Safest Way To Clean Your Engine Without Water!

5 jul 2018
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The safest way to clean your cars engine without water using a hose or excessive amounts of water so you do not have to worry about shorting a connector and causing electrical damage to your vehicle. This is the safest way possible to clean your engine bay. This waterless engine bay cleaning uses Dawn dish soap to break down any grease or dirt that has built up and minimizes the need for harsh chemicals such as brake cleaner or engine degreaser that can cause damage to rubber components or other systems. Some cases you will need one of these products but for majority of the engine bay cleaning you can get away with using a mild soap and an assortment of brushes shown in the video. Cleaning a car and detailing a car is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences. Thank you all for your support each week and if you are new be sure to Subscribe & Turn On Notifications for New disaster detailing videos! #cardetailing #detailing #carcleaning
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  • I'm always so worried of water getting in places I don't want it to be in, even with this method lol

    JosephJosephHace 8 días
  • So when cleaning your engine bay guys always and i can't repeat this enough always leave out the battery hold down strap

    Ila AdmoIla AdmoHace 17 días
  • Liking all post and commenting to win an extractor and pet hair tool👏👏🤗❤️

    Elyza GarciaElyza GarciaHace 17 días
  • OMG forgot to install the battery hold down clamp

    Ray McCarthyRay McCarthyHace 24 días
  • Just did mine - what a difference! Thx for the great video!

    deb frazindeb frazinHace un mes
  • Where do you get your brushes from?

    Michael LMichael LHace un mes
  • This only works on a newer car.

    SaxologistSaxologistHace 2 meses
  • its also safer to use distilled water

  • In that final portion where showing the final result of cleaning, I saw you missed a spot.... Jk 🤣 looks great

    Justin TameJustin TameHace 3 meses
  • Awesome 😎😎😎💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💯💯💯👍👍👍

    JoseHoutex181_TownCarKillaJoseHoutex181_TownCarKillaHace 3 meses
  • Without spraying water..

    Music RockMusic RockHace 3 meses
  • Without water ?

    C LeeC LeeHace 3 meses
  • He lost me at remove the battery. Sorry. No can do. 😂

    Renee SimsRenee SimsHace 4 meses
  • I have a 1992 nissan 240sx and it's kinda scary to clean the engine bay, no plastic covers, if you drop water in the wrong place, you're f*cked. But I'll try your method tomorrow, she deserves all the love she can get!

    VizhardusVizhardusHace 4 meses
  • The three rusty bolt heads can be addressed with a paint marker or spray paint, I know, a little OCD but I love to finish a job completely. I always have brake manifolds rust so I mask them off and spray paint them black. Getting rid of of anything rusty under the hood makes an an amazing difference. I have a Jaguar XJ-SC 12 cylinder and do the occasional car show and by using simple cleaning techniques, buffing metal and hiding rust you can fool people and even judges that you spend hours under the hood.

    kapppzkapppzHace 4 meses
  • Best option so far. I will try this

    FadePapiFadePapiHace 5 meses
  • Nice job.

    Terence DavisTerence DavisHace 6 meses
  • Eating your dinner on the engine 😜

    fretless worldfretless worldHace 6 meses
  • Are you a certified technician? In my area you can't take all that stuff off an engine unless you're certified and insured. As a customer I wouldn't want you taking all that trim off including the battery.

    ljguy300ljguy300Hace 6 meses
  • "Safest wat to clean en engine without water" * uses water and takes apart half the engine bay to use running water 🤦‍♂️

    ljguy300ljguy300Hace 6 meses
  • Hi Guys, I have a question. Can I clean with W40 instead a liquid cleaner ? Thanks you.

    Eugenio Gutierrez HuentecuraEugenio Gutierrez HuentecuraHace 8 meses
  • Nice stuff, i would suggest you rename the title without pressure washer. gets more attention too lotta people had problems with it and trying to avoid it now.

    Danial DaneshmandDanial DaneshmandHace 9 meses

    norm lornorm lorHace 10 meses
  • *Better to disconnect battery to avoid electrical short before washing engine, although I've washed many engines and never disconnected the battery, nor had a problem. Spray entire engine and bay with degreaser, let it sit for like 10 mins and rinse the engine off like normal. Then use a leaf blower to blow dry the engine and bay. Last reconnect battery and enjoy your super clean, dirt and oil free engine!*

    Big TexasBig TexasHace 10 meses
  • Beautiful!

