1952 Ferrari barnfind + vintage race cars

9 may 2021
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Besides a glorious 1952 Ferrari 166MM Vignale barnfind the same barn (1940s hangar) also contains a cluster of vintage race and road cars dating from 1920 to the 1960s. Jonny knew this one would be well worth wearing his BFF for (Barn Find Fleece), and access to this very private place was granted by a chap who owned the yellow Ferrari 250 Restomod tribute that Jonny filmed last summer. It's a fairly long film, but do watch until the end for the whole story on this stunning 1952 Vignale, that has been a barnfind before back in the 1960s!

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The barn contents in order of appearance:
Berkeley SE492 1959 x 2
Bristol 403 1953
Bristol 406 1960
Morgan +4 DHC 1959
Morgan +4 2 seater 1957
Morgan MX2 Super Sport 1933
Frontenac-Ford 1926
Riley Clifford Special Autovia V8 1934/7
Lancia Flaminia Pininfarina Coupe 1963
Ferrari 166 Mille Miglia Vignale Berlinetta Body 1952 to convert to Ferrari 225S 1952
TVR Tuscan V8 289 LWB conversion from Vixen S4 1972

The Barnfind playlist episodes are proudly supported by Adrian Flux insurance, who Jonny has used to insure his own classic, modern and modified vehicles with for many years. Adrian Flux have their own ESwindow channel:

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Huge thanks to Will Tomkins for sharing his time and vehicles with The Late Brake Show. Will co-owns Project Heaven restoration workshop ( www.project-heaven.com/ ) and Turrino wire wheels ( turrinowirewheels.com/ )


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Filmed and edited by: Michael 'Dougie' Douglass - eswindow.info
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant - www.matttarantdesign.com

Jonny Smith
Creative content maker, car presenter \u0026 car pervert for hire since '98
Website: www.carpervert.com
Instagram: instagram.com/jonnycarpervert
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0:00 Intro
0:08 Supported by Adrian Flux insurance
0:30 Ferrari 250 Restomod
1:03 Opening the barn
1:35 His Dad's old aircraft hangar
2:12 1959 Berkeley SE492
4:38 Bristol 402
7:23 Bristol 406
8:36 Lamborghini Miura for £9000!
10:30 1959 Morgan +4
11:47 Another Morgan 4/4 racer
12:38 1940 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Corsa
15:23 Race car corner
15:37 Frontenac Ford VSCC race car
16:38 Fastest Model T in the world?
16:54 Morgan 3 wheeler - 1933 Matchless SS
17:14 1934 Riley Clifford Special V8 racer
18:12 1963 Lancia Flamminia Coupe V6
19:08 Lancia beat Ferrari in racing
20:05 1952 FERRARI
20:55 Body by Vignale
22:32 Pushing the Ferrari outside
24:14 History of this Ferrari
25:27 ex Rockstar owner
26:49 Ferrari interior
28:39 Right hand drive = competition car
31:07 Ferrari was a barnfind before this!
33:40 Body removed to be replaced by Barchetta
34:49 Aero engine and TVR Vixen V8 restomod
36:15 Outro
36:45 Proudly supported by Adrian Flux insurance.

  • I've been watching ESwindow pretty avidly for nearly 15 years; I watch mostly, science, engineering and motoring videos. This was honestly one of the most enjoyable videos I've ever seen. The chemistry between you two, the shared passion and enthusiasm was magic. Thank you SO much for allowing us to view your epic collection.

    harpersneilharpersneilHace 21 un día
    • Shed full of dust and good intentions.

      What theWhat theHace 15 días
    • Many thanks for watching. I'm really pleased you enjoyed the story.

      The Late Brake ShowThe Late Brake ShowHace 21 un día
  • What a hoarder, and none of the projects are finished :/

    A S KA S KHace 3 horas
  • What a shame that Ghia and Vignale became nothing more than a Ford trim level

    Tom HowardTom HowardHace 8 días
    • Tell me about it.

      The Late Brake ShowThe Late Brake ShowHace 8 días
  • Great video really enjoyed watching.

