New Mining Tricks for 1.17 Minecraft Cave Update

27 feb 2021
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New cave mining tricks and tips for 1.17 Minecraft the caves and cliffs update! What is the best way to find diamonds in deep caves? Strip mining, beacon haste mining, tunnel boring, surface mining, branch mining, cave spelunking and more!
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Updating Old worlds to New Caves:
Ancient debris farming with tunnel bore:
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New Mining Tricks for 1.17 Minecraft Cave Update
Rays Works

  • New tricks and tips for mining in 1.17 deep caves! More 1.17 Simple Farms: ►Twitch:

    Rays WorksRays WorksHace un mes
    • @Mitchell Conda Checking it out now. Seems good so far :)

      Alijah KoleAlijah KoleHace un mes
    • not sure if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using Instapwn. Just google for it if you care

      Mitchell CondaMitchell CondaHace un mes
    • How come my xbox doesn't have this

      Johnny ChurchJohnny ChurchHace un mes
    • I'll just get a night vision and water breathing potion and explore the caves!

      SafwaN PlayZSafwaN PlayZHace un mes
    • What you are calling strip mining is shaft mining. What you are doing on the surface with the shovel is actually strip mining. I know it's being picky, but when coal companies try to push for strip mining and people think of shaft mining it's easier for them to convince people. Strip mining is an extremely destructive form of mining that often destroys whole mountains. (Lived near strip mining as a kid... it's an ugly thing.) (Personal pet peeve... I bug everyone in the minecraft world who uses the terms wrong.)

      nacorannacoranHace un mes
  • You definitely shouldn't dig straight down now that the caves can be hundreds of blocks high

    John Carlo FernandezJohn Carlo FernandezHace 2 días
  • How will creeper farm rates be affected by the new caves? Hard to light all that up. Mountaintop mob farms only?

    David BuddDavid BuddHace 10 días
  • It feels like iron no longer exists now XD Idk maybe I'll try a mountain for my iron

    nathan sfarciocnathan sfarciocHace 12 días
  • I think this caves update could be be pretty controversial, I think many people will not move onto 1.17

    beingatlibertybeingatlibertyHace 15 días
  • It feels like diamonds and even iron become so rare. I've been mining just above bedrock for I don't know how many hours and found like 7 diamonds in total. I used to have like 20 at least by now

    Adryan CavarAdryan CavarHace 15 días
  • Now we need new biomes in the over world

    Keanu AsideraKeanu AsideraHace 16 días
  • Chiseled stone = guardian Chiseled quartz = elder guardian

    Sa'dulla RizayevSa'dulla RizayevHace 17 días
  • it's caveS AND CLIFFS, you doofus

    Bartek ZabawaBartek ZabawaHace 18 días
  • I’m definitely not digging down anymore. Look how big those caves. Are

    [GHOST] tropics_[GHOST] tropics_Hace 18 días
  • Dude 1.17 isn't even out yet. So these "new mining tricks" are for the snapshots, not for 1.17. You can't know how many changes and bugfixes there will be in the future.

    Matei RogojinăMatei RogojinăHace 20 días
    • Nothing big will change

      Rays WorksRays WorksHace 19 días
  • I got 3 ads on this video for TOTALAdblock lol. I'm at Y -59, that's where bedrock begins. I'm strip/grid mining and I'm finding a lot of Redstone and a bit of gold and lapis, not much else so far. I'll go a bit more and then move to Y -54 as you suggest

    Metal MonkeyMetal MonkeyHace 23 días
  • Me: Im a minor Ad: BaBY BoTTLes foR U! Me: Tiktok sucks Ad: tiktok oh oh uh

    Shark ToothShark ToothHace 24 días
  • oWo

    madd lamarmadd lamarHace 26 días
  • How to install the update

    XWRLDXWRLDHace 27 días
    • Check description

      Rays WorksRays WorksHace 25 días
  • Does adding the animation of liking and subscribing actually do anything? I just see it as a lazy way to beg. I subscribe to a channel when I care about their content enough to watch everything they put out. I just cannot see it successfully bringing in more subs.

    Big ChiefBig ChiefHace 27 días
  • They could make an efficiency V netherite pick and haste II mine deepslate be instamined

    Józef DuboisJózef DuboisHace 29 días
  • poggers

    Darq F1REDarq F1REHace 29 días
  • I don’t mean to be a downer or anything but this update sounds like it’ll make mining more grind-y and a lot less fun, it just means you have to mine more at different levels and at different biomes but it doesn’t seem to have many benefits. All it seems to do is be more time consuming, nobody actually enjoys strip mining it’s just a thing people have to do.

