Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer | Wimbledon 2019 | Full Match

1 ago 2019
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Relive the longest singles final in Wimbledon history...
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  • 49:30 - Start of first set tie-break 58:15 - End of first set 1:00:47 - Start of second set 1:23:29 - End of second set 1:28:02 - Start of third set 2:08:00 - Start of third set tie-break 2:15:00 - End of third set 2:20:55 - Start of fourth set 2:55:34 - End of fourth set 3:00:39 - Start of fifth set 4:48:56 - Start of fifth set tie-break 4:56:16 - Championship point

    WimbledonWimbledonHace un año
    • O I dere ee2ejejewke

      Gabriel RoussGabriel RoussHace 12 horas
    • @Mike Jones still hurts me

      Leon PalmerLeon PalmerHace 12 días
    • @King Novak still emotionally hurts me

      Leon PalmerLeon PalmerHace 12 días
    • Ор

      Gabriel RoussGabriel RoussHace 16 días
    • Nice

      God's GamerGod's GamerHace un mes
  • It’s funny how people that have never played tennis talk about mental strength of Djokovic but excluding the point where Federer lost his focus. Federer is 7 years older he outplayed Nadal I SF he outplayed Djokovic and eventually he outplayed himself. And he did this longtime after his “peek”. Djokovic is a great tennis player but with a boring playing style. Tennis is a sport of momentum. I rather play against crowd then with crowd support.

    Dzenan HasanicDzenan HasanicHace 8 horas
  • I've not moved on since the loss of Roger. A perfect match and still lost it ; ) But I've learnt a life lesson. Sometimes, I can do my best and do the things perfectly and still not be rewarded.

    PDPDHace 2 días
  • though i watched this live, at 8-7 40-15...i still cant believe federer lost....i still feel he may win everytime i rewatch (call me fedtard idc)

    Krishna SathishkumarKrishna SathishkumarHace 4 días
  • Haha Federer's wife prayed for nothing :)

    Pride ManuelPride ManuelHace 5 días
  • Just 1 point

    kafil khankafil khanHace 5 días
  • Djokovic is spilit second faster than Federer...

    Deepak JenaDeepak JenaHace 6 días
  • i feel like no one likes Djokovic. A man without fans

    Stan MarshStan MarshHace 6 días
  • Samo ste mogli da se nadate

    Daniel JovanoskiDaniel JovanoskiHace 7 días
  • @4:57:35 NASA astronauts recently found that ball revolving around the earth 😱

    Mangesh ShindeMangesh ShindeHace 7 días
  • @4:35:35 that most famous 23rd game starts here...😍

    Mangesh ShindeMangesh ShindeHace 7 días
  • the better player on court won- the better player ALWAYS WIN

    andreasmissiroliandreasmissiroliHace 9 días
  • 15-40 never forget

    logos1099logos1099Hace 9 días
  • Let's go Djokovic

    Bryson CamatBryson CamatHace 10 días
  • Y del punto que le robaron a nole nadie dijo nada

    Ma de Lourdes Galván UmbralMa de Lourdes Galván UmbralHace 10 días
  • Э хизан м

    Gabriel RoussGabriel RoussHace 15 días
  • @цӏайеф 1ер ч ч ф ав ыячпиоц

    Gabriel RoussGabriel RoussHace 15 días
  • Someone please tell me why the umpire ordered to replay the second last point?

    K DK DHace 16 días
    • K D ......its correct, because the out scream cames before federer hit the ball, so that roger was distracted from the linejudge. If the out scream would came after federer hit the ball, the the match would be ending. This is the rule

      Travis BickleTravis BickleHace 14 días
  • Those Briton would have been far much cheerful if Federer won.

    K DK DHace 16 días
  • This is heartbreak😢

    Midhun VijayakumarMidhun VijayakumarHace 18 días
    • This is soothing😉

      Rnl LeeRnl LeeHace 10 días
  • 15:00 Matt

    Jessica LeungJessica LeungHace 18 días
  • 4:46:13 Benedict Cumberbatch???

    AJAX B.AJAX B.Hace 19 días
    • yes

      Travis BickleTravis BickleHace 14 días
  • Couldn't figure out to what to watch at the time, kept switching between this and the cricket World Cup final.

