbe NuytsHace un mes
  • Just use the fences for fuel if you are really beeg brain

    Antopro 805Antopro 805Hace un mes
  • He couldent plant the wheat cause there wasent enough light

    Fatboy69 Fatboy69Fatboy69 Fatboy69Hace un mes
  • 9:04 Passive mobs CAN spawn. Bats.

    RubixNoob OPRubixNoob OPHace un mes
  • its a spici video if its "chilli" lol

    Alvin RasmusAlvin RasmusHace un mes
  • I liked and I was 22k!

    xRainbow KittenxRainbow KittenHace un mes
  • Its not bc you’re in a cave its cuz theres no sunlight and u missed beetroot seeds

    XzavierroxxaneXzavierroxxaneHace un mes
  • Minecraft pro players: plants don't grow up without light... Not PaulGG: maybe minecraft doesn't like me 😢 7:05

    KamoninKamoninHace un mes
  • 11:00 'Hold on I gotta keep my melons peotected' YoU hAvE aN iRoN cHeStPlAtE-

    •Dragønize••Dragønize•Hace un mes
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    Mccann AntonetteMccann AntonetteHace un mes

    oOo_Error_Ash_oOooOo_Error_Ash_oOoHace un mes
  • At this point he’s gonna do a lava only workd

    Storm playzStorm playzHace un mes
    • Sorry typo

      Storm playzStorm playzHace un mes
  • You need to have light to plant put a torch down near the dirt block and it might work

    penguinpenguinHace un mes
  • He should have used the lava in the mine shaft to get to the nether to get warped wood

    Asteroid salt3232Asteroid salt3232Hace un mes
  • like subscribe and comment

    Leo GeddesLeo GeddesHace un mes
  • Paul is a legend

    E1dieE1dieHace un mes
  • hope he knows that he needs sunlight to grow seeds

    patrick the kingpatrick the kingHace un mes
  • Nose moves

  • I’d love to see a 100 days in hardcore version of this

    DreadlyKnightDreadlyKnightHace un mes
  • @not paulGG go play sky block one block🙂

    faze walterfaze walterHace un mes
  • You've done without a crafting bench. Do it without a pickaxe!

    Harriet TornincasaHarriet TornincasaHace un mes
  • this is spicy but just take away the sp

    Lavmania YtLavmania YtHace un mes
  • oMg PaUlGg ExPoSeD hE uSeD sEeD

    MikaeloMikaeloHace un mes
  • easy

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    Paulina ElinorePaulina ElinoreHace un mes
  • In the cave it need sunlight

    Mariah ChavezMariah ChavezHace un mes
  • video:whats up? it's paulGG username:not paul GG

    Doki YuriDoki YuriHace un mes
  • You cant plant seeds without sun

    Fire WaterFire WaterHace un mes
  • i like nifty smith

    vireakyuth pichvireakyuth pichHace un mes
  • Everybody in the comments probably: “why did you kill the zombie villager?”

    Marc C. StriniMarc C. StriniHace un mes
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    김다희김다희Hace un mes
  • Alternate title: Cave only hardcore challenge.

    Hoodini _Hoodini _Hace un mes
  • check out ecosia, they plant trees.

    ShinigamiShinigamiHace un mes
  • *paul going out of his way to get a lava bucket before going to the neather* The neather: 90% lava

    Moses PadweMoses PadweHace un mes
  • Paul should’ve used the snowballs in the blaze

    Swalker10Swalker10Hace un mes