8 MONTH UPDATE: No Filter, No CO2, No Ferts, No Water Changes - 5 Gallon Nano Dirted Tank

7 feb 2020
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This is a step-by-step, how-to guide for creating your very own planted dirt tank. This tank build was intended to be a very low budget planted aquarium build. We used a desk lamp, topsoil substrate and no mechanical filtration. Leave any questions in the comments below. Enjoy!

Music by Audionautix.com

The products and plants used in this build can be found in the amazon links below. (DISCLAIMER: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

The plants I used were:
Dwarf Hairgrass amzn.to/2Wc9zyx
Cabomba Caroliniana amzn.to/2pdxXnj
Ludwigia SP. Mini Super Red amzn.to/2EFC7sQ
Hygrophila Pinnatifida amzn.to/2EFKTXy
Pogostemon Erectus amzn.to/2Wtkgzr
Java Moss amzn.to/2WwF09t
Stargrass (Heteranthera zosterifolia) amzn.to/2MiYEC1
Moneywort (Lysimachia nummularia) amzn.to/2WonILN
Hygrophila Corymbosa Compact amzn.to/2okY4IM
Cryptocoryne wendtii 'brown' amzn.to/2WdoThF

Top soil amzn.to/2MvN2Mb
Fishing Line amzn.to/2YWB5jS
Humidity Box amzn.to/2MggFAT

What I feed my Fish
Tetra Tropical Flakes: amzn.to/2IZSmU3
Frozen Bloodworms: amzn.to/3058s4B
Brine Shrimp Eggs: amzn.to/2xictX0

What I feed My Betta
New Life spectrum: amzn.to/2Xeinrs
Ocean Nutrition: amzn.to/2RKZGWz
Fluval Bug Bites: amzn.to/2IXoOX4

My Equipment
Rimless Tanks: amzn.to/2RTWGY1
Rimless Aquarium Self-Leveling Mat: amzn.to/2XnitNK
Background Glass Frosting: amzn.to/2XiBkt6
Drop-In Heater: amzn.to/2xmFTmO
Inline Heater: amzn.to/2Xd7Ix8
Eheim Canister Filter: amzn.to/2IXrqEm
Nano Canister Filter: amzn.to/2LpBXKl
Nano HOB Filter: amzn.to/2IZwE2A
API Test Kit: amzn.to/2FIPubY
GH \u0026 KH Test Kit: amzn.to/2RNth1t
TDS Meter: amzn.to/2XiyJPL
Glass Outflow and Inflow: amzn.to/2XixDU5
Twinstar Led E-Series Light: amzn.to/2XiyLHj
Chihiros LED: amzn.to/2FHZEtM
Azoo Mini LED: amzn.to/2XaZjFL
Desk Lamp: amzn.to/302vCsh
Screw-In LED Bulb: amzn.to/2ZWOJnt
Digital Thermometer: amzn.to/2NlhZCY
CO2 Tank: amzn.to/2Xg5jNk
CO2 Regulator: amzn.to/2Xcp7RY
6-Way Regulator Splitter: amzn.to/2Xg5JbC
CO2 Tubing: amzn.to/2Xa9PNj
Inline CO2 Diffuser: amzn.to/2XkGzsb
In-tank CO2 Diffuser: amzn.to/2xjBhxL
Stainless Plant Tweezers Scissors: amzn.to/2JexBmp

ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia: amzn.to/2ZZNNyQ
Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum: amzn.to/2Nny5fz

Maintenance Supplies:
Glass Magnet Scraper: amzn.to/2XoqwKd
Stainless Steel Algae Scraper: amzn.to/2ZXCRBI
Sponge Scraper: amzn.to/305d0YJ
Pipe Spring Cleaning Brush: amzn.to/2xnzdF6
Gravel Vacuum: amzn.to/2IZoPtz
Tap Water Conditioner: amzn.to/2IXriES

Scaping Materials
Seiryu Stone: amzn.to/302yaGR
Dragon Stone: amzn.to/2J0aeOC
Spider Wood: amzn.to/2ZVyZkL
Manzanita Wood: amzn.to/2ZXafsd
White Sand: amzn.to/2Jhl4yu
Black Sand: amzn.to/2RL53EQ

  • Amazing work

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  • What soil is that? Earth soil? Aqua soil? River soil?

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  • Which fish should I use . Plz reply anyone

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  • I just dont get this. My plants just melt. I use ferts no co2.