    AlistairAlistairHace 21 un día
  • I love Pete sampras but this match in 2019 was one off the best I've ever seen

    Vincent SpencerVincent SpencerHace 21 un día
  • As a sports person, i feel for Roger...

    Santosh ChavanSantosh ChavanHace 22 días
  • This still hurts me emotionally because Federer won but still lost.

    Leon PalmerLeon PalmerHace 22 días
  • Roger wife looks sad 😆😆😆😆

    Tahmina Sultana Tonni KhanTahmina Sultana Tonni KhanHace 23 días
  • Roger never beat Djokovic wimbledon finals 2014,2015,2019

    Tahmina Sultana Tonni KhanTahmina Sultana Tonni KhanHace 23 días

    Tahmina Sultana Tonni KhanTahmina Sultana Tonni KhanHace 23 días
  • This was one of the worst moments of my life. I seriously blame the crowd they fudged up Federer's game with all that "one more" chatter.

    Mo MillenialMo MillenialHace 23 días
    • its only a men

      Travis BickleTravis BickleHace 14 días
  • I love tennis.

    Noah TaparaNoah TaparaHace 23 días
  • When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, “Be Djokovic.”

    ああああああああHace 24 días
    • Mother Mary?

      Travis BickleTravis BickleHace 23 días
  • 2:39:22 the most beautriful women

    IKIKHace 25 días
    • 3:57:28

      IKIKHace 24 días
    • 3:43:05

      IKIKHace 24 días
    • 2:59:10

      IKIKHace 25 días
    • 2:53:32

      IKIKHace 25 días
  • Frauderer lmao, only if GS were of 3 sets :")

    Nayeem Hassan SaifNayeem Hassan SaifHace 25 días
  • Nole is the best ever

    Ardean BohancicArdean BohancicHace 26 días
  • Djokovic didnt earned much pointsof his own ..rather federer mistakew are more

    Ro jamwalRo jamwalHace 26 días
  • Federer at this age .. wow what kind of stamina and power he has

    Ro jamwalRo jamwalHace 26 días
  • U2Z

    Jack DunhamJack DunhamHace 27 días
  • 4:11:25 and from this moment on, everything was thrown down the toilet.

    Emmanuel JaramilloEmmanuel JaramilloHace 28 días
  • Federer was terrorized to play that last tie break, he knew he was loosing it😂

    Robert PulferRobert PulferHace 28 días
  • Love To see that guy lose especially by that guy👍👊👏👏👏👏🙋‍♂️

    anamericanidiotanamericanidiotHace 29 días
  • I'm glad this happened to Federer. This is basically a reversal of how he beat Roddick in 2009.

    Sallow NightSallow NightHace 29 días
  • 4:57:34, why not wait for the ball to land before celebrating?

    Nura JafarNura JafarHace un mes
    • 🤣🤣🤣

      inthenightinthenightHace 25 días
  • The court has grass area under players' feet totally ruined even before the would that have impacted player's performance? Maybe that contributed to Djokovic's fall

    XZ ChenXZ ChenHace un mes
  • Что ищешь комментарий с кириллицей?)))

    Куаныш ТемировКуаныш ТемировHace un mes
  • 24:26 big respect for them in the back ground .. 5 hours standing

    OZcbOZcbHace un mes
  • 315 weeeeks !!!!

    Travis BickleTravis BickleHace un mes
  • So inspiring, absolutely amazing

    Brinley BeldingBrinley BeldingHace un mes
  • Un saludo a toda la gente que escribe, espero ser lo más objetivo, hay tres jugadores que están fuera de serie, sin embargo considero que el jugador que más tiene presión es Federer, se volvió un monstruo y ahora tiene que lidiar con ello, ni Djokovic ni Nadal tienen esa presión, el hubiera no existe, el día que Roger no esté veamos si es cierto lo que digo, espero me entiendan, saludos

    Agustín VelascoAgustín VelascoHace un mes
  • Greatest match ever with AO 2012 and Wimbledon 2008. Historical value and the narrative of this one is the biggest. We won't see these kind of matches for a long time after the BIG 3 retires... GODS OF TENNIS: ROGER, NOVAK AND RAFA.