    Phoenix 9001Phoenix 9001Hace 29 días
  • I sorta make it a point to not automate much in mc. With the exception of wanting a tree farm to combat deforestation. I like that every resource i use comes from the earth and not the magical mob farm aether

    Al St. ClairAl St. ClairHace 29 días
  • I just have a special texture pack for mining

    JaydelvdveeJaydelvdveeHace un mes
  • You know only netheright spawns in the nether ummmm

    YC Studio'sYC Studio'sHace un mes
  • 2:54 Poor one :(

    DEMAXGAMER 195DEMAXGAMER 195Hace un mes
  • Man I can't wait for full release!!

    IdiotIdiotHace un mes
  • Why is it nearly I possible to find diamond now I have found more in nether fortress chests

    NonexistentAbnormality Don’tlookthiswayplease!NonexistentAbnormality Don’tlookthiswayplease!Hace un mes
  • Wait so andsite diorite and granit will remove from the game? Or there another way to find them?

    shay122shay122Hace un mes
  • new iron is ugly ...

    Alpha RangerAlpha RangerHace un mes
  • Use bonemeal and some lush you can mine deepslate with a wooden shovel fast enough.

    Darrell .JDarrell .JHace un mes
  • question. we just started playing minecraft a month ago.. so weve mined caves already. are the old caves be updated? like the new blocks added from the caves we already mined?

    BanefuryBanefuryHace un mes
    • You need to be playing on the most recent snapshot and go to unloaded chunks (places you haven't been yet) to get the new cave blocks

      Shadow Master 7Shadow Master 7Hace un mes
  • When does it come for iPad or IPOne

    MTutorialsForMinecraft 0MTutorialsForMinecraft 0Hace un mes
    • @Shadow Master 7 thank you for telling me

      MTutorialsForMinecraft 0MTutorialsForMinecraft 0Hace un mes
    • Sometime in summer. Java just has snapshots for now which can be really glitchy so they will probably get the update same time bedrock gets the update

      Shadow Master 7Shadow Master 7Hace un mes
  • 12:45 I play with gamma 10 so this won't rlly matter for me

    Declan McgoeyDeclan McgoeyHace un mes
  • Hope they increase the drop rate

    DarekaDarekaHace un mes
  • YOOO. THE SEED YOU USED FOR THAT WORLD IS A GLITCH SEED. The underground world repeats infinitely. You can see it at 0:17. Whats that seed?

  • finally Minecraft made my wish update Dig down *THE REWARDS GET BETTER*

    zippyzippyHace un mes
  • tip : you should actually mine two blocks before bedrock for diamonds/deepslate for all ores because if you mine like this you will be able to find more 8 ores diamond packs generating, because it could be below your feet too, but if you mine 1 block before bedrock/deepslate only 1 ore can spawn beneath you, the other won't spawn because of bedrock/deepslate. hope I was clear

    SorenSorenHace un mes
  • Dude thx so much i would have mined at like -20 but now I know where i need to get iron and diamonds

    The LightningThe LightningHace un mes
  • you can just set the game on superbright, no need for potions that way

    Otto van OosterhoutOtto van OosterhoutHace un mes
  • I honestly think that deepslate will not give any problems to me for mining

    binay jaiswalbinay jaiswalHace un mes
  • They haven’t even added ore veins, so this may be obsolete very soon.

    Barbecue ShoesBarbecue ShoesHace un mes
  • how do we make the tnt launcher thing? i m trying my best but its just a guessing game of whats there

    Bubble Gum CatBubble Gum CatHace un mes
    • Info in video

      Rays WorksRays WorksHace un mes

    RubixRubixHace un mes
    • Don't believe so, mobs probably spawned naturally in that dark room before he swapped to spectator.

      PositivityPositivityHace un mes
  • Oh so you using repeater seeds? Cheater

    Semire USemire UHace un mes
  • The 1.17 update was the reason Mojang removed the custom worlds you could make a while ago, custom ore spawns, more or less structures.. So I hope now with 1.17 they can re add that back in.