    Ircar47Ircar47Hace 11 meses
  • 3:34 You don't want to do that to a map sensor. Maybe a damp rag instead.

    bradyspacebradyspaceHace 11 meses
  • All dirt is still under that engine

    R LR LHace 11 meses
  • Great advice! Do this and make thos mechanics happier. It's a big difference to work on a clean engine vs one full of dirt.

    Mátyás KorosMátyás KorosHace 11 meses
  • Hi, have you done this to a mitsubishi mirage or attrage? Thank you! :)

    RonzkiRonzkiHace 11 meses
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  • Sweet job👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    Gamma CrushGamma CrushHace un año
  • Stupid, your title says without water yet “YoU uSE wAtEr”

    sandra sansandra sanHace un año
  • “Without water”... proceeds to use water

    Lan AndLan AndHace un año
  • 4:22 “Super easy to remove” Yea after you rip off all clips 😂

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    • Ben Isaly 🤔

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    • This comment was a flop

      Ben IBen IHace un año
  • Suggestion: change the video title to say; "Safest Way to Clean your Engine Without a Pressure Washer or Water Hose".

    JCE3000GTJCE3000GTHace un año
  • Great video. I have never been a fan of power washing an engine bay. 90% of the time if done correctly there are no issues. But when an electrical gremlin pops up... FRUSTRATING.

    PirateMTHPirateMTHHace un año
  • You forgot the battery holder

    OUIOUIHace un año
  • Do I really have to remove my battery? Mine is in the trunk, can't I just disconnect the negative?

    MudigMudigHace un año
  • Please help me out how do i restore my scooty's dashboard??

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  • Толку один раз проедет, и снова в пыли.

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  • Like nr 6666.

    poksi360poksi360Hace un año
  • What about using a portable steamer?

    Andrew DAndrew DHace un año
  • All that work just for a Honda Odyssey. Lol great job either way.

    73PowerStroke73PowerStrokeHace un año
  • Nice job done.

    Scott AllisonScott AllisonHace un año
  • hey stauffer...great video...need to know how to clean my headlights from the inside !? any ideas !?

    Erwin MonizErwin MonizHace un año
  • did anyone else notice he didn’t strap in the battery

    TheHockey GamerTheHockey GamerHace un año
  • Aerospace 303 is what made this whole video. You will not get these results with anything else.

    Brian SmithBrian SmithHace un año

  • But I guess whatever works for you you definitely do water most importantly you need to leave the engine running so it doesn't have a problem when you try to turn on cuz it's already on

    Gilbert NavarezGilbert NavarezHace un año
  • 303 aerospace protectant is the best but as a professional detailer I would pressure wash the whole engine while running, dry it then use the 303. No need to disassemble anything and it cuts your time in half.

    Gilbert NavarezGilbert NavarezHace un año
  • 1:46 what if you arent making a video

    Med2019edMed2019edHace un año
  • Very nice and clean but what about the installation of the retainer bracket for the battery?? 🤪🇩🇪🇨🇦 FORGOTTEN?

    Harald SiegwarthHarald SiegwarthHace un año
  • Paint the rusty bolts.

    Timothy CourtneyTimothy CourtneyHace un año
  • Should you use a memory saver before removing the battery tho?

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  • Engine Bae...

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  • awesome vid, sir thank you - this is very doable for me 😊👍 (subbed)

    James MartinJames MartinHace un año
  • Nice! But you forgot to hold the battery again!?

    Rodrigo OliveiraRodrigo OliveiraHace un año
  • You cleaned up the engine bay, yes, but not so much the actual engine. You only got the top. If I had to get under this engine to work on it, I'd still find it a greasy mess.

    DadOutdoorsDadOutdoorsHace un año
  • Probably easiest engine to clean lol mine is hell to clean & twice the size of that

    COYOTE swap or you get DEPORTEDCOYOTE swap or you get DEPORTEDHace un año
  • What’s the best way to clean my Tesla engine? 🙂. Great vid!

