Minecraft But Every Time You Jump, You Burn!

20 feb 2021
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Minecraft Manhunt, BUT I Can Use Creative Mode!
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Minecraft Hardcore, But I Have Knockback 1,000!
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  • Ladders Paul

    YourfriendkyraYourfriendkyraHace 2 horas
  • just use ladders

    Aarush MistryAarush MistryHace 13 días
    • Getting off ladders count a a jump

      The Sans Behind the slaughterThe Sans Behind the slaughterHace un día
  • Imagine he had auto jump on

    kingcrab 4kingcrab 4Hace 22 días
  • the title didnt even mention it was hardcore give yourself more credit-

    Jillian ShafferJillian ShafferHace 27 días
  • WhAt iS iN ThE TeMPle?

    Hadas MilrodHadas MilrodHace 28 días
  • you got to love that beginning though!

    Annabelle VitekaAnnabelle VitekaHace 29 días
  • Love how he purposely not filmed how he got the fire res potions...not cheating at all i believe

    Andrei ZXAndrei ZXHace un mes
  • Do the same challange but with auto jump

    TorbalankoTorbalankoHace un mes
  • Paul: if I die I’m permanently dead. Me: I think that’s called Hardcore Minecraft

    XTC ZXTC ZHace un mes
  • Burn It Up bow wow wow Song: BTS FIRE

    Tasnim HasanTasnim HasanHace un mes
  • You should do this challenge but with auto jump on 😂😂😂

    Landon MillerLandon MillerHace un mes
  • ladders would've been great for climbing the Bastian.

    Lunar WitchLunar WitchHace un mes
  • r/irongolemrights

    PhillyAre u/jihyoisgodPhillyAre u/jihyoisgodHace un mes
    • You be like : Oh my god i have a reddit account and am so cool im going to make up a subreddit that funny hahahhahahahah !!!!!!!111

      The Sans Behind the slaughterThe Sans Behind the slaughterHace un día
  • I am 8 minutes in and he couldve used fire res

    Rob gaming studio ytRob gaming studio ytHace un mes
    • If he wouldt have used them gold on a gap

      Rob gaming studio ytRob gaming studio ytHace un mes
  • Wait cant you unbind the jump key?

    Miniature MikelMiniature MikelHace un mes
  • Paul: "need to get trees asap" My Brain: "need to get trees aSAP" (like sap on trees for people who don't get it)

    heidi boltzeheidi boltzeHace un mes
  • Imagine auto jump with this challenge

    Rose SchultheisRose SchultheisHace un mes
  • Best intro evah

    PNH audioPNH audioHace un mes
  • Why did you didn't brew potions of fire resistance

    Βυρων ΒακηςΒυρων ΒακηςHace un mes
  • I love this mans content! everytime i look in the descririton to see another enterainting video

    Brotastics 101Brotastics 101Hace un mes
  • Just make stairs

    HappyHappyHace un mes
  • There is smthing called ladders.

    Joe ZiegelbauerJoe ZiegelbauerHace un mes

    StoppedCake playzStoppedCake playzHace un mes
    • No , he uses cuts in the video this took about an hour

      The Sans Behind the slaughterThe Sans Behind the slaughterHace un día
  • Did anyone count how many time he said X Games Mode Bruh? Like I thinking 58 times lol

    BaConBoSs 100BaConBoSs 100Hace un mes
  • At 11:43 is a chicken in the nether

    Justin DittlerJustin DittlerHace un mes
  • just go to control and off jump key man like bruh

    Dannyplayzx10Dannyplayzx10Hace un mes
  • Com on

    Christina GilsonChristina GilsonHace un mes
  • Go go go,!

    Christina GilsonChristina GilsonHace un mes
  • This is not good content. but it is good to see you suffer. KEEP IT UP MAN!

    JairoooJairoooHace un mes
  • Minecraft hardcore but from front view third person!

    Cryptic Gh0stCryptic Gh0stHace un mes
  • Nice vid

    __ XxoreoxX____ XxoreoxX__Hace un mes
  • Even I want to jump rn

    MORE FIX.MORE FIX.Hace un mes
  • When will your new episode come on planet minecraft 🥺

    KAPTANKAPTANHace un mes
  • Paul, we neeeeeed the planetcraft back!! like for paul to see

    KhraziiKhraziiHace un mes
  • Hey Paul where's the Planet Skyblock you left 6 months ago?

    ZeronicsZeronicsHace un mes
  • Hey Paul, do UHC with the boiz (Scratch and Connor) you can craft armour out of anything. To win use TNT armour. You're welcome! :)

    Matthew ClackMatthew ClackHace un mes
  • make another series with scratch

    Emma RussoEmma RussoHace un mes
  • Where's the 300 day ocean only hardcore at paul?

    GoodVibesOnlyGoodVibesOnlyHace un mes
  • Finish planet craft please I am begging you for episode #9

    turtlemonster _7829turtlemonster _7829Hace un mes
  • What happens to Hi5 ???

    RoxyFoxyYTRoxyFoxyYTHace un mes

    PlicTonPlicTonHace un mes
  • I don't think you should be able to trick the system hihihihihi so what if you jump, you LOOSE A HEART, that way, NO POTIONS can save your cheeks lmao best idea EVER (not for you, for us, BUUUT at least you could do it in normal, no need for hardcore)

    DemonManDemonManHace un mes
  • Put them in a one by one so the cant de you

    Cas PoolCas PoolHace un mes
  • 2 bastions sounds like sabastion

    Insane BananaInsane BananaHace un mes
  • I didnt know you used to work at Hi5 studios lol

    iCyiCyHace un mes
  • seed??

    hollywood movieshollywood moviesHace un mes
  • I’m smart 2minutes later I’m dumb 20 seconds later I’m smart

    The Crazy CrabThe Crazy CrabHace un mes
  • I am a new sub and I wanted to know that when will the new ep of planetcraft is coming? plz upload it.