    Sean ConnorSean ConnorHace 10 días
  • Almost a shame it’s in his hands... but hey- he’s eccentric. 😳

    Bill Wood IllustrationBill Wood IllustrationHace 15 días
  • Nice episode! Very nice image capture!

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  • I can see a series coming - Will's Barns.............. what a fabulous episode.

    BryanBryanHace 21 un día

  • Hmm, as usual, very watchable. That said, as somebody else has mentioned, all I see is endless non-runners which will likely remain that way. Didn’t get the impression that the stock in that barn is ticking over and going on elsewhere. Probably wrong as other cars were mentioned, just seems a little strange. Doesn’t detract from the content in any way mind you, just that personally at least, seeing that Ferrari covered in bird poo isn’t actually all that nice.

    Mark's CarsMark's CarsHace 22 días
  • 612 Scaglietti design makes more sense to me now.

    Eddienervous1Eddienervous1Hace 24 días
  • I really value the forsight in saving some of these cars when they had almost had no value. But car collectors collect cars, car hoarders collect projects. Hoarders dont have a bond with their cars, they have a bond with owning them - thats why they are never for sale! Doesnt mean they are bad people and i do respect Jonny for being so compassionate on all these treasure hunts, but I just get annoyed.

    Florian Hansch (Flozman)Florian Hansch (Flozman)Hace 24 días
  • The least interesting car in that barn must have been the charger. What a great barn..

    William RobinsonWilliam RobinsonHace 25 días
  • We loved this video, the owner seems such a lovely guy. Great work ✌🏼

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  • Vignale barnfind....these works of art should not be handled,let alone owned by cleptocrats

    Robert PiverRobert PiverHace 28 días
  • Does anyone know where I can get a shirt like Jonny's

    Elmo EllisElmo EllisHace 28 días
  • Brings back memories , my dad restored Berkeleys many happy days going to motor shows inches of the ground. He managed to convert a damaged one to mini power, completely bonkers. We took one to the Brighton classic car show and due to the long wait to get out the exhibition centre on the second floor. We wheeled the three wheeler into the goods lift and lifted the back up to fit it in and beat the queue. Those SE492's were pretty rare back when I were a lad what a find.

    JR The god delusionJR The god delusionHace 28 días
  • Very very interesting love the history and seeing beautiful cars in pure pre restored form is refreshing compared to restored to as factory new destroying their life. More please.....

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  • That was great Johnny. Would be great to see some of those running agencies they get that far. Love the lancia and the ferrari. Great unrehearsed chat. Cheers.

    Robert HigginsRobert HigginsHace un mes
  • Not selling I take it?

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  • Would it have been so difficult to put a cover over the Ferrari so the birds defecting on it could have been eliminated. As a proper Italian would say vergognoso.

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  • I love how the TVR is covered but not the Ferrari.

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  • I've seen some really good stuff lately online but this video really really takes some beating. Will's shed is unbelievable. I can always tell when I'm watching something special because I keep checking how long I have left and I'm left devastated when its comes to an end...top draw stuff as usual JS

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  • Wie kann man einen so schönen und wertvollen Ferrari so von Vögeln zuscheißen lassen ...?

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  • I know the deal , money to buy and hoard rare sports car basket cases , but not enough money to even properly restore one ! lol

  • I'd love to see how these machines progress through their restorations.

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  • Unreal that collection! Amazing! Superb content Jonny,the quality of these videos you make is top notch and the gems you're unearthing with their history stories are fascinating. 👍🏻

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  • Top show

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  • Amazing... can't wait for car shows to start again as I will now look at the older cars in a very different way... Thank you

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  • Love the show Jonny and is the go to place for all things automobile.I would like to mention one thing though.Similar to how many people mispronounce Camaro, Lancia is pronounced Lanch-a like 'lunch' not lan-see-ya

    Lisa MaleciLisa MaleciHace un mes
  • Tragic they are in that condition, hope that changes someday

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  • What a great collection I’ am born and raised inthe United States and have been a British car enthusiast and owner most of my life it’s hard to imagine for me to see all these great European cars and parts just stashed away in a old barn ,hangar , building ,etc especially that in the 1970s and 80s my Dad and I did a complete restoration on a couple of 1950s MGs and had a heck of a time chasing down parts as that was years before the Internet and Moss Motors was available for me seeing Morgan’s is like a dream come true especially ones from that era being complete and unmolested in the United States many of those would have been retrofitted with other parts and not stored correctly

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  • Brilliant.