    CarlosEricMontoyaCarlosEricMontoyaHace un año
    • battery acid XD

      that one gay furrythat one gay furryHace un año
    • 😂

      Julie SimpsonJulie SimpsonHace un año
    • It would be best to throw some petrol on it

      Jeandre LotzJeandre LotzHace un año
  • Why not use your steam cleaner on the engine compartment? I would think that it would make it easy to clean/wipe areas down and not leave a soapy residue that has to be left by dish soap no matter how diluted. Just curious as I do not have a steamer and would love to try cleaning the engine with one sometime. Great videos as always!

    Kevin HiserKevin HiserHace un año
  • Nice video. Leaks on a Honda? No way

    Matt FosterMatt FosterHace un año
  • Be careful about taking the battery off. In some cars, disconnecting the battery can completely wipe its computers data, making it unusable without a proper reprogramming. Do a little research beforehand. From what I have seen, Mercedes and Land Rovers from the 2000s and later are just some examples of cars where you don’t want to disconnect your battery. Great video as always ;)

    AkaCamilioAkaCamilioHace un año
    • Thats hard to believe. But I wouldn't doubt it. Thoes types of vehicles are nothing but trouble. Hondas are much better in terms of reliability

      Matt FosterMatt FosterHace un año
  • Leave your engine running, heat cleans, soak with degreaser rinse with pressure washer simple takes less than 5 minutes and unless your trying to damn near impossible to damage the engine or anything electrical

    john ellithorpjohn ellithorpHace un año
  • Never once had any of the problems you mentioned when using water to detail an engine bay. Detailing engines is not hard. And I literally need 2 items and less than 5 minutes, degreaser and pressure washer that's it.

    john ellithorpjohn ellithorpHace un año
  • I believe autosmart are just coming to America. Use their apc called G101, it's also decreases. Cover engine and underneath of the bonnet or hood. Wipe with a microfiber. Then spray over with finish. Leave it to absorb while you clean the rest of the car. Wipe away any product left. Simple and easy. Cleaning with G101 takes 5 minutes

    Pure NeglectPure NeglectHace un año
  • So at what point did you realize that if you disconnect your battery, you’ll need the radio code?

    That Honda GuyThat Honda GuyHace un año
  • Hulk smash that like button

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  • Now that you used the vacuum cleaner on the engine was the car vacuumed?

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  • I would like to see how you approach the underneath of the car in winter seasons with salt from the streets.

    SangSangHace un año
  • Yea, that's right. He only used water to clean the fucking thing after calling the video "Safest Way To Clean Your Engine Without Water!"

    Oscar MuffinOscar MuffinHace un año
  • Here's the entire video summed up for you. Use a tiny brush and a jar of soapy water to clean stuff then wipe it off with a rag.

    Oscar MuffinOscar MuffinHace un año
    • 😂

      Enforcement OfficerEnforcement OfficerHace 4 meses
  • Also, first cleaning step involves water... how about a dislike from my other account for that one too.

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  • As soon as he said "Smash that like button". I disliked the video. Anyone who says "Smash that like button" deserves to be shot into space.

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  • Good job 👍

    Raul Lo10Raul Lo10Hace un año
  • Thank you for this video. I've been wanting to clean my engine bay without using power wash or sort of complicated tools but I was always hesitant to do it because I'm terrified of damaging anything under the hood. This video gives me an idea.

    yoJ UyoJ UHace un año
  • I wonder for those rusty bolts, if you could remove them, soak them in vinegar and re-spray them with Rust-Oleum Black or Silver, if that would work as an extra finishing touch?

    SoCalRobSoCalRobHace un año
  • No water???

    Jeff SiddekJeff SiddekHace un año
  • Dude the mesh where the wipers are do video of that

    TJ RogueTJ RogueHace un año
  • Wtf why do I keep watching these videos lol

    Jason VentamigliaJason VentamigliaHace un año
    • Jason Ventamiglia Same here lol they’re satisfying to watch aha

      Young_ReezzyyYoung_ReezzyyHace un año
  • How does one get started in this field?

    stephanie springstephanie springHace un año
    • I guess just get some dish soap, a brush, and some rags, then go to town.

