Formula 1 2013 OFFICIAL Season Review

28 mar 2021
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Sebastian Vettel became a consecutive four-times World Champion with Red Bull Racing. Fernando Alonso finished second in the World Drivers' Championship, one hundred and fifty five points behind while Vettel’s teammate Mark Webber finished 3rd in his final season in F1.

  • Man vettel was and is a F*cking wanka. F1 sucks they need to limit team chat

    Kirby WattsKirby WattsHace 4 horas
  • Given the fact the 2013 RB was merely 0.2 sec faster than the rest; Seb winning 13 races, 9 consecutive wins, etc was severely under appreciated. Imagine driving 2020 Merk in his Prime with that 1 second gap to the rest…he would probably make the season a lot more boring than it already was whilst probably breaking Michael’s 2002 record and or 1988 record

    SandalphonCPU • 210 years agoSandalphonCPU • 210 years agoHace un día
  • 1:49:42 And now he's in Ferrari with at least two second place finishes.

    TheOtherNeutrinoTheOtherNeutrinoHace 2 días
  • This is a great example of Alonso's greatness.......The man routinely drags a junk car to a position it doesn't deserve.

    william skrainskiwilliam skrainskiHace 2 días
  • "Official" review? why exactly is that in the titles of your videos?

    Guilherme SchmidtGuilherme SchmidtHace 2 días
    • More views really. And cause this was the actual season review

      Harvey ThompsonHarvey ThompsonHace 2 días
  • let's Go Redbull

    jairocontreras11jairocontreras11Hace 2 días
  • At minute 29:00 through 35:00 is the biggest point of this video. Viva Mexico

    Javier DiazJavier DiazHace 3 días
  • Ah yes reminding me why vettel used to be hated

    DeanDeanHace 3 días
  • Kimi doesn't get paid. It's just a hobby.

    Johnny AppleJohnny AppleHace 3 días
  • He used to rule the world... Seas would rise when he gave the world Now in the morning he sleeps alone In the tracks he used to own... Really want this Seb back

    Mike NguyenMike NguyenHace 4 días
  • Early 2010 was the time when i enjoyed watching F1, when drivers tried hard for positions. Now i have a feeling they just give up the positions in these days.

    alluarminenalluarminenHace 4 días
  • 1:55:40 A drive through for that? that seems really harsh lol

    TheGrizzlyTheGrizzlyHace 7 días
  • I will save u 3 hours, Vettel won everything

    kelvin anandakelvin anandaHace 9 días
  • Hamilton look amateur in v8 era.

    Ricardo BastosRicardo BastosHace 9 días
  • Give a good car to Romain, work on his consistency, and you could've made a world championship contender. Amazing work from Lotus this season!

    Antoine GeorgesAntoine GeorgesHace 9 días
  • To all whose who keep on yapping about the Multi-21 incident... why would Red Bull GIFT a victory to Mark? Clearly he was much slower and did not deserve a win, so Seb did what all great racing drivers do: Do what it takes to win. The end.

    ArsenicArsenicHace 10 días
  • Pirelli has always been shit at making tyres

    theplaybook gamingtheplaybook gamingHace 10 días
  • hey, this is waaayyyy better than DTS 😮

    Teguh PrinarwantoTeguh PrinarwantoHace 10 días
  • 4:31 Helmut and Nikki together is actually quite humble.

    Martyboy PartyboyMartyboy PartyboyHace 10 días
  • that 2013 ferrari f138 is such a beauty that I even made that my profile picture.

    ShineStreetShineStreetHace 10 días
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    TheRealItachi8910TheRealItachi8910Hace 11 días
  • 2013 Seb is one of the best performances I've ever seen a driver do in a season. Only Schumacher in 2002 and 2004 IMO can be comparable. Other seasons that are also "up there" but still not quite at the level of those 3 seasons is Alonso in 2012 and Hamilton in 2018. 9 wins in a row? 13 wins in the whole season? Winning by 155 points (if we had the same point system in every other pre-2010 season, only Schumacher in 2002 would've won a championship by a bigger gap)? Absolute madness. I still remember his Singapore win... It was ridiculous... The race had 1 safety car, and he pitted one more time than 2nd place Alonso and he still won by over 30 seconds. If no safety car happened he would've lapped the entire field... He was lapping almost 2 seconds quicker than anyone else, and this on a DRY TRACK!!!! I believe if we had 5 more races on that season, Vettel would've still won all of them if no reliability issue hit him.

