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With the rise of digitization, we all aspire to a productive personal computing experience. What we need is a very effective, yet free, software package that would make our work transparent.

The Internet is inundated with software offering similar services. It could often be that your search for the perfect software is tiring and you end up with not-so-good software. We’re here to make your job easier by providing you with an array of the best free and useful software that you can easily download on a Windows PC.

They are absolutely safe and pose no risk to your computer. Keep calm and download them!

Below is a set of essential PC software that should be installed on your computer for your various activities: some tools for music, business, recording, chatting and more!

Do you like listening to music? Get the audio tools on your PC and beat your favorite songs anytime. If you want a playlist based on your choices and a consistent mix of music to suit your tastes, Spotify is one of the best choices. It offers over 50 million song choices for you to relax. Download the Spotify app for free or subscribe for $ 10 per month for an ad-free version. It undoubtedly benefits from its position as a level one music streaming app.

Download the free version of Spotify here.

Other notable computer software in this category include

  • Bold– It is an open source audio player that supports a wide range of playlists and is compatible with Windows.
  • Bee Music– Sync your music collection to all devices, adjust the quality according to your own choices with Music Bee.
  • TagScanner– Organize your music playlist and let the melody blend in with you.


One must-have browser that you need to download is Google Chrome. It’s fast, secure, and easy to use, with minimal complexity. Get a personalized experience from news to favorite sites and downloads, optimized to your preferences. Chrome integrates Google Translate.

Chrome will translate entire web pages to your own language with just one click. Download photos, videos, music, documents and use them offline. Chrome has an automatic security system to protect against phishing and other dangerous sites. Chrome allows you to save almost 60% of data by compressing files and also makes searching faster. Stay productive with all the features offered by the browser. Price? It’s absolutely free!

You can also check out other browsers like Firefox, which provide an incredibly high number of add-ons and are customizable. In addition, the Bowser is free to use.

Video conference

So far and yet so close!

Technology has brought in video conferencing and communication applications which are proving to be some of the most useful computer software that users should own. Stay connected, and enrich the link!

  • Zoom- For a business meeting, a smooth videoconferencing platform is essential. Zoom is a cloud-based peer-to-peer communication platform. It is simple and reliable, used for business communications, webinars, etc. You can collaborate on projects and even record meeting sessions on Zoom. However, there is a 40 minute time restriction on the Zoom meeting for free accounts.
  • Discord- Originally designed to provide a community for gamers to communicate with each other, Discord has also grown into one of the most popular video conferencing apps. It’s an easy way to talk by text, voice, and video. Connect with your friends, stay close, and have fun with Discord. Invite friends and enjoy a virtual meeting place in many rooms.

Other video conferencing apps that you can also download are Skype, Pidgin, WebEx, etc.

Screen recording

It can often happen that your work from home is exhausting you. Adjusting your schedule for live events, classes, live webinars can be tiring. Let go of your worry! Record video streaming and check them out when you have time. Consult them as many times as you want.

Movavi is useful PC software that you should have for screenshot capture. Download the app, navigate to the tab you want to save. Make sure other windows are not blocking the recording screen. Choose and crop the image you want to save and start recording. After the video broadcast and screen recording are finished, edit the video and you can save it as a local copy. The icing on the cake ? It is free to use and absolutely easy to handle.

Download Movavi Screen Recorder here for free.

Other screen recording tools like Xbox Game Bar, Apowersoft Screen Recorder, etc. are also available and you can also use such extension or built-in tools for seamless recording of meetings, video feeds, webinars.

File storage

There is never enough space for file storage. Get your PC clutter-free and organize your files, with cloud-based storage services like DropBox. It has a secure infrastructure and you can save files quite easily and reduce your work, so that you can focus on more important matters.

Save your files online and let them sync with your devices. It also allows you to share files with other people without worrying about attachments. The free version has a storage space of 2 GB. Keep a backup of all your important documents effortlessly.

Once you download DropBox, there will be a storage folder and you can create subfolders there to organize your work in an orderly fashion. Optimize your workflow with smart and secure storage.

Download Drop Box and get organized today.

There are other file storage services that you can use as PC software, which are also potential rivals to Drop Box.

  • Microsoft One Drive- Obtain sufficient storage space for free.
  • Google Drive- Sync google docs to the cloud for free.

These are some of the most essential software for your Windows PC. Try them out if you haven’t used them yet and share your thoughts.

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