How to use a Steam Machine to Clean Car Interior Tips and Tricks

18 abr 2013
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I LOVE detailing really dirty cars because its fun to show the client a before and after once the car is completed. In this episode, I use a VX5000 to clean and disinfect small areas in hopes of finding/killing the horrible smell that was present. Because this car was exceptionally dirty, I did a few steps that I "normally" wouldn't have done or at least I would have done them in a different order. (ie...vacuuming twice) Watch and see what I find between the seats that's causing the horrible smell. Yikes... Hope you find this helpful! -L
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  • This is why parents need to start being parents and stop encouraging and enabling them to room things that are super expensive because they don’t care they didn’t have to pay for it and they don’t have to pay for cleaning it up but the parents always the problem and always the solution. No food and no drink in the car and that includes gum and do not give your children pens and crowns and things like that in the vehicle play some relax and have some downtime they don’t have to be overstimulated constantly it’s unhealthy for them and they’ll grow up to be on healthy adults

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  • I don’t think the thickness of cord is indication of how much power a machine has....... They are great machines though. I find a Miele vacuum works better. Their mini turbo head is a godsend for cleaning carpets.

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  • Hey Larry, I'm trying to buy some equipment for detailing, but can't afford the big machines which you have. Could you recommend a good steamer, and extractor for half the price of what you got??

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  • The carpet is not cleaned until it is shampooed and extracted. The steamer moves dirt around and the rag wipe does not pick it all up or even the majority of the dirt up.

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  • Festool is 12A so cord gauge means SFA doctor clean...

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  • Great videos Larry, your probably the only detailer I've seen who's more anal than myself, great job. Fortunately my old steamer finally quit working and it's time to get a new one so I have two questions for you. What type of steamer do you currently use and what product do you use to clean out air ducts?

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  • I got a steamer a while back, which does really help with tough cleaning, but dame that is one powerful long lasting steamer you got there. Wish he gave a link or name of it. I would upgrade in a second.

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    • found this link to a steamer on his website

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  • I just bought one works awesome

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  • What machine would you recommend for home/personal use if I dont want to spend too much money??? Any recommendations would help

    Nicolas RiosNicolas RiosHace 2 años
    • I bought a cheap used one. It's small, but works decently well.

      deasttndeasttnHace un año
  • For the ozone generator, how did you set yours up? I've seen mixed videos of where people close the generator inside and other videos where the generator is outside, pumping ozone into the car through a funnel.

    AllAmericanGuy01AllAmericanGuy01Hace 2 años
    • @AMMO NYC Makes sense. Which one do you have?

      AllAmericanGuy01AllAmericanGuy01Hace 2 años
    • depends on the machine you are using. check with the manufacturer to see what the proper setup is for your individual unit.

      AMMO NYCAMMO NYCHace 2 años
  • Larry can you recommend a car steam cleaner ,i just started a part time detailing business and wanted to add a steam cleaning machine that would not break the bank and was wondering with so many cleaners out there which one would be good , thank you in advance Raymond

    NitrokyoshoNitrokyoshoHace 2 años
    • vx5000. I have a link on my website

      AMMO NYCAMMO NYCHace 2 años
  • Can u please let me know what steam machine you are using Wich manufacture and model and where i can purchase this machine please !!!!!

    Jeremiah CarrionJeremiah CarrionHace 2 años
    • ,I think it is Vapor steam cleaner vx5000

      Vincenzo LuisiVincenzo LuisiHace un año
  • Ozone machine? What’s is that for?

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  • What steam machine are you using?

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    • @Vincenzo Luisi TY for answering me, I appreciate it.

      Bang BangBang BangHace un año
    • I asked the same question, but got no reply,I think it is Vapor steam cleaner vx5000

      Vincenzo LuisiVincenzo LuisiHace un año
  • Dude, you just talk too much. Try to make your videos less verbose and more info driven. Not trying to be a hater, just giving you some useful advice.

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  • Do you ever remove the seats so that you can clean underneath them? That’s what I used to do when I detailed cars. I found that vans are the worst. They had every kind of stink known to mankind in them

    Larry LaneLarry LaneHace 2 años
    • I'm sure he has removed seats. I think he detailed a mcclaren and they practically tore the car apart for a week.

      deasttndeasttnHace un año
  • hey larry ? what kind of steamer your useing

    Spanking New automotive detailingSpanking New automotive detailingHace 2 años
    • Vx5000

      deasttndeasttnHace un año
  • You're lucky this time I had to do a car that had a soup spill, the thick kind!

