Lemon Pepper Freestyle

4 mar 2021
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Lemon Pepper Freestyle · Drake · Rick Ross
Scary Hours 2
℗ 2021 OVO
Released on: 2021-03-05
Producer: Boi-1da
Producer: AP
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Noel Cadastre
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Noah Shebib
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Chris Athens
Composer Lyricist: Aubrey Graham
Composer Lyricist: William Roberts
Composer Lyricist: Matthew Samuels
Composer Lyricist: Robin Hannibal
Composer Lyricist: Cecilie Maja
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  • Hits pretty hard

    Jon FatinoJon FatinoHace 15 días
  • Negative thoughts don’t even enter my inner matrix !

    claude josephclaude josephHace 24 días
  • Drake always come out and show out !

    claude josephclaude josephHace 24 días
  • Do a song with DDG🔥🔥

    LilJetVlogsLilJetVlogsHace 28 días
  • beat

    alexpaynealexpayneHace 28 días
  • that judge bar was insane

    ValkyrValkyrHace un mes
  • 8.1M veiws 100 comments W H A T

    Shawn SadaghatiShawn SadaghatiHace un mes
  • Ovo sound in the studio

    justin ewinjustin ewinHace un mes
  • Dog wtf is drake even talking about

    Jordan WorshamJordan WorshamHace un mes
    • Money talk

      Muzoxolo KhumaloMuzoxolo KhumaloHace un mes
  • 🔥🔥🤯 I listening to this song every day before work

  • Pray over money wont help they still coming....

    justin ewinjustin ewinHace un mes
  • “The ones who purchase their vehicles cuz of the trunk size “ 😳

    Aldo BeatzAldo BeatzHace un mes
  • best thing to come out of scary hours

    buttonbuttonHace un mes
  • Drake...freestyling????pfft

    worsbroodjieworsbroodjieHace un mes
  • this beat is so sick. Absolute fire from Drake once again. He keeps getting better

    Derek AndersonDerek AndersonHace un mes
  • 6ix GOD!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Kamvelihle KhotshobeKamvelihle KhotshobeHace un mes

    Yanique watsonYanique watsonHace un mes
  • U niggaz albums is like a mthafukkin fire drill, its like the shit feels real but its never real🔥🔥🐐

    Yusuf IsaqYusuf IsaqHace un mes
  • The sample used in this: Pressure by Quadron, timecode: 1:41

    ED WardzED WardzHace un mes
  • eswindow.info/block/_HL1W-lkyTQ2jCUOLmxChA.html

    Jude ErasmusJude ErasmusHace un mes
  • "We all grateful for weezy , but no one more than me ". No 🧢

    Ankur ToppoAnkur ToppoHace un mes
  • It's 2021 and drake still talking about Lia 🤣

    Geo LeoGeo LeoHace un mes
  • Lou Will approve of this.

    Geo LeoGeo LeoHace un mes
  • I was listening to this and it felt like the bars would never end

    unityyy ENTunityyy ENTHace un mes
  • Whoever disliked it, I hope ur charger works in a specific angle . .

    Santana CitySantana CityHace un mes
    • my charger wprks in a specific angle bur i liked

      OrioOrioHace un mes
  • Great video!!

    MotiFuzionMotiFuzionHace un mes
  • "Practicing social distancing with all these snitch n*****s" 🚨🚨🚨🔥🔥🔥 I had to start the whole joint over.

    Ousley EarlyOusley EarlyHace un mes
  • You need to have Lemon and Pepper Wings to understand this track...

    Hash EhhHash EhhHace un mes
  • Great video!!

    CloudBreakerCloudBreakerHace un mes
  • Great video!!

    CloudBreakerCloudBreakerHace un mes
  • Great video!!

    CloudBreakerCloudBreakerHace un mes
  • Dope

    BujaboyBujaboyHace un mes
  • 1.8M views 103 comments What?!! 😐😐😐

    BujaboyBujaboyHace un mes
  • Drake never misses damnnnnnn

    PsychTaZePsychTaZeHace un mes
  • Makes feel like I’m back in 2011

    Yolanda GomezYolanda GomezHace un mes
    • He’s on that take care shit

      Tilton DoigTilton DoigHace un mes
  • lmao

    Manny PowerManny PowerHace un mes
  • next level stuff

    SLAAQSLAAQHace un mes
  • Yup.

    Xo XoxoXo XoxoHace un mes
  • Hi

    Ara’s WifeAra’s WifeHace un mes
  • "Make a set sail in Croatia to get a leverage" Aye, he shouted out my country, let's go😂💪

    Leonardo PrekratićLeonardo PrekratićHace un mes
  • Dope!

    Pito WilPito WilHace un mes
  • The vocals on the beat sounds similar to Jordans Christmas Freestyle.

    Liam LiamLiam LiamHace un mes
  • Yo

    Vs BangVs BangHace un mes
  • 🤠

    PiotrPiotrHace un mes
  • Hardest out of the three, drake didn’t hold back on this one💯‼️

    Travis FlowersTravis FlowersHace un mes
  • Drake said: let’s see who is up a decade from now

  • I remember dem Tuscan leather and 9 am in Dallas

  • Fuck you drake! Drake is back with the realest flows

  • We all grateful for weezy but no 1 more than me💯

    Keemy DiStingaKeemy DiStingaHace un mes
  • Big Sean got him but he killed Ross

    G OuTaKaRaCtrG OuTaKaRaCtrHace un mes
  • We all grateful for wezzy but no one more than me

    G OuTaKaRaCtrG OuTaKaRaCtrHace un mes
  • Comments are low are you all bots

    G OuTaKaRaCtrG OuTaKaRaCtrHace un mes
  • This goes crazy🔥🔥

    Anthony FratAnthony FratHace un mes
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Sarah ReyesSarah ReyesHace un mes
  • Used to say I had it before I got it, now I got it all 💫

    Pretty LuxuryPretty LuxuryHace un mes
  • Big dogs go off🤧🔥

    mystykalimystykaliHace un mes
  • it’s aight

    GamefreakGamefreakHace un mes
  • only 68 comments? probably has some words that are bann ed

    ElFernandoElFernandoHace un mes
  • “Patty Mahomes boutta fall short a couple hunnid.” -Drake 2021

    Connor McDonaldConnor McDonaldHace un mes
    • Don’t get it

      J MillionsJ MillionsHace un mes
  • You don’t know ehhh

    Luis GuiradoLuis GuiradoHace un mes
  • 🧃

    LaaLaLaaLaHace un mes
  • Only 63 comments?

