Border Collie/Retriever Mix Does A Cute Trick

10 may 2021
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Oreo is a new client of mine and she has a great temperament for grooming. Wait until the end to see her cute little trick.

  • the polka dots are so adorable

    jamiejamieHace 12 horas
  • Best ending ever

    WildcatbeerWildcatbeerHace 15 horas
  • What a sweet doggo. Love how she sat pretty for you. Absolutly adorable. Blessings

    d sandersd sandersHace un día
  • I was wondering what mix my dog was and after seeing this video I can tell he’s definitely part border collie

    WolfiedaAquarius 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️WolfiedaAquarius 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️Hace 2 días
  • Such a beautiful dog 🖤💕

    Abigail LaFeyAbigail LaFeyHace 2 días
  • My weakness....Border Collies, so stinkin cute!

    GregGregHace 3 días
  • SUCH a good girl!

    Angela GoudmanAngela GoudmanHace 5 días
  • What a sweet,beautiful dog!!!!!

    Gloria StroedeckeGloria StroedeckeHace 6 días
  • wait oreo looks like my ex's dog and has the same name ,, are you based in the uk , by chance ? lol

    lillyay4 (ya'll hate me don't you-)lillyay4 (ya'll hate me don't you-)Hace 6 días
  • You forgot to say " and then I shave out her paw pads" 😭

    Neelabh ChowdhuryNeelabh ChowdhuryHace 7 días
  • Shes so pretty💚💚💚

    Luna TodorokiLuna TodorokiHace 8 días
  • She’s sooooooo sweet!!

    N VN VHace 9 días
  • Beautiful dog 🥰

    Black WolfBlack WolfHace 10 días
  • I actually audibly let out an 'awh' at the end😂 What a cutie!

    AnaïsAnaïsHace 12 días
  • It is so satisfying when she tidy up their pants.

    Garmino, Micca G.Garmino, Micca G.Hace 14 días
  • The goodest girl

    lenalenaHace 14 días
  • My dog is the same mix and he is the best boy ever!

    Dee DroleDee DroleHace 15 días
  • I feel like she is a good dog.

    lordofentropylordofentropyHace 15 días
  • I love chunkers

    Rose dragonRose dragonHace 16 días
  • Beautiful dog ❤️🤗

    Mario RiveraMario RiveraHace 16 días
  • Such a sweetie!🥰

    Rob BabcockRob BabcockHace 17 días
  • Yes i wanted to see a cute trick

    nono nononono nonoHace 17 días
  • pourin one out for the fact that her name is oreo

    moonmistmoonmistHace 17 días
  • I hate that I can't stop watching this channel 🤣

    dzddzdHace 18 días
  • She is so beautiful!

    NyxNyxHace 18 días
  • She's definitely got more of the collie in her but u can see the golden in her eyes and face. Very cute doggo

    Echoes Of DragonsEchoes Of DragonsHace 20 días
  • She is so well behaved❤️

    Apoorva NKApoorva NKHace 20 días
  • Shes so ☺️ cute

    Clairebear EatsClairebear EatsHace 20 días
  • *Sit pretty*

    X1xLunax1XX1xLunax1XHace 21 un día
  • Turn to Jesus and be saved:)

    CrazyloomerCrazyloomerHace 22 días
  • omg she’s so cute!!

    purpletanniespurpletanniesHace 22 días
  • Look at at her sooocks

    XiiohXiiohHace 22 días
  • OMG she is soooo adorable!!!!!

    Moon LightMoon LightHace 22 días
  • Not to be dramatic but I would die for Oreo😍😍😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Ramya VenkatkrishnanRamya VenkatkrishnanHace 25 días
  • Comment to support her!!!

    Teagen XoxoTeagen XoxoHace 26 días
  • Beautiful dog

    DampCakeDampCakeHace 27 días
  • The first time in my life I heard "adorable and sad" in one sentence-

    Lil Meow MeowLil Meow MeowHace un mes
  • People always comment about "grinch feet" but I just love it the you say you're gonna "tidy up their furnishings" lol

    16poetisa16poetisaHace un mes
  • so beautiful this dog...all of the dogs..i cant help it i love all of them

    sid gsid gHace un mes
  • She’s the cutest!! Your so cute oreo

    Penelope Van NessPenelope Van NessHace un mes
  • that doesn't look like a golden retriever mix at all. That's almost 100% pure border collie looking.

    Minimus MaxMinimus MaxHace un mes
  • her front paws look like cookies and cream... so cute!

    yello beeyello beeHace un mes
  • I think you would melt if you saw my boyfriend's border collie! She is a brown border collie and has the cutest look ever!! She is also very well behaved!

    Lewd-ChanLewd-ChanHace un mes
  • I really don't like the music. I liked quiet videos with beautiful doggos like before

    Siddharth YSiddharth YHace un mes
  • The dog is not well behaved.. her body language tells she is scared and helpless because she knows there is nothing she can do to avoid this treatment.. there is a difference!