    Norman OsbornNorman OsbornHace un mes
  • Why does everyone at Wimbledon hate Djokovic? He's such a likable, classy guy.

    StefanStefanHace un mes
    • Ik right. They treat him like the villain, primarily because probably of his accent which kinda makes him sound arrogant, which it doesn't. There is more people to despise like Zverev or Kyrigos or Medvedev of being unlikable. Whenever Djokovic wins, they just get salty.

      Bryson CamatBryson CamatHace 4 días
    • Not everyone but particularly Federer's fanboys that's it

      Mr Grine LandryMr Grine LandryHace un mes
    • Because he wins Federer too many times

      Jack LiJack LiHace un mes
  • 2010, 2011, 2019.

    Chris WilliamsonChris WilliamsonHace un mes
  • This is the most blatant bias shait i have ever seen And the dude is n.1 Lmao a joke

    NikolaNikolaHace un mes
  • T nhớ lắm cái hôm t thức đến 2 3 giờ sáng, xem mà run bần bật và cũng rất nhớ mấy bà chỉ tay số 1 nữa

    Dat NguyenDat NguyenHace un mes
  • Im rooting for federar

    Lisa SimpsonLisa SimpsonHace un mes
  • Covid ruined everything

    Lisa SimpsonLisa SimpsonHace un mes
  • Pass us the pimms madame

    Lisa SimpsonLisa SimpsonHace un mes
  • My favourite game 🎮

    Lisa SimpsonLisa SimpsonHace un mes
  • The worried horn ironically overflow because roof revealingly change in a imported tin. ludicrous, ugliest mom

    Traci IrbyTraci IrbyHace un mes
  • ممكح

    YA We Learn!YA We Learn!Hace un mes
  • Please subscribe to my ESwindow channel

    like cartoon statuslike cartoon statusHace un mes
  • Please support field hockey also 🙏

    like cartoon statuslike cartoon statusHace un mes
  • Man, this has to be the longest tennis match I've ever seen, the players must feel like passing out after the match.

    TenyoTenyoHace un mes
  • sometimes I watch those two match points just to see if it will end differently

    widMwidMHace un mes
  • 4:11:11 djoker change mode beast!

    Andres FelipeAndres FelipeHace un mes
  • Only sad thing about this match is somebody has to be a loser....

    Santosh ChavanSantosh ChavanHace un mes
  • Zivela SRBIJA

    George RomanGeorge RomanHace un mes
  • Always returning! Bravo Serbooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mirjana JovicicMirjana JovicicHace un mes
  • 11:05

    あいうABCあいうABCHace un mes
  • Dear youtube, this a 5 hour video. Please stop putting ads every 2 minutes.

    Jonathan PrinceJonathan PrinceHace un mes
  • 💖💖 EVERBODY Who love tennis should please read my coment.💖💖 EVERYBODY should NOW remember again the AMAZING time when FEDERER era started wimbledon 2003 AND HOW he won one grandslam after the other....and from wimbledon 2003 until us open 2005 the next 10 grandslam tournament Federer won AMAZING 6 grandslams and he was back then 84 weeks at no.1. Can everybody remember the greatnes from time after the us open 2005 AND exact in this same way, started the SECOND era from the REAL GOAT DJOKOVIC. Novak won now from the last 10 grandslams, since wimbledon 2018 tournament= amazing 6 Title and he is since wimbl18 also +87 week(totally 310) at no.1 :) After the first era from 2011-2016 from djokovic, we are now in novaks second era since Wimbledon 2018-202? So enjoy the time DEAR DJOKOVIC FANS ;)

    Travis BickleTravis BickleHace un mes
  • for Federer win against Djokovic almost 70%(80% by grandslams) of the matches against a 18-22 years old djokovic from 2006-2010. prime djokovic win against federer almost 70%(80% by grandslams) of the matches against a 29-34 federer from 2011-2016. Even when federer and djokovic were both between the age 29-33 better then between the 18-22, is the statistics from the winrage the same. Yes is knows there was not matches from 2003-2005 between both, where federer won 6 grandslams in that time.....thats why i uesed not the statistics from djokovic second era from 2018-2020, where djokovic won also 6 grandslam and had a 4-1 h2h against federer...

