Before downloading games, the Xbox Windows app will tell you if they work on your PC


Microsoft is adding a simple label to its Xbox software for Windows that will let PC gamers know if a game will run on their machine before they download it. Prior to rolling out to all Xbox app users, the feature is currently under testing and limited to specific games.

There are a number of games that do not yet have the tag that simply display “performance monitoring is not yet available”, which suggests that the Xbox app does more than just check the system configuration. required from your PC. It looks like Microsoft is building its own database of how PC games work.

While system requirements have always been listed in the Xbox app, this simple label should make it easier for PC owners to determine if a game can run on their system. Microsoft performs a performance check against a variety of PC games to create this label.

Microsoft has yet to officially detail this new performance check, so it’s unclear whether the label is based on a game’s minimum specs, recommended specs, or other system information.

If the reviews are reliable, it could be an easy alternative to using third-party tools and websites like Can You Run It. If you’re interested in trying out this new label or even the ability to install PC games more freely, Microsoft is allowing anyone to try out this new version of the Xbox app. All you need to do is download the Xbox Insider app and enable Windows Game Preview.

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  • Before downloading games, the Xbox Windows app will tell you if they work on your PC
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