    Vitor FerreiraVitor FerreiraHace 11 días
    • @Maki No... No he wasn't... Vettel in 2013 was absolut bulletproof in terms of mistakes. His worst achievements that year were a DNF where he was leading (Silverstone) and 2 4th places, both of which in tracks where his car was not the best on those races and he started 9th on China because he had a brake problem during Q3. The 1st half of the season, the Red Bull was marginally the better car and he was still smashing it. As soon as it got tweaked better, he destroyed everyone. The 2013 Red Bull over the season, was the best car, but when you factor in that your teammate couldn't win a single race... And that the Mercedes cars from 2014,2015,2016,2019 and 2020 were BETTER cars than the competition than the 2013 Red Bull ever was and still a driver of excellence like Hamilton could not even come close to what Vettel did in 2013, just shows the unbelieble form he was in that season. Peak Vettel is one of the very best drivers of F1 history. Above peak Alonso and peak Hamilton. However, Vettel didn't adapt quickly to the huge change in regulations for 2014 and frustration got the better of him during his Ferrari years, even if he started very good from 2015 to 2018 (first half). As for consistency, both Hamilton and Alonso are ahead of him as they also are ahead of him when it comes to the mental games. IMO neither Hamilton or Alonso would do better than what Vettel did the 2017 Ferrari season, however, I could've seen both of them handling it better than him in the 2018 Ferrari. In fact, if not for Hamilton, I wouldn't see any other driver beating 2017 Vettel even if they were on the slightly superior Merc of that year, even despite the reliability issues and incidents not his fault that he had in 2017.

      Vitor FerreiraVitor FerreiraHace 3 días
    • Alonso in 2012 was better than Vettel in 2013

      MakiMakiHace 3 días
  • I like Kimi

    Rui TakedaRui TakedaHace 11 días
  • The year Sebastian Vettel won the constructors title by himself.

    mrjdgibbsmrjdgibbsHace 12 días
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    Manuela ParfaitManuela ParfaitHace 13 días
  • Last year of an amazing era, i miss those days. ❤ Thanks to upload this!

    Peterman K.Peterman K.Hace 13 días
  • Vettel has always bin an a** under pressure. He´s smiling and sympathetic if theres nothing to win or he is already too far ahead in the standings. but when things gets real, he snaps. Turkey 10, Malysia 13, Baku 17. Always put himself over the team and went crazy

    Tobi29493Tobi29493Hace 15 días
    • @Arsenicread again... i never said he fucks up. I just said he turns into an egomanical ass

      Tobi29493Tobi29493Hace 9 días
    • Bullshit, Brazil 2012, no other driver could have pulled that off, much less with a damaged car and no radio.

      ArsenicArsenicHace 10 días
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    Dew HacklerDew HacklerHace 15 días
  • "Raikonnen didnt care what peopel thought" typicall kimi

    SumronSumronHace 16 días
  • "I told you that the car was good" Classic Kimi

    Luka CalovLuka CalovHace 16 días
  • Last good year of F1

    Luka CalovLuka CalovHace 16 días
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    Cristian SontayCristian SontayHace 17 días
  • When the whole business is ran around making the show as entertaining as possible, softer tyres so more pit stops? V8s? New fans wouldn’t even recognise this as f1

  • We newer fans may feel sad about how Vettel's career has turned out now, but you can think of it as a bit of karma from all his annoying little bullshit back when he was in Red Bull.

    Ramboost007Ramboost007Hace 17 días
    • He's a racing driver, he was there to win, and he did. No one gives a fuck about karma or morals

      Harvey ThompsonHarvey ThompsonHace 2 días
  • 40:32-now, I know why Vergne did not get a Red Bull seat despite beating DR and DK

    wastefellowwastefellowHace 17 días
  • RIP Jules

    Mr. BMr. BHace 17 días
  • The engine growl 🔥 Beautiful machines.