    Travis BickleTravis BickleHace un mes
  • Lighter at the sea shore knew 2 much

  • X.

    Ree MuRee MuHace un mes
  • wtf is this crowd???? SO rude for no reason towards when he makes errors they cheer? who does that?!!!

    Raquel LRaquel LHace un mes
  • wait, why don’t people in england like djok? what did he do...?😂😂 i think he’s super funny & amazing on court, what?

    Raquel LRaquel LHace un mes
  • Fed won 36 games Joko only 32, but Fed looses :'( so sad

    Gaëlle D'YlweenGaëlle D'YlweenHace un mes
  • My god i hated that crowd so much

    yahya hilaliyahya hilaliHace un mes
  • Bias crowd and even the moderator biased :) why are they against Novak? :) :)

    nick suchtnick suchtHace un mes
  • Novak Djokovic is an IRON Man :) :)

    nick suchtnick suchtHace un mes
  • Every few months I come back to watch the lost match points to see if it still hurts.... December 2019... Yep July 2020... Yep March 2021... Yep

    Matthew MaguireMatthew MaguireHace un mes
  • Roger could have won this match when he was at 8 sets to 7

    maka3230maka3230Hace un mes
    • Novak could won this match when he was 15:40.

      Rnl LeeRnl LeeHace 22 días
  • The worst-behaved crowd in Wimbledon history. Disgraceful. Glad Djokovic silenced them all.

    K J McIndoeK J McIndoeHace un mes
  • The mental giant

    Fabio Caetano FigueiredoFabio Caetano FigueiredoHace un mes
  • crowd scumbags

    RuizRuizHace un mes
  • Goat Novak with 311 weeks at no.1

    Milan ZivkovicMilan ZivkovicHace un mes
  • 4:11:15 Federer has 2 championship points and Mirka goes like - uhmmm.... my man ain`t gonna score....don`t ask me how I know.

    Vlasteemeer babychVlasteemeer babychHace un mes
  • the difference between novak's fans and roger's fans is that novak's haters are roger's fans but there are no roger haters.

    Tiny Pony -Tiny Pony -Hace un mes
    • only Rogers fans can hate,..Novak's fans pity rogers fans

      Lazar DukeLazar DukeHace 29 días
    • true

      Travis BickleTravis BickleHace un mes
  • 4:58:04 he's the GOAT

    MarioMarioHace un mes
  • I come to watch the crowd cry...

  • Focking English crowd gets what they deserved.... And nothing new in the office for Nole By the way after same he did to him on SEmi final US open ...

    Nikolay NikolovNikolay NikolovHace un mes
  • No doubt Djokovic is one of the best of all time! But he lacks class and humility most of the time. This is why he will always have to fight a crowd who back players like Federer and Nadal. These players have those attributes and it puts them on a pedestal above even trophies and statistics!

    AlexTea202AlexTea202Hace un mes
    • How does he lack class? Out of the Big 3, he’s the only one who hugged each player that beat him in a Slam final. And Federer humble? Since when?

      Regulus ArcturusRegulus ArcturusHace un mes

    Eduardo CarrerasEduardo CarrerasHace un mes
  • Уууууууууууууууу круто

    Федерер ТеннисФедерер ТеннисHace un mes
  • This was Federer's sheer bad luck that he could not make the winning shots against Djokovic in Grand Slam finals or semifinals at least 3-4 times. May be lack of self confidence too.

    Manjit Singh KSWManjit Singh KSWHace un mes
    • Nothing to do with bad luck. One is able to elevate his game for crucial points, the other is not

      Mr Grine LandryMr Grine LandryHace un mes
  • Federer outplayed Djoko much of the match except in the tie breakers. Did him in. The fans at Wimbledon definitely pulling for Fed. They are both awesome champs.

    mrmagoo491mrmagoo491Hace un mes
  • I come here when I’m feeling sad 😂

    Donald NjokanmaDonald NjokanmaHace un mes
  • El best

    Sofia NietoSofia NietoHace un mes

    lilika lilikalilika lilikaHace un mes
  • 4:11:16 Mirka: What?!! It's 40-15 again? Why can't it be 30-all? I was praying it to be 30-all. No no no! It can't be 40-15!

    isomir intalanisomir intalanHace un mes