How to SUPER CLEAN your Engine Bay

11 jul 2017
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Engine bay detailing. Learn how to Super Clean your engine bay so that it is so clean, you can eat off of it! I show you how to clean and detail the engine bay in a simple 5 step process that will NOT damage your engine or electrics!
Cleaning Wipes (Tub-O-Towels):
Soapy Wooder:
Microfiber Towels:
Trim Restorer:
Spray Wax:
Pipe Cleaners:
Fabric Dye:
Metal Wire Brush:
Rotary Tool:
Paint Markers:
How to SuperClean your Car:
How to SuperClean your Windshield:
How to SuperFlush your Cooling System:
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  • I just posted the newest Super Clean video: "How to Super Clean your Interior" What a HUGE difference before and after! The carpets, floor mats, trunk, and headliner were a mess!!! Now they look brand new!

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    • @Timothy Angelosanto it hasn’t failed yet so.

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    • Chris i need ur help how long has ur intake gasket lasted on ur stang . U used rtv for the pi head swap i have the heater core nipple leak on intake and am gonna put pi intake on . I need to know

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    • At eight million subscribers I buy my sister’s dream car

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    • Pacific cycle questions for you how do you clean your tires and your rims and the steering wheel and how you clean your spoiler love chrisfix

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  • Great advice in the engine cleaning video.

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  • How do you degrease a 2002 Toyota Camry engine to find where oil leak is and how to replace that valve cover gasket seal?

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  • I am very excited to have found your channel! Thank you for being so thorough and explaining as you go. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for posting a COMPLETE list of what you used! So many people do not post all of what they used and then it takes forever to track items down because I do not know what they are exactly called.

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  • Does your car stop running or have electrical problems when the engine gets sprayed with anti-freeze? Answer no! 1.] Soak your engine with engine degreaser while the engine is cold or hot. 2.] Turn your car on after soaking it with engine degreaser & pressure wash it while the engine is running... Use the car wash pressure tip usally the green one. 3.] Don't turn it off until the engine heat has dried all of the water up. Even take your car on the interstate to get it good & hot to also allow for air to blow thru under normal drive conditions that will blow out any or all water. I do it all the time with no issue's on my BMW's... Do this method with complete peace of mind....

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  • screw that i don't have all day. I spray my engine down literally with super clean. soak for no more than 5 min and pressure wash. if need be repeat the process. after all done spray it with maxima sc1. looks like new

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  • Ceramic coating the engine bay

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  • Common sense

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  • Using a brass or plastic wire brush/wire wheel on aluminum will take less aluminum or no aluminum off. When you use a brush with a material harder than what you are using it on, you are essentially grinding or sanding it. If you see shiny metal shavings, stop, and use something less radical. Once may not do a whole lot of damage, but after doing it many times it could fail because of the material you took off, when before it could've outlasted you.

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  • Great video! 2 important things to consider before you attempt this in your own 1. Do not use use a vacuum-cleaner to suck water u less your device is designated as a wet cleaner!!!!!!! 2. Instead of painting rusted surfaces after cleaning them, get a proper rust converter which will turn black and can be painted if necessary...

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  • The real dirty part of an engine is the underside. All the brushes and towels are too much work. Everytime I change the oils on my 99 S10 2.2LT 4 cyl IL,,, I use foamy Gunk, top to underside. Rinse and blow dry with my Husqvarna 2-stroke blower, then spray all the plastic and rubber parts with Mcguire's Hot Shot Tire Foam. This shines and preserves the plastic and rubber. I let it sit on there for about an hour, rinse and blow dry again. Loos like new, even after 21 tears and nearly 200K miles....

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