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  • Great episode Jonny. 1952 truly was a special year. I have some similarities to that Vignale. My 68 year old rear end also has crap on it from time to time. 😲

    Laz ArusLaz ArusHace un mes
  • Awesome

    Ken LeachKen LeachHace un mes
  • The 166 Ferrari is a two Liter Engine and it is Not 280 horse Power and of you supercharge These Engine you lose hundred thousand dollars and all the historic substance. That guy is More a destroyer than a .restorer. The seats are so fat upholstered they are Not from 1953.! ! !

    Andreas SchmidtAndreas SchmidtHace un mes
  • Brilliant Jonny, simply brilliant. Thank you.

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  • How sad all those beautiful cars just sitting there collecting dust .I hope they get put back together and passed on to people who will use them.

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  • No attempt to close up all the openings in roof and walls, meaning the elements are reducing the value of his investment. Not the way Jay Leno would do it. If the Ferrari is restored correctly, it will probably be worth more than the entire estate upon which it rests. Prices have gone out of sight on the early Ferraris in the past ten years or so. Wish I had bought a GTO in 1962. They were $6,800 and now are at 8-figure valuations when brought up to concourse condition. Interesting documentary. Thank you, gentlemen.

    Robert E. AndrewsRobert E. AndrewsHace un mes
  • 4:41 That bristols a 403 eswindow.info/call/lKGrpm2buml024U/v-deo.html

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  • The Frontenac 16 valve head is a Louis Chevrolet design: www.viathema.com/chevrolet/

    VIA THEMA - Classic Car BrokerVIA THEMA - Classic Car BrokerHace un mes
  • Great ytube Channel 👍 👍

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  • Never thought I'd see a 1950s Ferrari sitting in a barn starting to rust and gathering dirt, dust and bird poop. Typical case of somebody who doesn't deserve what he's got. An utter shame, really.

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  • What about the dodge in the middle?

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  • That's a coincidence. I went into my garage the other day and found the self same thing, a 52 Ferrari vignale.

    manofweed1manofweed1Hace un mes
  • I never understand why people dont buy a simple car cover and cover the valuable car beats me

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    • Valuable now. Then just an old, if nice car.

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  • Can’t find the link. BUT. Late 50’s Alum Simca Double Bubble Le Mans Barn car. Contact me or leave message. Australia.

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  • The body of the Ferrari 166MM is real deal (as I understand left over of last restoration #0036M/Cognolato) , the chassis, engine and gearbox are donnors. Nice project but not real deal unfortunately

    Flintstone dutchFlintstone dutchHace un mes
  • I'd like to have my barn finds here, but my neighbor is just a absolute witch about me storing anything here or working on them even in my own driveway, even under car covers it appears according to the city, she's an absolutely Karen, and that's here real name!

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  • :( a whole hanger full of cars that need love, what petrol head could just let these sit?

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  • Google Bonners Bad Berkeley if you want to see a tiny sports car that's gone 300+mph

    Matt SmithMatt SmithHace un mes
    • @The Late Brake Show 310ish as far as I know. Its a crazy bonneville class where you're allowed to do what you want in front of the bulkhead but stock behind it as far as I'm aware. Loads of little sports cars with crazy aero front ends doing big mph

      Matt SmithMatt SmithHace un mes
    • 300!?

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  • That Ferrari is amazing. So unique in every way. Brilliant.