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  • sorry to have to point this out but in my country the word shag means what goes on between a man and a woman behind closed doors that leads to 2 becoming 3 and the word squirt a little on well im guessing you follow my meaning nice video apart from that england says hi

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  • Amigo that's a lot of work How do you charger that job 👌

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    • You set a price and they pay. That's how

      deasttndeasttnHace un año
  • Get that kid something to eat

    Glen P.Glen P.Hace 2 años
  • hey larry. Great video and good introduction to the steamer. I have a problem with odor in my car and it smells a lot like a mildew/pollen and I can smell it for a few seconds only when I start the car after 12+ hours of not using it. I think the smess is in the vents because I keep a pretty clean car normally. I've vaccummed the carpets, deodrized them with baking soda and the smell still persists. I've tried using a disinfectant spray throught the cabin air intake and I think it only masks the smell. I've been looking around to using the steamer in my AC vents. Wanted to get your take on that.

    Graham ThomasGraham ThomasHace 2 años
    • @Phill Helbig thanks for this info. Did not think of the microfiber towel on the other outlets. Makes sense.

      Graham ThomasGraham ThomasHace 2 años
    • Graham Thomas he did that in other Videos. Steamer in one outtake microfibre towel on The other one where The steam comes out.

      Phill HelbigPhill HelbigHace 2 años
  • What's with these parents allowing their kids to damage their car? Growing up, my parents would have killed me if I even thought about coloring the seats and ceilings and putting stickers on windows. Then again, I was raised old school where parents were actually parents and not busy trying to be my friend.

    AllAmericanGuy01AllAmericanGuy01Hace 2 años
    • They probably didn't like black people, too (lots of racists in that generation)

      deasttndeasttnHace un año
  • By the looks of the interior, Imagine how they've neglected the maintenance. This is a great example why buying a used car is not a good idea.

    Charles M RinehartCharles M RinehartHace 2 años
    • Hogwash. Buying used is an excellent idea.

      deasttndeasttnHace un año
  • What’s a good cheaper steam cleaner?

    ceoRestAssuredceoRestAssuredHace 2 años
    • Mcculloch

      deasttndeasttnHace un año
    • McCullough

      deasttndeasttnHace un año
  • Hey Larry where can I get a ammo nyc jacket like yours ? Really want one 😅

    justin bonachitajustin bonachitaHace 2 años
  • What steamer do you use

    Kathmandu NKathmandu NHace 2 años
    • Vx5000. It's in notes

      deasttndeasttnHace un año
  • What steamer do you use?

    ceoRestAssuredceoRestAssuredHace 2 años
    • AMMO NYC is there a cheaper option that you suggest? Is that your first steamer or did you start out cheaper and invest in your business once you started making money or did you just jump right in to spending the $900 on that steamer?

      ceoRestAssuredceoRestAssuredHace 2 años
    • VX5000. There's a link on my website.

      AMMO NYCAMMO NYCHace 2 años
  • If you spot clean with the steam on the headliner when dry will the area you cleaned be a lot lighter than the rest of the liner? Do you have to clean the whole liner so it will all match.

    dphotosdphotosHace 2 años
    • dphotos definatly!

      Phill HelbigPhill HelbigHace 2 años
  • Did you taste the chicken?

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  • 👍

    cvb_71cvb_71Hace 2 años
  • can i use a rugdoctor to clean the carpets and i have a steamer one of the sharks one s so what do you sagest to me and some one spiled soda and there is goo under my floor mats . help please

    Patick HallenbeckPatick HallenbeckHace 2 años
  • What temp should the steamer be set at? I see setting anywhere from 200 to 275 degF on steamers.

    Peter KrzesinskiPeter KrzesinskiHace 2 años
  • whats the diff between Tornador and steamer? Tornador would use apc thus use chemicals to clean. Steamer use hot water is it more safe in your opinion to upholstry ? or you simply have steamer =) when would one use one over anohter ?thx

    Citroen HyCitroen HyHace 2 años
  • Do u use any cleaners in steamer?

    Marv WooMarv WooHace 2 años
    • Not in the steamer

      deasttndeasttnHace un año
  • Larry, at 6:44 between the sound of the steamer and you saying "almost there", you sound like a dentist removing a cavity... lol. Great content, I am very interested in investing in one of these steamers!

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