    WinterCraftWinterCraftHace un mes
  • Welp... no more early game iron smh 🤦‍♂️

    SquintsSquintsHace un mes
  • They should make it so bonemealing cobblestone gives your mossy cobblestone

    Toa sterToa sterHace un mes
  • strip mining got BUFFED and cave searching got NERFED

    Julien DanisJulien DanisHace un mes
  • 0:44 Creeper spawner on the left? Do they exist?

    ShadowliciousShadowliciousHace un mes
  • It's GRIMSTONE!!!!!!!

    LyriXLyriXHace un mes
  • 13:58 😂😂😂😂

    It's just VladIt's just VladHace un mes
  • 0:45 creeper spawner???

    Henrique UzumakiHenrique UzumakiHace un mes
  • I dont like 1.17

  • Which seed was shown at 14:56?

    Comrade ElmoComrade ElmoHace un mes
  • Garanite

    Ammon JaneyAmmon JaneyHace un mes
  • I use three high tunnels when I strip mine! Not for any efficiency reasons but because it feels better to not be smacking my head on the ceiling!

    John WillisJohn WillisHace un mes
  • Is trading with villagers for diamond tools going to be easier than mining now??

    Washing MachineryWashing MachineryHace un mes
  • Woah woah woah woah woah 0:45 CREEPER SPAWNERS??????

    Meatba11Meatba11Hace un mes
  • it's ironic that the tuff block is weaker that deepslate

  • “If we blow up tuff here, we can really see how tuff it really is -Ray, 2021

    Ji CAOJi CAOHace un mes
  • as someone who has played the new snapshots in survival, "you can find large areas in caves that have mobs" is very wrong. There are tons of mobs in some areas, sometimes 3-4 creepers, zombies and skeletons each.

    BakedPotato_BakedPotato_Hace un mes
  • Can't wait for warden-powered farms when they come out!

    Wendell CWendell CHace un mes
  • 3:11 ah yes i want deepslate coal its so useful.

    Zidane HDZidane HDHace un mes
  • I think they would've shown this off in the official reveal, but maybe there's a new ore that you can find at the bottom of the world that improves Netherite so you can instamine deepslatw

    evan starkeyevan starkeyHace un mes
  • I just realised how good a slime farm will eb

    Asbjoern JuulAsbjoern JuulHace un mes
  • I feel like you should be able to wash the weathering off of copper blocks

    Steves CraftsSteves CraftsHace un mes
  • Making a perimeter would be harder now : _ (

    Vijay PatelVijay PatelHace un mes
  • tnt duplication patch incoming

    Sauron TeaSauron TeaHace un mes
  • I think that night vision is good for mining now because it's easy to make I mean you need gold and some nether wart and a carrot but in my opinion is very cheap for an early to mid-game player :D

    GreekCreeperGreekCreeperHace un mes
  • As stated there is really no reason to go into the caves or mining anymore. End city's and trading gets you your gear. Farms get resources. It would be nice if there was an underground temple or village like a bastion that gives you a reason to go there

    Kevin DKevin DHace un mes
  • 2:48 what block is that next to the deepslate?

    JoJoJoJoHace un mes
    • Chiseled Blackstone

      Astley • KFP's SingerAstley • KFP's SingerHace un mes

    PuaGamerPuaGamerHace un mes
  • My only problem with this update is mob proofing caves. The amount of torches we have to place, oh boy

    OwenTheAmazingWolf -OwenTheAmazingWolf -Hace un mes
    • @L3gz yea

      OwenTheAmazingWolf -OwenTheAmazingWolf -Hace 28 días
    • Maybe, make Glow Lichens more common in every open or wider caves.

      L3gzL3gzHace 28 días
    • @Hydrated Beans yeah I agree

      OwenTheAmazingWolf -OwenTheAmazingWolf -Hace un mes
    • Yeah this update doesn’t fix the two things I hated about caves. They’re still impossible to navigate and spawn-proof. They need longer light sources.

      Hydrated BeansHydrated BeansHace un mes
  • With the increased size of chunks how much will performance be affected?

    AokiriAokiriHace un mes
  • "Night vision is going to be a must" Every peaceful player: What is potion brewing for $500, Alex? Mojang needs to add a way for peaceful players to brew potions.

    SethSethHace un mes
    • @evan starkey yeah, about that... No.

      SethSethHace un mes
    • Easy fix: don't play peaceful

      evan starkeyevan starkeyHace un mes
  • 4:07 "Deep slab"

    Cc99X_YTCc99X_YTHace un mes
  • 10:44 It hurts me SO MUCH to hear you use the word strip mining when talking about tunnel mining... Especially when you proceed to actually strip mine less than a minute later.