    Praneet SinghPraneet SinghHace 17 días
  • Best looking F1 cars ever

    Lord HedfonLord HedfonHace 18 días
  • 2:47:18 ?

    Josh HeckmanJosh HeckmanHace 18 días
  • The Sound of these cars is so Mesmerizing.

    Sunder KartikSunder KartikHace 18 días
  • Best ever car

    The HumbleThe HumbleHace 19 días
  • 1:13:08 he got lucky.. good one

    Aris VlachopoulosAris VlachopoulosHace 20 días
  • Lewis Hamilton 2013 Monaco GP : Got jumped by two cars 2021 Monaco GP : Got jumped by three cars

    naufal thirafinaufal thirafiHace 20 días
  • 07:28 glad Kimi hasn't changed at all

    ryanjdevlin87ryanjdevlin87Hace 21 un día
  • I can see why seb was hated back then, he's changed a lot tho

    Danish AzmiDanish AzmiHace 21 un día
  • 1:29:00 If I had a nickel for every time Hamilton did a lap of Silverstone on 3 tyres. I'd have 2 nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's still strange it happened twice.

    Amber CilanAmber CilanHace 21 un día
    • 😂😂

      AtromicsAtromicsHace 18 horas
  • 1:30:06 n He thought he could slip that joke in. But I noticed. I noticed.

    Amber CilanAmber CilanHace 21 un día
  • "the team supports us the same way" proceeds to TRY to hide his smile

    BListBListHace 21 un día
  • We miss the first 10 seconds entry

    Paulo FernandPaulo FernandHace 22 días
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    Jennifer GurleyJennifer GurleyHace 22 días
  • This is the tire we want. I like 2,3 and even 4 stops. That's the way.

    Brick IslandBrick IslandHace 22 días
  • that was weird, seeing kimi smile and laugh

  • Azta a kúrva ég az autó ég !! XDD

    Szele DávidSzele DávidHace 22 días
  • You only have to watch this video until about 18 minutes, after that it all goes down hill.

    Brick IslandBrick IslandHace 23 días
  • 1:58:42 is the first time in many years that i have heard someone not say "GeT iN tHeRe Lewis"

    Harish AHarish AHace 23 días
  • Very Nice Idol

    Cnp gameCnp gameHace 23 días
  • That one season where Mercedes were shit so they got a secret test to make them better. Everyone forgot hm?

    MrKiseki24MrKiseki24Hace 24 días
  • CXC Simulations owns one of the caterhams

    Ethan ConsidineEthan ConsidineHace 24 días
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    Edwin MetaEdwin MetaHace 24 días
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    Edwin MetaEdwin MetaHace 24 días
  • Vettel was a prick back then, no wonder he used to get boo'd so much. I think he realised in later years he needed to be a team player more and now hes super popular so it shows drivers can change.

    Formula CarlFormula CarlHace 24 días
    • @spidyspidy 1 it wasn’t only that.

      Formula CarlFormula CarlHace 23 días
    • No it was just the fans hating someone because of his success that’s what happened to vettel he was to good for the fans

      spidyspidy 1spidyspidy 1Hace 24 días
  • I didn't remember Pirelli having had so many problems in 2013.

    ArsenicArsenicHace 24 días
  • I love Massa’s engineer. Some of the things he used to say

    DeanDeanHace 24 días
  • 3:21:50 “we have to remember these days because they will not last forever” damn vettel you surely knew

    RC2KRC2KHace 25 días
  • holy shit webber had so much bad luck

    RC2KRC2KHace 25 días
  • Multi-21 was bollocks from the start, Seb was so much quicker! And Mark was just like "Let me win, let me win!"

    ArsenicArsenicHace 25 días
  • Multi 21 Seb..