    Hamza YaminHamza YaminHace un mes
  • Can you make more hardcore

    JyztyzJyztyzHace un mes
  • paul if you reach 1 mili this year then you have to cut your beard and get a side shave

    stronk boistronk boiHace un mes
  • Can you please make an minecraft vanilla (hardcore) series with Skratch Just think about the views And the cash🤑💰$$$$$$$

    beirika 74beirika 74Hace un mes
  • Paul when will you continue the planet skyblock series ?

    Quantumbreak 025Quantumbreak 025Hace un mes
  • do this with Skratch

    norman Bessantnorman BessantHace un mes
  • He is sus in a video hardcore you don't cut so we know that you are sus and how you even get there

    Movie ScenesMovie ScenesHace un mes
  • Hello

    Cody PriceCody PriceHace un mes
  • What is in the temple

    kissmyfathairyarsekissmyfathairyarseHace un mes
  • Hi, does Scratch have a ESwindow channel

    Carter GillCarter GillHace un mes
  • Complete mine craft with out diamonds

    Jamie PowellJamie PowellHace un mes
  • Now do this with autojump

    David LoveDavid LoveHace un mes
  • Hi I am a new sub

    Jack barkerJack barkerHace un mes
  • Hi

    Harry Potter 4 lifeHarry Potter 4 lifeHace un mes
  • You are lucky your videos are interesting cause your personality is so annoying

    Martin QuevedoMartin QuevedoHace un mes
  • what happened to the planet series? we need them!!!!!

    Chad MckenzieChad MckenzieHace un mes
  • U idiot...use the bed to get up..u don't need to jump on a bed to get up it

    Gopi krishnan UnniGopi krishnan UnniHace un mes
  • This Guy Has Awesome Content ,So I Subscribed

    JedrickWestJedrickWestHace un mes

    EC TalleyEC TalleyHace un mes
  • That intro is a thing of beauty

    RidescenceBlitzRidescenceBlitzHace un mes
  • Paul: i want a iron pick I want a iron shield Me: WHAT WHAT THE HECK

    rhianon bannerrhianon bannerHace un mes
  • weeee neeed 300days in theocean

    Luka DatunikashviliLuka DatunikashviliHace un mes
  • Do this with auto jump

    James WheelerJames WheelerHace un mes
  • Why didn't you use water for the desert temple

    Ethan RunnelsEthan RunnelsHace un mes
  • This video do be extra spicy

    PhoenixGamingPhoenixGamingHace un mes
  • HEY Beat minecraft in a jungle only biome?

    Seger McfetridgeSeger McfetridgeHace un mes
  • Ur videos are very sufficient

    Alex CookAlex CookHace un mes
  • Thank you for actually making a good video on youtube

    Blue DreamBlue DreamHace un mes
  • Why don’t you just put auto-jump on? :’)

    Earth0_0Earth0_0Hace un mes
  • Paul: Iron Shield Me: Thats Cursed, gotta write it down on my cursed list.

    LilBr0b3ar Does ItLilBr0b3ar Does ItHace un mes

    LORD_UWULORD_UWUHace un mes
    • @KongHugo i know but he should has

      LORD_UWULORD_UWUHace un mes
    • It isnt a live stream

      KongHugoKongHugoHace un mes
  • Hey Paul try to complete Minecraft but only in 3rd person!

    Quintin BurnettQuintin BurnettHace un mes
  • Paul u a legend 😎👍

    COOL_SH33PCOOL_SH33PHace un mes
  • can u do "Minecraft but no armor or shield" pls

    BucketsBucketsHace un mes
  • Why he looks like obiwan?

    Astro_BotAstro_BotHace un mes
  • Can't you just use ladders and scaffolding 😂😂😂😂 in order to get to bastion

    StevanStevanHace un mes

    Owen C.Owen C.Hace un mes
  • Why dont use ladder for climbing

    Salman FairuzSalman FairuzHace un mes
  • Do you play with get good gaming

    Rick & Ayden BrownRick & Ayden BrownHace un mes
  • I like how Paul gets the best nether spawns

    Wrekka 2Wrekka 2Hace un mes
  • well the intros are more scary

    B BOYB BOYHace un mes
  • what happened to the UHC world?

    Jake RosalesJake RosalesHace un mes
  • Hey Paul, Can u play Forge Lap new map with the apocalypse hardcore. It could be so fun to watch

    Kristoffer AmholtKristoffer AmholtHace un mes
  • Idk if it’s just me but when this guy pops up in my recommended like 8 of his videos pop up

    Aydan RebelAydan RebelHace un mes
  • PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hardcore wrld pls :)

    Yash GosaliaYash GosaliaHace un mes
  • You should do MineCraft but mobs can't jump. If that's a thing lol

    Peyton FordPeyton FordHace un mes
  • also whyu only have 500k u should have at least 1m ur funny cool good vids anf yeahhh

  • is the hardcore series over or wat? its been a month :(

  • iron shield?

    Jamie CorriganJamie CorriganHace un mes
  • Video idea: random items fall through the sky

    not pewdiepienot pewdiepieHace un mes
  • I have idea for a video If you hit a mob (you don't have to kill it) There's 50% chance to get overpowered items and 50% of getting exploded by tnt

    ViberViberHace un mes
  • Make a 300 days of Minecraft hardcore

    The one ZilchThe one ZilchHace un mes
  • you gotta bring back the planet world thing it’s so good!!

    Micah JungebergMicah JungebergHace un mes