Amazon Prime Video Windows app lets you download videos with a hook


Microsoft has been trying to populate its App Store for a long time, pushing all development frameworks from UPWs to PWAs to entice developers to get started. There has been movement in the opposite direction, however, with developers and brands leaving the Microsoft Store. In place. This store just got a big addition to its list of apps, but while the Amazon Prime Video app offers some convenience, it oddly comes with an undisclosed limitation.

It’s always been possible to access Amazon Prime Video from any web browser, so one might wonder why bother with a separate app anyway. Besides keeping certain activities separate, there’s actually a practical benefit to this new Windows app that the browser experience can’t provide. Like what the Prime Video iOS app offers, subscribers will also be able to download videos for offline viewing.

This, however, may have a limitation that neither Amazon nor Microsoft say in advance. The Verge reports that almost every video they tried to upload maxed out at 720p, even if the video is listed with higher resolutions. That said, Amazon doesn’t guarantee exactly what resolution a video can be downloaded in, so it’s going to be pretty much a matter of trial and error.

Of course, you can still watch videos in higher resolutions, but you’ll have to do so via streaming, either from the app or from a web browser as before. The app also offers the popular value-added features of Amazon Prime Video such as X-Ray and IMDB integration so you won’t miss a thing while using the native app.

The Amazon Prime Video app on the Windows Store is available for free. Of course, that’s assuming you already have a Prime Video account, which requires a monthly subscription fee of $8.99, unless you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber paying $119 a year.

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