    Sexually Confused PenguinSexually Confused PenguinHace un mes
  • For a fast night vision you can also use a suspicious soup

    LagragonLagragonHace un mes
  • I'm surprised to see the repeating glitch happening again.

    Dark SaturnDark SaturnHace un mes
  • 16:14 That's actually a GOOD thing - back when MCEdit was usable (years ago, now), I used to nuke the Silverfish blocks out of existence, along with Tall Grass (ugly).

    Richard SamuelsonRichard SamuelsonHace un mes
  • This update really went from haha glowsquid to the whole mining Meta changing

    trAnz BlanktrAnz BlankHace un mes
  • 13:00 why not just use the newly added pouch for holding a lot of them

    Asbjørn ElneffAsbjørn ElneffHace un mes
    • @Astley • KFP's Singer oh, then it could be used to have the potion ingredients

      Asbjørn ElneffAsbjørn ElneffHace un mes
    • They can only hold one potion as of the 1.17 Snapshot

      Astley • KFP's SingerAstley • KFP's SingerHace un mes
  • Very tuff to mine

    Bor KajinBor KajinHace un mes
  • Tip 1 for mining 1. Yes

    KingTropical 63KingTropical 63Hace un mes
  • IMO the generation can't stay like this. Grind has been multiplied by four. It's bad enough that I could give up on the game.

    Grégory MaklesGrégory MaklesHace un mes
    • Right thats all I'm thinking while watching this, its nothing but a grind from hell

      HaZard 43HaZard 43Hace un mes
  • I like how he considers everything a normal Minecraft player will generally do as "early game"

    Larry McMundLarry McMundHace un mes
  • Bringing moss and bonemeal for mining is going to be meta.

    Joshua TennerJoshua TennerHace un mes
  • just use that green thumb and the ground bones of the fallen (moss block+ bonemeal)

    Ally JacksonAlly JacksonHace un mes
  • The way he moves feels like he's using a controller (when he's flying)

    LeoTheArtistLeoTheArtistHace un mes
  • nobody: Rays works: "Megma blocks"

    Ivan SeryoginIvan SeryoginHace un mes
    • Smegma blocks

      Mark HoseaMark HoseaHace un mes
  • cant you use these little bags to pack 64 potions of night vision? i forgot how they re called

    Luca KennelLuca KennelHace un mes
  • This change is so good. Finally mining gets more compictaed, forcing the player to plan mining methods and build multi-leveled mines. This also encourages redstone-machinery to deal with ore hoisting and delivery to smelters. In real life mines have different levels, often called "drifts", where to goal is to follow an ore vein. Usually these drifts join up at a hoist station; like a vinze or shaft. It's really cool that something like this will be possible in MC now.

    GoldenNorway1GoldenNorway1Hace un mes
    • I already did that shit now its gonna be more of a grind

      HaZard 43HaZard 43Hace un mes
  • does that machine work on bedrock

    mr_izzy_ytmr_izzy_ytHace un mes
  • I play Minecraft on switch. All of these new snapshots are just basically watching for me :(

    plasticplasticHace un mes
  • Honestly once i get enough diamonds to support myself i get villagers and just grind those guys until i can get a max enchant diamond armor for about 6 stacks of emeralds

    WaterWaterHace un mes
  • Bet that the Warden still won't be a problem for people with god gear. You probably won't be mining much if you already have it tho.

    HaxaliciousHaxaliciousHace un mes
  • literally everyone: the caves are pretty dark so they'll be hard to navigate and won't look as good me, with a night vision texture pack: laughs in cheater

    levelzerolevelzeroHace un mes
  • Did he really say "*deepslab*"?! 4:05

    Nathan SchreitlNathan SchreitlHace un mes
    • He did lol

      Nathan SchreitlNathan SchreitlHace un mes
  • Chiseled deepslate looks like Mickey Mouse

    GlebSoccerGlebSoccerHace un mes
  • rip grimstone

    DisguisedPixelsDisguisedPixelsHace un mes
  • u know whats funny iron i didnt see iron anywhere

    Quinten BijlsmaQuinten BijlsmaHace un mes
  • i wonder if this will affect speedrunning

    Mikołaj MówkaMikołaj MówkaHace un mes