100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]

20 feb 2021
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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Superflat worlds are very notable. The entire world is SUPERFLAT, with only 3 layers of dirt and then unbreakable bedrock. In this video, I will survive for 100 Days in a Minecraft Superflat World on Hardcore mode. If I die my entire world will be deleted. So watch me run from the slimes and make hella profits in 100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]
World Download - www.mediafire.com/file/y4xqwxuck8jpcqz/100_Days_-_%255BHardcore_Superflat%255D.rar/file
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Thumbnail Art - Maeder
Editor - Tors
0:00 Day 1 - 10
3:12 Day 11- 20
5:48 Day 21 - 30
8:39 Day 31 - 40
11:37 Day 41 - 50
14:32 Day 51 - 60
17:21 Day 61-70
20:33 Day 71-80
23:50 Day 81-90
26:57 Day 91-100

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  • Please do 200 days of multiplyer please please

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  • UR now dirt king

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  • do 200

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  • Note: the nether is flat but not in the village and pillage update (1.17-1.16) it is in 1.15 and lower

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  • What about 200 days with tors

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  • Luke making his beacon : i made this with gold coz i didnt have emralds his house:

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  • Petition for him to play this in 1.15 where strongholds can spawn in superflat

    Pranay GoyalPranay GoyalHace un hora
  • pettition for luke to survive 100 days on hardcore hytale when it comes out.

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    • Can you read my mind? Because i was thinking the same!

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  • If any one has seen luke in real life put it in here.

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  • Ur sensitivity is so high

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  • Do a day only in the nether and only mining.

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    • that is true though

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    • no in a mean way

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    • In superflat.

      Owen BowersOwen BowersHace un hora
    • Didn't he do 3 whole days in the nether in his 2000 days series?

      Memeasour MakLolsMemeasour MakLolsHace 2 horas
  • Try to survive on a horse a whole day WITHOUT KILLING SLIMES. ( Caps lock on purpose )

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    • Just look

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    • Hi lukes alt(i think?)

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    • Also that’s like an amazing idea

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    • That’s a really good idea

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  • Why is theres no 3000 days hardcore minecraft

    orange pokemonorange pokemonHace 2 horas
  • You can beat the dragon in the old games but that means no hardcore. You could do adventure hard and if you die you get rid of the world or dont play it. Doesn't look as good and the best stuff you can get is diamond.

    Owen BowersOwen BowersHace 2 horas
    • Your amazing lol i wish someday you might play with fans lol

      Fire LordFire LordHace 2 horas
  • 100 days modded minecraft

    Frederik Berg PedersenFrederik Berg PedersenHace 2 horas
    • I tried it and only survived 75 days.

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  • btw you cant beat the ender dragon

    thomasDestroyerYT !thomasDestroyerYT !Hace 2 horas
  • Maybe you should start to stop killing everything and work on a fort and a chest underground where you can't see it and store your junk in it like slime blocks and slimeballs. ( Mainly do the fort )

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  • i mean 3000 days

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  • 300 days? in hardcore

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  • More

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  • What there's a village in flat

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  • hot golems 14 km away from you

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  • Plz do 200 days

  • I have subscribed. Can't reply it though.

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  • Why is there so many dislikes?

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  • I once loaded a world in superflat and did what Luke TheNotable did.

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  • I once saved up netherite and had 52 of them. Wow

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    • It is true.

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    • BRUV

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  • Tfw he’s switched his channel to most recent comments instead of top comments for certain reasons

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    • You can change it

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  • Luke, why don't you spawn an end portal, it's just to fight the ender dragon and nothing more

    James Dela PenaJames Dela PenaHace 3 horas
    • You wouldn't get achevements

      Owen BowersOwen BowersHace 3 horas
  • Why are you playing super flat if there’s no a stronghold

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    • Idk he wanted too

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  • *gasp* did you say bitches

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  • I love this series!!!

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  • Wait how is elytra announced if it’s not eelitra

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  • And that's on gold baby girl

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  • Please play rlcraft

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  • i always thought you couldn’t really do anything in super flat until now

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  • "Wow what a super effective cobblestone generator that didn't break immediately" *lava turns into obsidian* "Oh" The Big Sad

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  • 10:00 thats not nether rack but ok

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  • It's called an emerald

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    • Yea what

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  • Luke smelt down iron and gold armor

    Lincoln DesjarlaisLincoln DesjarlaisHace 5 horas
  • Can I try hardcore Minecraft and post it on my video

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  • Can you do 200 days?

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  • The horse went down a hero

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  • "Slime slayer"

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  • The nether use to be flat in super fkat

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  • Wait couldn’t he make a cobblestone generator?

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  • "that why i always wear armor when i do this" you were wearing armor tho

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  • Days 200!

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  • its just so nice to hear moment of SILENCE

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  • 200 days

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  • there's no way you can find a village in super flat world.

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    • my friend are you noob or did not play minecraft? then listen we can find if u have minecraft then play superflatOKAY?

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  • When are u gonna do 200 days with tors

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  • Plz ceep this as a cearies

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  • Apparently it is possible to find floating ender portals in superflat

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  • Hey Luke you can buy glass from librarians

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  • More more more

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  • Fun fact It is theoretically possible to get full netherite armor in a super flat

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  • Basically a hardcore world means if u die u go to hell(definitely) no 2nd chance

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  • He's gonna start hearing slime sounds in real life after this.

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  • Please go to 200 days. I love this “series”

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  • Anyone else get a little triggered when he called a bastion a black stone fortress? I mean, I know that's technically what it is, but still

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    • Maybe a little

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    • Ok then

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  • 4:08 look at his shovel wth???

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    • he spliced the clips that one probably broke so he went to get a new one :)

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  • "bread excites me"

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  • *so I spent the night clubbing some of the babies*

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  • Go to the nether and y pool u can get bone blocks for bone meal

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  • Surviving 100 days in pixelmon

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  • Wandering traders are finally useful.

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  • Attack on slime

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  • Wow amazing this my first time see a youtuber do 100 days in flat world!

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  • make more videos

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  • 11:33 oh I always said elytra like that I’m a freakin idiot

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    • @The mysterious NOOB ikr

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    • i do too like how am i suppose to pronounce it???

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    • TwT

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    • same

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  • When are you getting diamonds?

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    • He already did -_- u clearly didn’t watch the whole vid

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  • I love your videos I watched every video!!!!

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  • 13:58 use a hoe to break leaves!

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    • @Some Guy shears are faster

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    • @Some Guy ok

      Itz_PoisonPlayzItz_PoisonPlayzHace 7 horas
    • @Itz_PoisonPlayz ​ Shears only give leave blocks. Use a hoe to get apples and sticks fast. It's a new feature

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    • No shears

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