  • Just following the team orders is jot racing in my pov... As a racing driver u will always try to pass the car ahead otherwise u can go home

    FynnFynnHace 27 días
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    Edwin MetaEdwin MetaHace 27 días
  • 1:12:47 clear penalty for Rai moving while breaking that's not allowed where was checo supposed to go? and he calls him an idiot yeah so ironic

    1Goal 1Dream1Goal 1DreamHace 28 días
  • The intro is the greatest :D

    7K CZECH STUDIO -7K-7K CZECH STUDIO -7K-Hace 28 días
  • I think this was when f1 was a great sport befor it went down hill big time

    David FeelyDavid FeelyHace 28 días
    • Because?

      Matthew Joseph MorganMatthew Joseph MorganHace un día
  • Does anyone else cringe at the "glamour" Monaco bullshit

    Lili BordeiLili BordeiHace 28 días
  • MAAANNN those V8 were pure symphony to ears👂 The last year of real it just hybrid junks. Even the cars also looked much cooler unlike these gigantic spaceships.

    AmitAmitHace un mes
  • I'm starting to see why everybody was hating on vettel pre him being destroyed by leclerc. First he says he was scared that Mark Weber was moving on the straight, then he says he didn't do it on purpose, then he says he heard the message but he didn't understand. And then right after all of that he proceeds to say he's a racing driver he was focused on racing basically undermining all of the lies he just told

    BListBListHace un mes
    • @Harvey Thompson and no I'm actually a Max fan I just haven't ever seen any good reason for people hating on Hamilton other than he keeps on winning and he's a vegan.

      BListBListHace 2 días
    • @Harvey Thompson he did better in three of the last five races I wouldn't count that as outraced him

      BListBListHace 2 días
    • @BList "destroyed" Vettel outraced leclerc for the second half of 2019 wdym 😂 bet you've watched F1 for like 2 years and are a Hamilton fanboy, so what, Vettel showed determination and hunger, you don't get that anymore with this bullshit sport

      Harvey ThompsonHarvey ThompsonHace 2 días
    • @BList yeah a little bit but you‘re right he should’ve just said one

      spidyspidy 1spidyspidy 1Hace 24 días
    • @spidyspidy 1 please do show me where I said fans enjoy team orders I never said that 😂😂😂

      BListBListHace 24 días
  • Webber was a great driver and amazing gent sportman!

    Memo HerdezMemo HerdezHace un mes
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    Mason DanielMason DanielHace un mes
  • These machines of V8's were such a screamer. Who would've thought we could hear this again in the unforeseen future

    Aslatabista AlphonsoAslatabista AlphonsoHace un mes
  • 34:27

    Yt SuperstarYt SuperstarHace un mes
  • Who also watched it in full lenght and without speeding up?

    Bremade 004Bremade 004Hace un mes
  • "would it signal the end of sebastian vettel's run of titles?" ;-;

    LaikaTVLaikaTVHace un mes
  • 1:13:06 Pop music reference alert!

    Perik HoltPerik HoltHace un mes
  • Why does everyone in these comments hate seb so much? Yeah he was cocky and pretty arrogant, but the hate is unbelievable. Don’t you guys already think it was hard enough for him when he received BOO’s on the podium?

    RoxssRoxssHace un mes
  • so Hammilton did not win without having the best car on the grid? Shocker

    ZeFleischwaffeZeFleischwaffeHace un mes
    • @Harvey Thompson My point is he still managed to win

      Amber CilanAmber CilanHace 2 días
    • @Amber Cilan Rosberg won more then him this season 😂

      Harvey ThompsonHarvey ThompsonHace 2 días
    • Were you watching? He certainly won without the best car. Or didn't Hungary happen?

      Amber CilanAmber CilanHace 21 un día
  • THIS is what DTS should be like

    RoxssRoxssHace un mes
    • It's not were dts was meant for

      Tijmen Van Der SchaarTijmen Van Der SchaarHace 27 días
  • Vettel at his peak just roflstomping thru the field. He has the highest highs and the lowest lows of maybe any driver i can think off. lewis may be better but vettel on his day was unstoppable

    hülegühülegüHace un mes
    • @Harvey Thompson mate i am a big fan of vettel but Hamilton is better. Nothing wrong with that

      hülegühülegüHace 2 días
    • @Harvey Thompson no, no he’s not. I like Vettel much more than I like Hamilton, but no.