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    • @Earlz SoledadGaming Awesome thats great i like low tech tanks alot as well

      World Aquarium SingaporeWorld Aquarium SingaporeHace 2 días
    • I have a tank that has no filter and yet all the fish keeps breeding. The only problem in my tank is algae

      Earlz SoledadGamingEarlz SoledadGamingHace 2 días
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  • 0:35 what is this soil

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  • Would you be able to list the plants you grow I the water please They are amazing and I'm new to fish keeping

    Andrew HodgesAndrew HodgesHace 29 días
    • Plants are listed in the description

      PendleraPendleraHace 14 días
  • क्या क्या डाला कोण कोण से प्लांट लगाए ये तो बता देते

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  • I still suggesy doing 20 percent water changes every two weeks.

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  • Hello ! I'm Vietnamese, I really like your tank. What substrate do you use to grow plants?

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  • What is that thing submerged in the water with a red dot

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    • Water heater Hope it helps you

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  • how do you keep the water so clear whithout the filter

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  • No water change? I setup a similar tank. But I’m thinking about changing the water.

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  • What type of lighting should you place this tank in to maximize success?

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  • We are going to buy the five gallon tank and I'm thinking of doing our aquarium just like this. No filter, no water change for our betta fish. What is the best sand to choose to plant the aquatic plants? Do we need to put soil under the sand? How do you keep mosquitoes from living in your no water change aquarium?

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  • The submerged wabikusa ball made with that dark nitrogen dense muck would kill any fish. So much nitrogen--it's like the equivalent of 100s of fish in the tank.

    Rosse FamilyRosse FamilyHace 4 meses
  • Without changing. How the water keep that clean?

    T auriT auriHace 4 meses
    • Well there isnt much in the tank that could cloud the water and about 90% of it is just plants. If youre topping what evaporates it keeps its balance

      Mark WilfertMark WilfertHace 3 meses
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  • Anyone have any videos or something to direct a beginner? I just want a fish so bad but never owned one! Betta to be specific & I’m having an hard time finding fresh water plants!

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  • What were the plants floating at the top that were red? I clicked every link in the plant list and none of them looked like a floater, just ground plants.

    Kelsey KrauseKelsey KrauseHace 4 meses
    • They are commonly known as red root floaters :)

      Malithi WijayathilakaMalithi WijayathilakaHace 4 meses
  • May I ask if you just used a normal loam soil?

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    • Water heater

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  • How do you get new minerals for the plants and fishes without adding new water? With supplements? Thanks in advance! PS : I just read your description and saw it comes from the substrates :) It's all good ! :D

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  • You should use ganmarus instead of guppys

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  • How was the water evaporation handled? Osmosis water? Tap water?

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  • For people wondering were the poop goes its actually goes into the plants it's a very great natural fertilizer and the plants also filter your water so if your a lil broke and can't get a filter get plants the pretty and helpful

    Yh _TytusYh _TytusHace 6 meses
    • Thanks for the info.. I'm recreating my landscape and thinking to put plant in it

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  • What kind of light?

    Carrie Jaske (CascadesRentalServicesInc)Carrie Jaske (CascadesRentalServicesInc)Hace 6 meses
  • I follow it fondly and you help me improve. thank you. I do not know English, I write from translation. I wish you continued success.

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    • Im just guessing, but probably the snail and shrimps. Or maybe an off camera clean with those magnetic sponge thingies.

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  • Great video. I did similar in a 90cm tank with lobster, fishes, etc all natural feed only garden veg. Animals happy plants happy. Only used water pumped to a growbed and flow back just to break water surface.

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    • @Jaekization yeah man I think you are right, it might be the snails

      AryanAryanHace 8 meses
    • If you watch a lil after that time stamp it looks like two snails, one on top of the other

      JaekizationJaekizationHace 8 meses
  • What is the 1st thing?

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  • What are the floating plants. And where did you get the real curved scissors ?

    D. B.D. B.Hace 9 meses
    • @• gumbo • It is Red Root Floater.

      D. B.D. B.Hace 9 meses
    • @• gumbo • That is not duckweed.

      D. B.D. B.Hace 9 meses
    • D. B. duckweed, and those look like bonsai scissors

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    Manoj KeshriManoj KeshriHace 9 meses
  • Why is your plants in red colour since there is no CO2 or ferts. I tried to plant rotala in my tank with no CO2. The colour did not come out like yours and it grew very slow.

    Terence TiongTerence TiongHace 9 meses
    • same

      Lester AlipioLester AlipioHace 5 meses
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