    Päivi KeroPäivi KeroHace un mes
  • Thumbs down? Creeps with no skills.

    cervezacervezaHace un mes
  • Cute

    alexduarte7alexduarte7Hace un mes
  • tell me why i got an oreo add right before this

    Anita BallachandaAnita BallachandaHace un mes
  • She looks just like my childhood dog. What a beautiful girl. ❤️

    Clare O'TooleClare O'TooleHace un mes
  • By far the best behaved doggo I’ve seen in a minute

    SlimTarHeel 2SlimTarHeel 2Hace un mes

    jahmawryjahmawryHace un mes
  • What a cutie

    KuroBushi (Chris)KuroBushi (Chris)Hace un mes
  • That "Bentley" (white spot) on top of her head gives away the secret that she might have a little Australian Cattle Dog in her background. :)

    Heather LaneHeather LaneHace un mes
  • Uh-huh i wish someone would groom me as the dog 😌😌

    kazuya_ masumikazuya_ masumiHace un mes
    • Wtf

      ButterButterHace un mes
  • Good doggo

    Jägerbomb ShotsJägerbomb ShotsHace un mes
  • "A cute round bum." I love this girl lol

    Deese MacKenzieDeese MacKenzieHace un mes

    Aparna A SAparna A SHace un mes
  • best videos on YT!

    krzeszewskikrzeszewskiHace un mes
  • Is it not bad luck to cut a collies hair though must be a English thing

    kenny the drummerkenny the drummerHace un mes
  • Perty Doggie!

    BruceBruceHace un mes
  • She looks so tired 🥺

    Keeley PalmerKeeley PalmerHace un mes
  • Her name is Oreo! 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

    Serenity113Serenity113Hace un mes
  • Those long curved scissors are awesome!

    Stormy NightStormy NightHace un mes
  • Girls always have cute names for things. Chunkers, whispy bits, furnishings

    DDHace un mes
  • Thats a good dog right there. Takes a grooming like no problem.

    She Is BritShe Is BritHace un mes
  • She’s the cutest oh my god

    Hvasomhelst ?Hvasomhelst ?Hace un mes
  • I think you cut her left ear off by accident at the end of the groom :O

    Jitter LifeJitter LifeHace un mes
  • A lot of Champaign cologne lately

    Krazy BansheeKrazy BansheeHace un mes
  • How to survive lockdown 101

  • Old retired groomer here. Just one suggestion. Do nails in the tub, while they're still wet. They're softer and easier to clip when they're wet, and if you do accidentally quick one, you can clean it up easier.

    TheBarkinFrogTheBarkinFrogHace un mes
  • I love your content but it sounds like you're reading what you say, it's be better if it sounded more natural, especially when you crack jokes

    GlassBlueShardGlassBlueShardHace un mes
  • Oh this is the bestest youtube channel I've come across!! Love love love the videos and your voice is super soothing💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Hogging PigHogging PigHace un mes
  • This is Misha, Misha is a years old brown bear. Now we shampoo Misha with the Dirty Comrad shampoo. Mishka doesn't like it so he growl the battlecry of motherland. Now we sharpen the claws with our diamond disk and trim he's deathpaws. Now Misha will be ready for battle with our beat scented cologne, smelling like true warrior!

    Red_ GuyRed_ GuyHace un mes
  • Such a good babbbby

    EzKittyEzKittyHace un mes
  • So beautiful work!! I like your channel!!🐶👍🏻❤️🐾

    ゴールデンレトリバーはなゴールデンレトリバーはなHace un mes
  • What a beautiful girl ! Please don’t get a border collie unless you have a big garden and countless hours per day for dog walking, training and playing. This is a breed that can become very difficult and disruptive if not constantly stimulated.

    Annie ArmitageAnnie ArmitageHace un mes
  • Hi Have u groomed a beagle before?

    Farooq NajumudeenFarooq NajumudeenHace un mes
  • I love how the fragrance always match perfectly the dog, next do a Shiba inu or an airedale terrier

    luiswhiskyluiswhiskyHace un mes
  • Awesome!

    BergletteMomBergletteMomHace un mes
  • Such a happy dog.

    Nathaniel ThomasNathaniel ThomasHace un mes
  • Oh no! What a cutie!

    DipitySDipitySHace un mes
  • Sooo adorable🧡🧡

    Kelly DubeKelly DubeHace un mes
  • I went from "Dawww she's a good girl" to "AGDAHDSHSADHFDHDSAFAF" at that last sit.

    VesperitisVesperitisHace un mes
  • Have you have done a Norwegian elkhound before

    Brynna HoefsBrynna HoefsHace un mes
    • And I have a cat named Oreo

      Brynna HoefsBrynna HoefsHace un mes
  • Awww

    bubblegummelbubblegummelHace un mes
  • Gotta clean under those paw pads

    Michael SternMichael SternHace un mes
  • Aww.... adorable

    Silly DuckoSilly DuckoHace un mes
  • I literally shouted “aaaaawwhh 🥺🥺🥺🥺” at the end when she does her cute lil trick omg 🥺🥺🥺

    RRHace un mes
  • Love your videos. Small criticism here. The music isn't necessary at all.

    inkredibillinkredibillHace un mes
  • no music please :0

    Rick and MortyRick and MortyHace un mes
  • These short vids are more helpful than hours long grooming tutorials. Curved scissors seem to be a necessity

    Drew FlanaganDrew FlanaganHace un mes
  • I love your videos but prefer them without music. It distracts from your lovely voice and cute narration. 💖

    lorna farrellylorna farrellyHace un mes
  • what a sweet pup

    Calvin ChangCalvin ChangHace un mes
  • 1:44 aw I fell so bad

    CatchongoCatchongoHace un mes
  • She looks like a full-blood working line border collie. Wonder if they did a DNA test and that's how they know she has retriever in her.

    Mirtill HagymásiMirtill HagymásiHace un mes
  • You can see that she wasn't enjoying it very much, but she looked so well behaved!

    Dragon Of DeathDragon Of DeathHace un mes
  • The cute trick is baiting you to the last four seconds.

    Piers MearnsPiers MearnsHace un mes
  • You didn't say "paw pads" :(((

    TheDeckinatorTheDeckinatorHace un mes

    bonk brazoolbonk brazoolHace un mes
  • I wish you could make my dog beautiful, but sadly I’m in Germany.

    Objective-283Objective-283Hace un mes