      RoxssRoxssHace 2 días
    • Vettel is X10 the driver Lewis is

      Harvey ThompsonHarvey ThompsonHace 2 días
    • @Arsenic lmfao, did you really just use Rosberg beat Hamilton to the championship ONCE as a point? Hamilton beat Rosberg twice, but that’s beside the point. Even though Vettel beat Hamilton to four championships, Hamilton beat Vettel to SEVEN. I’m not entirely sure you know how to do math, mind you this is coming from someone who likes Vettel much more than I like Hamilton. But your whole argument is based off of half facts, you say things that are supposed to prove your point, but leave out the other side. Hamilton is without a doubt the better driver. Maybe Vettel and the red bull was a better combination, but Vettel can’t adapt to another car, as seen when the cars switched to v6 hybrids. Do your research before you comment next time, or at least learn how to do math.

      RoxssRoxssHace 24 días
    • @Roxss That is just an unfounded statement. Hamilton has been beaten to the title by his teammate Rosberg. Besides, Vettel has beaten Hamilton to the championship four years in a row, so you can't categorically say Hamilton is better.

      ArsenicArsenicHace 24 días
  • 17:38

    AshAshHace un mes
  • Multi-21... Seb was obviously much quicker than Mark, and he was ahead on points if memory serves. Why was that order given? I think it was a stupid order.

    ArsenicArsenicHace un mes
  • redbull😆

    Ngurah Adi AdnyanaNgurah Adi AdnyanaHace un mes
  • 1:20:30 omg please bring this camera angle back into f1

    Front Row ViewsFront Row ViewsHace un mes
    • Well it is with the 360 camera but it just not broadcasted and more used for the stewards

      spidyspidy 1spidyspidy 1Hace 24 días
  • 1:58:29 that’s Rosberg . Not Lewis. Helmet gives it away

    Tom BardsleyTom BardsleyHace un mes
  • back when a many cars can compete with mercedes.

    EverythingTechProEverythingTechProHace un mes
  • better than any season of drive to survive

    EC_ReviewsEC_ReviewsHace un mes
  • The thing is webber amd nico weren't champions thats why they were told to hold back

    Alex GarcíaAlex GarcíaHace un mes
  • This cars were ugly but it was more competition

    Alex GarcíaAlex GarcíaHace un mes
    • They look way better then modern cars

      Harvey ThompsonHarvey ThompsonHace 2 días
  • Good to see Martin Whitmarsh again. Fantastic season review, thanks a lot for sharing!!

    ArsenicArsenicHace un mes
  • Honestly makes me sad to see how far vettels fallen

    Shea ReidShea ReidHace un mes
    • @BlurryPilot447 hopefully AMR continue to improve and match the front runners.

      Holden CrossHolden CrossHace 16 días
    • Here after his podium in Baku :)

      BlurryPilot447BlurryPilot447Hace 16 días
  • 1:59:40 just leaving this for future reference.

    KaekayyyKaekayyyHace un mes
  • 2:41:27 Vettel was the original "Smooth Operator"!

    Jason ChenJason ChenHace un mes
  • Damn Lotus were actually pretty strong.... sad to see they just faded away and died

    Cedric L. MarquardCedric L. MarquardHace un mes
    • @Cedric L. Marquard yes

      spidyspidy 1spidyspidy 1Hace 24 días
    • @spidyspidy 1 my bad, but wasn't that year pretty bad for them?

      Cedric L. MarquardCedric L. MarquardHace 24 días
    • @Cedric L. Marquard the weird noses where 2014

      spidyspidy 1spidyspidy 1Hace 24 días
    • @Arsenic When did they become Renault? And I didn't they have a dismal 2015? With the weird noses?

      Cedric L. MarquardCedric L. MarquardHace un mes
    • They did not, they went on to become the Renault team and Alpine now. But I agree, they were a joy to watch, especially with Kimi.

      ArsenicArsenicHace un mes