    D e r e a l l W a t s o nD e r e a l l W a t s o nHace un mes
  • Drake is that nigga and he knows it.. he never fails to bring his A game

    Treyvon TwymanTreyvon TwymanHace un mes
  • How does this only have half million views in 10hrs on drakes page?

    Brian Weston IIBrian Weston IIHace un mes
    • 1.6m and trending now lol

      LoLo SmithLoLo SmithHace un mes
  • “Facts”

    Brian Weston IIBrian Weston IIHace un mes
  • Drake was as expected Ross didn’t do it justice

    Brian Weston IIBrian Weston IIHace un mes
  • He said Florida keys. Stand up Monroe county

    Brian Weston IIBrian Weston IIHace un mes
  • drake never miss Luv from india

    • K sK sHace 22 días
    • @ARK-X91 Bjj FC

      Peter HojdegerPeter HojdegerHace un mes
    • Shush

      ItsofficialItsofficialHace un mes
    • @ARK-X91 bro stop with the hate, we all here for some quality music. its all peace and love.

      Spacehead Beats and StoriesSpacehead Beats and StoriesHace un mes
    • Big boys never miss, you know that.

      sahil pssahil psHace un mes
  • Where the comments?

    lemonlime _3jlemonlime _3jHace un mes
  • And my diamonds 💎 all hitting like tie dye 🔥🔥🔥

    Bizzy GamerBizzy GamerHace un mes
  • On fire cus im just a different writer 🔥🔥🔥

    Bizzy GamerBizzy GamerHace un mes
  • Drake out here flexing about parent teacher meetings

    Devin WilkersonDevin WilkersonHace un mes
    • Love him

      meydy200781meydy200781Hace 11 días
    • As he should 😂❤

      Jasmine brownJasmine brownHace un mes
    • And his sons like 3😂 Love Drake❤️

      Fanjul ElyseèFanjul ElyseèHace un mes
  • the 808s remind me of the west cost ones of g easy

    G LANCIAG LANCIAHace un mes
  • On another Planet

    G LANCIAG LANCIAHace un mes
  • I sent her the child support, she sent me the ❤️ emoji

    Rob TownsellRob TownsellHace un mes
  • Te amo te amo te amo

    Bruna Mariana Altamirano SaavedraBruna Mariana Altamirano SaavedraHace un mes
  • Big boy in the neighborhood. Like if you agree

    sahil pssahil psHace un mes
  • beat so clean i slipped 🧼

    Turner DavisTurner DavisHace un mes
  • Certified Baller Boy*

    Logan BlackwaterLogan BlackwaterHace un mes
  • This right here👏🏽🏆

    Tiffany WhiteTiffany WhiteHace un mes
  • Drake went in 🔥🔥🔥

    QuietstormRBQuietstormRBHace un mes
  • Ross and Drake is what I needed!!!!

  • Drake & Ross can’t miss, every song they’ve dropped has been fire

    BIG STAKBIG STAKHace un mes
  • Drake's part sounds like that of Do Not Disturb

    |MusicLyrics||MusicLyrics|Hace un mes
  • CLB needs to sound like this

    bentleybentleyHace un mes

    Ayy BarkerAyy BarkerHace un mes
  • Drake n Ross never miss!

    Melo3256Melo3256Hace un mes
  • Damn this man goes off on this one

    A AA AHace un mes
  • Rick Ross sounds like wealth tbh...💲🥺🔥 Facts!🙏🏾

    Tali TaliweTali TaliweHace un mes
  • Cool don’t care didn’t ask + ratio

    J RJ RHace un mes
    • .

      shroomfathershroomfatherHace un mes
    • Please I’m serious

      J RJ RHace un mes
    • This is a cry for help

      J RJ RHace un mes
    • I have no in real life friends

      J RJ RHace un mes
    • Please like my comment guys

      J RJ RHace un mes
  • Drake and Rick Ross duo never miss.

    Lisa MokaleLisa MokaleHace un mes
    • Facts

      Travis FlowersTravis FlowersHace un mes
    • Every single song on the soundcloud, Ross sound like luxury

      Siri siriSiri siriHace un mes
  • This is amazing bro

    Morena PakaneMorena PakaneHace un mes
  • “They all say they love me but they hardly know me” - Drake 𓅓 🔥🔥

    HP- OPx3HP- OPx3Hace un mes
    • This is deep

      Jade M.Jade M.Hace un mes
  • good human music

    TrueDream SoulTrueDream SoulHace un mes
  • Heart just turned purple

    ashuflips bitchesashuflips bitchesHace un mes
  • this harddd

    shaniashaniaHace un mes
  • who tryna make out😩

    ninjaxayvion _ninjaxayvion _Hace un mes
  • This makes me wanna play nba2k16 again

    J-swaeJ-swaeHace un mes
  • *OVOMMG* *Maybach's Very Own*

    CPACPAHace un mes
  • What the hell Drake?!!

    Sibusiso Enock CebekhuluSibusiso Enock CebekhuluHace un mes