Crazy TURBO CARS That WILL Blow Your MIND! *PART 2*

19 mar 2021
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Today on the 21outlaws channel, the biggest turbos and twin turbo setups you've ever seen ! from 2000hp Big Turbo Corvette, to BMW E30 with anti-lag, 1250hp 2JZ Toyota Supra, loud exhaust TwinTurbo lamborghini huracan,2jz swapped mazda RX7, Quad 4 Turbo Mazda RX2, crazy launch control Evo, 2-Step & Antilag, crazy turbo bov ( turbo flutter and BOV )
A sleeper vs a supercar, world record 5 toyota supra , turbo V8 Torana, E21 spinning all 4 wheels and other cars drifting, Nissan r34 pushing 1000hp, Turbo civic going over 300km/h with no traction and much more !!
We provide the best turbo sounds, flutter etc...
From UAE, USA, Japan to Europe..
We got you covered
Hope you guys enjoy this little compilation and hopefully see you soon! :)
The CRAZIEST TURBOS you'll EVER see! [2-Step & Anti-Lag]
Crazy TURBO CARS That WILL Blow Your MIND! *EPIC!*
1000hp Supra vs. Twin Turbo Huracan vs. Supercharged Huracan
2000hp Twin Turbo Corvette
Big Single Turbo Supra
2JZ Swapped RX7
1000hp 2JZ Toyota Supra burnout!
1275hp Toyota Supra 2-Step & burnout
800hp Honda Civic
1004hp BMW E21 vs. Lamborghini Aventador
1000HP Twin Turbo V8 Torana
800hp BMW E30 M50 Turbo - Anti Lag Flamethrower
Mazda RX2 4 rotor 4 turbos
1000HP Nissan Skyline R34 GTR
2JZ Toyota Supra 5.97 seconds - 387KM/H (240MPH)
1000hp Mitsubishi Evo 9
Africans spinning a BMW
Fiat 126 Maluch with a Turbo V8
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    • R34 or supra

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    • 7

      carlos jose Lucianocarlos jose LucianoHace 12 días
    • R34

      adrien hughesadrien hughesHace 12 días
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  • 8.00 mins this car needs a valve adjustment its backfiring.

    Ragabuf RagsomeRagabuf RagsomeHace un día
  • Dumbass Honda Civic at 1:55. His gauges are in KPH not MPH and most of that gauge bump is from over rev tire spin. Look at the outside compared to the speed he is "supposedly" going. Lol. Dumb.

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  • 日本では ここまで気合が入った車を持ってる人はさすがに誰もいない

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  • Last video: Just donate $1 per month to keep these guys drifting in a bmw dont worry about the rest of the town whilst they have no water or food.

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  • I’m sorry, but the pressure from four turbos would blow up your engine. Or shorten its lifespan by a factor of ten at the very least.

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  • Everyone best go sign the RPM ACT or we're gonna lose this beautiful art.

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    • @Lord Chungus rpm act stops you from buying aftermarket parts and stop you from tuning your street cars. best research and tell as many people as you can

      Peter WPeter WHace 6 días
    • Porsche is making synthetic fuel and there taking carbon out of there air to make gasoline then the carbon goes back into the air so your not adding anymore then what is there so of Porsche does that on a global scale we should be good

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