    Form TrendsForm TrendsHace un mes
  • Wow.

    stuart liddlestuart liddleHace un mes
  • I think this is the personal Ferrari of José Froilan Gonzalez, Scuderia Ferrari’s driver

    Francesco CamardaFrancesco CamardaHace un mes
    • @Francesco Camarda Very interesting. Thanks

      Turrino WheelsTurrino WheelsHace un mes
    • @Turrino Wheels Yeah a wonderful history, back in that days one Ferrari like that could do (and win) different types of races. Ruoteclassiche says that the Vignale body is housed in the living room of the Japanese collector who owns the original car but I don’t now certainly where it is now

      Francesco CamardaFrancesco CamardaHace un mes
    • @Francesco Camarda What a strange coincidence that 0038 should have a similar fate to 0036. I see Gonzales raced it with the new Vignale coupe body in Cuban GP. I wonder what happened to that body after it was removed again. What history 0038 had before that too. Targa Florio & Mille Miglia twice each and also Le Mans and driven variously by Ascari, Chinetti, Serafini, Cornacchia and Bracco. As you know the Bracco later won the Mille Miglia in the unique 250S, progenitor of the whole 250 series. I was going to build a 250S spec car using my body but then got some remains and identity of one of the two missing 225S so that sealed it.

      Turrino WheelsTurrino WheelsHace un mes
    • ​@Turrino Wheels Thank you for the answer and I realized that I was referring to chassis #0038. I'm sorry because I did a mistake but #0036M and #0038 have such a similar story. They are born with a "barchetta" Touring bodywork and then both re-bodied by Vignale as berlinettas. Now I've checked on Ruoteclassiche n°111, Italia's leader classic cars magazine, and I realized that they're two different cars. I've made a mistake because this article tells how 0038 is returned to the original "barchetta" Touring body and when a saw this stunning Vignale bodywork without chassis I've immediatly thought to that car. F. (P.S. this Vignale coachwork designed by Giovanni Michelotti is simply stunning)

      Francesco CamardaFrancesco CamardaHace un mes
    • Not according to Marcel Massini and others. The body is from 0036M. What chassis number was the Gonzalez car you refer to? Will

      Turrino WheelsTurrino WheelsHace un mes
  • These cars are like poetry on wheels . Hand made from a set of blueprints piece by piece not some software but a living breathing human being

    Daniel KiruriDaniel KiruriHace un mes
  • Really great video - just a gentle, informative and interesting watch! Is it a touch naff to say “what a nice pair of Bristols” - channelling the carry on

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  • Interesting, a filthy rich collector letting a $3 million 1952 Ferrari oxidize in a damp warehouse, yet he has all the parts and seems to know everything about it. He loves that it was made by a few craftsman in just a fabulous way, but he stores it like it's trash. Ah well, be happy!

    John SmithJohn SmithHace un mes
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    Elfed OwenElfed OwenHace un mes
  • I wonder how many times that guy was thought a fool? Buying obscure & orphaned marques? It's like he hit the lottery in slow motion. Awesome video and thank you for keeping those automobiles in existence.

    jon barkerjon barkerHace un mes
  • Looks more like an expensive scrapyard to me. This man is a dreamer. Historically cars, piled up and, to be doomed in a shed. What a waste! Sell most of them, to people who have the money to restore them. And keep 1 or 2 for yourself, and do something with it !

    madelief47madelief47Hace un mes
  • just love the accent from the presenter ,listening to that voice is so therapautic,to be honest im not a car person i lust love to listen to that voice ,happy to be a subscriber

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    • @The Late Brake Show Redress an M5 V8 to look period correct? 😀

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    • Bristols are getting era correct BMW alloy V8s or a Daimler 2.5 V8 Hemi.

      The Late Brake ShowThe Late Brake ShowHace un mes
  • The interesting chat about rh/d cars for racing clockwise race tracks reminds me of why most serious drag race door cars have the driver on the left. It because at the hit of the accelerator the torque of the engine what's to lift and twist the left side of the car,so sit the driver that side and the added weight is a bonus. It's also an interesting subject of when a body and chassis have been separated and then years later, 1 Ferrari turns into2 Ferrari's I guess the money and history follows the chassis and number stamp.

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  • Is it just me but, Listening to Wil talk I get a Murray walker vibe in his voice and tone, very nice.

    bryanbryanHace un mes
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  • May J Geils rest in peace, he use to live not that really far from me, I wish I had some money, I would love to have his Ferrari , it's sad to see his car in this shape.

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  • Great video, my brother worked for Bristol for a number of years recently in Bristol until they moved premises. Rebuilding a number of cars and also making the Bristol fighter with the viper engine, his job at one time was to run a fighter in after a engine rebuild.

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