      Robert StottsRobert StottsHace un año
  • Just use some basic engine degreaser maybe a brush and some rags.

    Media GuyMedia GuyHace un año
  • Great video. The technique also works brilliantly on genitals.

    Thomas CorfieldThomas CorfieldHace un año
    • 😂

      Renee SimsRenee SimsHace 4 meses
  • I've cleaned the engine bays of several different vehicles several times with a pressure washer with zero issues.

    Sababa HummusSababa HummusHace un año
  • I always wanted my engine cleaned

    Nanny MiAngelNanny MiAngelHace un año
  • Bitchin..... what do I need to cover when I clean my engine to my 07 Toyota Matrix ?

    Dan NaDan NaHace un año
  • The soap left behind will eat up the plastics and the metal coatings. Dish soap i very acidic. I have always washed and rinsed my Audi engines for the past 20 years without a single problem.

    Robson FRobson FHace un año
  • S.G. I'm a subscriber and love your videos. Just a little advice, mabey not show before and after pics or vids,at the beginning of your vids. Keep us in suspense LOL! great job and great video. ✌

    kawasaki whip twokawasaki whip twoHace un año
  • I have a tip on Honda's. Radio code. Always make sure you have the radio code before disconnecting the battery. Another one is Toyota. After reconnecting some Toyota batteries, it loses its memory for the computer for idle. After starting, you might have to hold your foot on gas pedal to keep it from stalling. Average relearn for idle is 10 to 15 minutes. I get some people call me and they think they messed something up after cleaning engine bay or just installing a new battery.

    Camp Freedom VTCamp Freedom VTHace un año
  • James Stauffer's wife: "honey, the minivan is having some engine problems, can you take a look and see if you can fix it?" James Stauffer: "I'm a auto detail specialist, not a mechanic". Then proceeds to clean engine bay

    Connor GhitaConnor GhitaHace un año
  • instead of the rags could you agitate your work area and then just suck it up with a wet/dry vac? Maybe save the rag for lingering residual soap and stuff left over?

    Ryan WashockRyan WashockHace un año
  • And after get your car smashed by your next door Asian dude reversing into it 😂

    Monza TMonza THace un año
    • No man's felt that

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  • Who the hell thumbs down a video like this? It’s gotta be satan

    SupernovaSun77SupernovaSun77Hace un año
  • Any car after 2000 is pretty much safe to wash the engine bay. Why dose everyone freak out about this vid done it multiple times to my engine and it’s started and ran with no error code lights on the dash and I’ve never had issues.

    Ryan SRyan SHace un año
  • I can never get a shine whenever i clean my bays, they always dry up and turn fades color instead of a shine

    Vic MonVic MonHace un año
    • Vic Mon try silk and shine

      ErickErickHace un año
  • Man let's quit playing the easy way is to spray degreaser and pressure wash the engine it won't harm the engine at all detailing 10 years

    lamar chapmanlamar chapmanHace un año
  • 0:47 🔴 🌴MAHALO 🌴👍👍smashed👍🌴🔙2📹

    Aloha CountryAloha CountryHace un año
  • Wow! Very nice job, sir! You can clean my vehicle any day! 👍😎

    CitizenPerkinsCitizenPerkinsHace un año
  • Your battery connections would benefit from wire brushing and battery connection sealant. Your valve cover would benefit from a metal cleaner/sealant or any paint polish/wax/sealant to slow down oxidation. Cleaning off the existing oxidation without covering it with something exposes new metal so that metal will now oxidize. The oxidized layer actually protects the aluminum from further oxidization and the long, long, long-term effect of removing it without protecting the newly exposed metal is erosion.

    LT7 AutomotiveLT7 AutomotiveHace un año
  • A little caution goes a long way. From my experience, directing water away from or covering the distributor (if you have one) is the only precaution needed. You present an good option here for those who are unsure or are extra cautious. Personally, I want to rinse the soap residue off. Long term effects of something like dish soap is to dry out plastics, rubber, and finishes. The 303 rinse and wipedown helps.

    LT7 AutomotiveLT7 AutomotiveHace un año